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August 18, 2009, 3:16 pm
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Famitsu review score: Super Robot Gakuen – 7, 7, 7, 7 (28/40)


Gundam Senki: Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (PS3)


Super Robot Wars Neo (Wii)

  • The main character is Kakeru Inaba, a 17 year old high school student who lives alone with his younger brother due to his parents being out abroad all the time. He accidentally becomes the pilot of Sigzall (spelling?), a robot from another world.
  • Amane Inaba is Kakeru’s younger brother (yes, brother!), a boy concerned about his girly appearance. He becomes the core of Sigzall’s mothership Ionia.
  • Sharlie Lunoille (Shal) is a 19 year old girl who researches archeology with her elder brother at the outer world. She rides the Mervelle to aid her research and is capable of raiding the rival corporation Ernst’s fortress on her own.
  • Chaos Rail is the leader of Archeology Research Organization Ernst, a 346 year old woman who wants to protect the world from invaders.
  • Rivalis Muilove is the captain of Ernst’s combat forces, a 21 years old man who is capable of sacrificing himself for Chaos.
  • Breakthrough Attack (Toppa Kougeki): an attack type similar to a Map Attack, which can target enemy units without wounding ally units, during a unit’s movement. The scan shows Domon performing a Chokyuu Haoh Den’eidan. 

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    I like the characters!

    Comment by Folka

    […] August 18, 2009 at 9:38 am | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment Over here you can check some scans featuring the original characters for Super Robot Wars NEO […]

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    I’ll wait on the clear mech designs before passing judgment this time. SRWZ originals looked promising as initial designs but their upgrades Sucked Balls. Only the enemies looked good but its useless cauz us can’t really play with them, plus the story sucked big time.

    I really hope they do a good job on this one.

    Comment by Daizengar

    From quite some time now I get the feeling that nowadays all you need to do is put some random parts together, or draw some random lines that resemble mecha, and people will still love it, whether it looks good or not.
    Besides, what’s with the lolis? I know NEO is targeted mainly towards children, but this constant presence of underaged girls is disturbing.

    Comment by -_-

    ^ lol! looks like someone is “TRAPPEDDD:D:D:D:D”!!!!!!!

    Comment by Adiroth

    Wow the new OG characters look cool! I thought the first dude was Kazuma Ardygun from W for a moment. The bad guys look alright too.

    Comment by F97 X-1

    Don’t know why, but the OG mecha reminds me of Rahxephon.

    Comment by Anonymous

    So far nothing new about the latest of addition from Gundam Senki 0081, Gundam games just can’t go any further than UC0079…

    Everyone would get headaches when it comes to homeworks and school assignments, even the cocksuckers squad from Famitsu are now running high on painkillers that it affect their rating and gave Gakuen an average borderline score. Homeworks from SRW? Come on, Pokemon trainers don’t make proper soldiers…

    Harry Potter and the Half-blooded Prince was up about a month ago and the world once again went into another Potter frenzy with another round of Potter marathons, thank god the LOTR ended with 3 titles. A Rahxephon-like OG mech, a witch-on-broom Angelan-like enemy and casts of Hogwarts-like characters, I couldn’t help see the Potter frenzy in them. What more, it was always Terada’s desire to make a Majitsu Girl theme SRW game. If magic and wizardry are NEO theme, then why not throw the toku-sentai casts like Magi-Rangers, Hibiki and Kiva as well?

    NEO just doesn’t sound quite right with it’s magical casts like Ryu Knights, Lamune and OCs, it either be M for Magic or S for Sorcery. Also, magic theme just another obvious catch and 3D playing styles were already adopted in other consoles such as the now-defunct Dreamcast. So what is really NEW about NEO? At the end, it’s just another same old SRW title with repeated casts of borrowed robo animes, MOE eye-candies that make many faggots suffer chronic nose bleeding and same old gameplay with repetitive animations. SE’s Front Mission titles are already lightyears ahead when it comes to 3D RPG and now they are even shifting into full 3rd person view shooting action game, I won’t be surprise if the Front Mission Evolved can topple any Gundam games in the future. Come on NamcoBandai, you can do better than only giving out fag services.

    Comment by codename:v

    LoTR ended with three movies because that’s how the books were published, I guess c:v doesn’t read anything except Gendumb novels.

    Comment by Milkman Dan

    80% of the reason I come here is to read codename:v’s uninformed fagotronics for a laugh. You did not disappoint today, good hideous pie-faced sir.

    Comment by RRS

    I don’t think one main character’s little sister counts as a flood of lolis.

    Anyways, I like Kakeru’s design. I’d like to see some lineart of his mech before I say anything about that, though.

    Comment by Hiro


    I think is the main character’s little “BROTHER”…..


    Comment by Anonymous

    OMG, Noriko, Jung & Kurou Daijuuji as originals.

    Comment by Yuu

    Gakuen looks so gay that just makes me want to punch Terada in the face (even more than usual).

    Comment by Anonymous

    thats c:v behind Anonymous’s name (since I can regonize his hatred towards gundam)

    Comment by ReinaMK1 (true) (false)
    i wonder why V always change the his DA url from one to another in his name? Because he’s too tired get spam?

    Comment by Anonymous

    c:v’s homophobia makes me laugh since he chooses to represent himself with V, a character whose actions were first motivated by the prosecution of a lesbian actress.

    Comment by TheRyuujinMike

    @anonymous: The face, as well as the name (Amane), strike me as feminine, but your mileage may vary. Didn’t bother to translate any further.

    Comment by Hiro

    […] some new info on SRW Neo! This time the scans from SRW Hotnews reveal the Banpresto Originals. All non-Japanese name spellings are […]

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    Hey V I have a question.Why do you come here if you hate everyone and everything?

    Comment by Greg

    “So far nothing new about the latest of addition from Gundam Senki 0081, Gundam games just can’t go any further than UC0079…”

    There’s a rather glaring contradiction in this sentence. Pointing it out would be redundant of me, so I’ll stop there.

    Although you do have a valid point; I would like to see a game with an original story taking place during the Grypps Conflict or First Neo Zeon War for once. Or how about post-Victory? That would be an interesting change of pace.

    Comment by J-Lead

    yeah V why do you come here even hate everything (although using quotes is one thing but using that on something doesn’t make sense you don’t know think correctly and possible too crazy of your ideas that asking for a death wish for those who know the real identity of V really is.)

    Comment by ReinaMK1

    You all being tricked play like doll by him.
    C.V use this way to increase pageviews of Deviantart to get everyone attention on him.
    Provoking to make famous!?
    LOL~ ridiculous way~

    Comment by X666

    codename:v aka the reason why SRWG has a better community than SRW hotnews.

    Comment by squall23

    To be fair, SRW hotnews is a blog. Blogs are for sharing news and expressing views.

    If you want a community, a forum would be a better place for it.

    Comment by Darrel

    Majitsu girls taisen was always Terada’s dream as a fagboy to make, so I guess this “NEO” so far make up for about 60% till when it’s time to shift the entire SRW into a 100% AVG dating game. Why should fags play with robots when they can have all the MOE little girls and boys to play with? I think Terada should cast nendoroids to fight against each other in his next title. Really, Bandai should be making dolls instead of gunplas because time has change with boys become fags over MOE and /m/en become GAY over GAR

    Comment by codename:v

    @codename: v
    So how much do you know about these games you are talking about anyway? Give us specifics instead of your usual rude remarks. Talk about the gameplay mechanics and let us know how much you know.

    Comment by JVision5

    Do you even know ANYTHING about NEO beside the fact that it’s 3D? Do you even know what new gameplay mechanics they added? Same old gameplay? You make me laugh.

    Comment by JVision5

    @codename: v
    Watch the PV and read the infos properly before you talk.

    Comment by JVision5

    “Cry some more!”

    Comment by Nameless

    “/m/en become GAY over GAR”

    GAR is a misspelling of GAY, you ignorant buffoon. That is how the meme started. If you are going to post your silly macros on 4chan on a daily basis, you should at least bother to learn the memes.

    “C.V use this way to increase pageviews of Deviantart to get everyone attention on him.”

    Then why does he change it all the time? I guess you do have a point though, he could just leave the Website entry blank. Or maybe he’s too dumb to realize he doesn’t have to write anything in it to post.

    Comment by Milkman Dan

    Just to show you that fags like CV and Nameless troll all over the forums.

    Comment by Greg

    ROM is out

    Comment by Anonymous

    […] SRWNeo — dygenguard @ 11:43 am Finally some new info on SRW Neo! This time the scans from SRW Hotnews reveal the Banpresto Originals. Updated with new system info from complete scan. All non-Japanese […]

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