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Gundam SEED VS Astray plamo boxarts
August 19, 2009, 8:55 pm
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Gale Strike Gundam 1/100



Hail Buster Gundam 1/100

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Hail Buster looks ok in the boxart

Comment by ReinaMK1

Boxart looks great but never the less
hail buster looks lame as a model itself

Comment by Ereos

Cool boxart design actually..
It’s something that like.. vector is coming to gundam..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Looks like something out of G00’s first ending song animation, in a good way… just a bit sad they didn’t fine-tune the designs before really rolling out the kits.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Something strange with Gale Strike box art, Gale Strike shown on the box art has no mouth vent, yet the actual model has it?

Comment by Rekkou

Mafty? The same from Animeboards years ago?

Comment by DarkCode

Honestly who will actually buy these? If for any reason to give them a total repaint.

Comment by F97 X-1

Boxarts very cool! I like it.

Comment by Haysten (form Brasil)

Yet another effortless plamos from the anime cash-milking pimp Bandai… Seriously, even fags aren’t impressed with these SEED redos as both Strike and Buster are just getting repetitive. With so much better designs from Astrays (Turn-Delta, Outframe, Testament and Marsjacket) I still have no idea why would Bandai keep making the same old piece of craps out of failures liek SEED and 00. If Bandai is trying to kill the Gundam franchise, go ahead as they still haven’t got anything better than 0079. Why don’t Bandai start making dolls for fags instead? Fags like call dolls their “waifools”

Comment by codename:v

They…keep making SEED and 00 stuff because it sells well.

Reality doesn’t change just because you say the word “fag” a lot, you know.

Comment by Vent

It’s weird, I’m actually liking these two.

I like the Buster’s ‘full-blast’ mode. As for the Strike, the only two things that bother me about it are: a) it’s not a Master Grade and b) removing one of the swords will expose the poly-cap underneath.

I’m definitely getting the Duel as well, but I’m pretty dubious about the Providence.

So, we should get a new Astray in October, and an Aegis and a Blitz during the following months.

I wonder if we’ll get ‘improved’ versions of Freedom and Justice, next year.

Comment by Hanzkaz

nope, that’s a Savior variant coming out in November.

Comment by valkyriepilot

Bandai keep making SEED remakes because they sell well, among fags of course because fags would buy anything for as long it’s GUNDAM and maybe that is why most fags out there have more than 10 RX-78-2s or Excias in their closets. What is the point of buying the same old crap for 10 times? How can there be fun by filling up your collection with plamos of the only one particular type?

It’s either Bandai consider whip up other Astray units which I mentioned above or maybe some HGUC/MG releases from 0081 would help boost sales, otherwise they are heading toward a plunge at this point of tough times. Really, Bandai should consider making dolls for fags since fags turned GAY over 00 and SEED.

Comment by codename:v

@DarkCode: I do join in some forum with the same alias but as I remember I didn’t join at animeboards, but nice to meet you DarkCode ^^;

As the boxart is cool but I don’t take any interest in the gundam, I like aile strike and strike noir. But I think Bandai should really reconsider to design a new gundam. I like their new strike and buster design but actually I didn’t get the impression like the one I get from looking at aile strike from the first time..

Anyone here have the same opinion like mine?

Comment by MaftyNavue

Nice to meet you, Mafty!

I agree, Strike and Strike Noir were fine, but I feel this one is pushing it a bit too much, I think. Probably bandai’s last push for Seed, then it’s over, hah.

Comment by DarkCode

i hope so….

Comment by Ereos

anyone notice the astray highlighted for oct? is it me or does it look like the 3rd frame setup for the blue astray?

Comment by Anonymous

^Minus the arm blades, yes. I’m guessing this is some fast-attack type Astray?

On the other hand: I’m surprised they gave up on Aegis and/or Blitz for Savior. :\

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

You still haven’t answered my question V.

Comment by Greg

for info, it’s actually called astray mirage frame (dunno it’s official or not) and it has MG treatment with Astray Blue Frame 2nd.. 2 Astrays MG in the same time eh? Looking forward to it..
Actually I hope Bandai release ReZel as the next MG kit, but Astray seems okay too for me.

Comment by MaftyNavue

Ring of Gundam Announced

Comment by Zarathustra

More SEED kits!! More…!!! MG Astray Blue 2ndL and MG Astray Mirage Frame coming out as well… Gonna get both and Gail Strike

Comment by EXkurogane

Bandai get serius with seed astray line, it’s seems they will release seed teathrical movie soon.

I like the new seed kit design, but I don’t understand why bandai prolong the seed’s lifetime up to now, unless they have something big on plan.

Comment by coco

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