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Scans Dengeki Hobby (September) 2009
August 19, 2009, 6:35 pm
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Dengeki Hobby 9月 (September) 2009


Total 256 pages, Size 106 Mb 

Download (Mediafire)



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Thanks! And good to see you upload to mediafire it was faster than the rest!

Comment by starboykb

MG Unicorn Better this Waste…

Comment by Krasimir

Thanks for the upload!

Comment by iron2000

Here the alternative links:
256pages 115.3MB

Comment by kain the supreme

Good to see these started to get rehosted. All the direct linking to his photobucket was pissing Pete-Amuro off, and I was worried he’d stop scanning DH.

Comment by anonymous

@ anonymous

I’m glad Pete-Amuro keeps putting his annoying watermark on stuff that he doesn’t even own. Just what is the point?

Also thanks Mr. Superrobotwar for uploading this!

Comment by F97 X-1

Thanks for the upload.

Anyone else have an error unzipping page 8 (DENGEKI98.jpg) ?

Comment by Anonymous

Notice the pages are always out of order in these Dengeki scans? It goes page 1, 3, 2, 5, 4, 7, 6, 8, 9, 11, 10… because he puts the page on the left first, even though the magazine reads right to left! So confusing!

Comment by Anonymous

The rar is corrupted, page 98 is broken.
Also the numbers of the pages are wrong!
I had ro rename them to see them in correct order with comicdisplay.

It’s not a big problem but I want people to know it

Comment by jeeg

It’s actually page 8 that’s broken, the first 9 in each file name is because it’s the September issue.

The page number thing is weird. Also – not just for Dengeki – I don’t get why the magazine scanners don’t name them all with the actual page number. Instead they start with the front cover numbered as “1”, so then page 1 is actually some larger number, and so on…

Comment by Anonymous

fuck u all coment u get free and u still not respect for who gift that,dont coment bad think

Comment by blesh u

I have checked my download links ( DepositFile and Hotfile ) and I haven’t see nothing of bad…

The DENGEKI98.jpg image isn’t corrupted….

I have uploaded the image at this link:

If You got problems with other image please write here the name ( es. DENGEKI98.jpg ) and I’ll updaload them for you here.

Comment by kain the supreme

Just to let you guys now; DENGEKI92.jpg is spoiled. Could someone upload the right image ? Thanks !

Comment by srw_gundam_fan

Hi Srw_gundam_fan,
I don’t see anything wrong with image DENGEKI92.jpg.

I have uploaded to help You but please, next time, try to download the file from one of the mirror ( mine are 216mb ) cause there a difference from the file uploaded by SRW_HotNEws and mine.

here the link:

Comment by kain the supreme

thanks a lot!!

Comment by hanks

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