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Gundam Senki official site update
August 15, 2009, 5:36 pm
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HFA-78-3 Heavy Full Armor 7th Gundam

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Probably designated for only one mission, especially against MAs like Bigro and Bigzam (can’t believe Zeon still make these things) Why not bring back the Zankrello?

Seriously, they should come up with some new MA concepts instead reusing old 0079 MAs which are too obsolete for both 0081 and today’s mecha trend. Keep reusing the same old eye-candy smoke screen tactic isn’t going to add merits to Gundams mediocrity, majority of Gundam fans aren’t into YAOI homolusts.

Comment by codename:v

No new Mobile Armors.

I find it hard enough to believe that there are so many Zeon Special Forces remnant groups running around.

Comment by Rayearth

If they’re going to reuse 0079 era MAs, I’d rather they be from Stardust Memory. Especially the Val Varo.

Comment by Bob

There is already a design crossover improvements from 0080 and 0079’s time line. I dont see anything “old” and “repetative”. RX-78 generation kept going on even until 0083.

Comment by Aldotsk

If you don’t mind me, I’ll be hanging in this closet.

Comment by CV's Sexuality

The problem with making new designs for use in this game, CV, is that the enemy forces in question are Zeon *remnants*. It’s not like they have some sort of R&D bureau handy to design new shit for them, in fact, I’m surprised they got the Efreet Nacht (although the trailer makes it look like said Efreet got jacked, of all things, so who knows where or who that Efreet came from.)

Comment by J-Lead

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Comment by J-Lead

^this is what codename:v actually believes.

Comment by J-Lead

It is a terrible design either way, and I personally find it hilarious how supposedly ragtag Zeon “remnants” have all these Gelgoogs and Mobile Armors.

Comment by Anonymous

humm “the chart is off the radar….” 😀

Comment by realgundam

Un mezzo “USA E GETTA” …brutto.

Comment by Debris

[…] questi giorni sono state segnalate da SRW hotnews alcune belle immagini da Famitsu e soprattutto un’aggiornamento ben interessante dalle pagine del sito ufficiale di: Gundam Battlefield Record U.C […]

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hmmm?looks like this one is also going to be a model kit,hehehe!looks cool if it will be

Comment by guest

This gundam looks about as heavy and decked out as a MA. Kind of defeats some of the purpose of a MS(Humanoid movement). Still, it looks pretty cool. I think it needs beam saber blades at the end of its cannons, just for good measure.

Comment by InjuredPelican (true) (false)
i wonder why V always change the his DA url from one to another in his name? Because he’s too tired get spam?

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t like the look of this at all 😦

I wish it was more like the Dendrobium from 0083. If you’re going to be flying around in space, there’s no need to have legs. Dendrobium and Gato’s MA followed that rule 😛

Comment by Jerry k

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Comment by judo0054

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