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Gundam Big Expo photo reports
August 21, 2009, 2:29 pm
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– Dengeki Online Link 1, Link 2

Hobby Shop Digitamin

– Moeyo Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5

– オーメン72 Link 1, Link 2


– Gtoy Blog Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5

– The Gundam Base Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

GA Graphic

Akiba Hobby

An American Salaryman in Tokyo


Nix Providence Gundam 1/100


Regen Duel Gundam 1/100


Hail Buster Gundam 1/100


Gale Strike Gundam 1/100


Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 1/100 (Seed VS Astray) – October, 2,625 yen


SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam


Robot Spirists <Side MS> Jegan

Robot Spirists <Side MS> Stark Jegan



Robot Spirists <Side MS> Geara Zulu

Robot Spirists <Side MS> Geara Zulu (Angelo Sauper Custom)



PG 00 Raiser – November


Gundam Unicorn will be a OVA (6 episode) on format Blu-Ray Disc and DVD.



HGUC Kshatriya – October, 4,725 yen



HGUC No.100 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) – November

HGUC No.101 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) – November



MG Astray Blue Frame “Second Revise” – October, 5,040 yen

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Its not a series, which probably means we can expect an episode every six months or so 😦

What’s up with this “Second Revise?” Unless they plan on animating Astray I’m not interested.

I wonder if there’s news about the 00 movie, or a completely NEW Gundam series.

Comment by Daizengar


Comment by Wewe

There are so many things which I find senseless about Bandai and I wonder why they are doing these out of recklessness.

MG Astray Mirage Frame and Blue Frame 2nd Revised:
Since we have the PG Red Frame, then why not the MG Red Frame as well? Why not Red Frame with powered arms that wield a humongous blade? Why not a MG Gold Frame Amatu? VS Astray get MG treatment the moment it was published on DengekiHobby last month while Astrays of previous titles like Outframe, TurnDelta, Testament and Marsjacket didn’t get even a HG release. Worst of all, VS Astrays like Mirage Frame and Blue Frame 2ndRevised are poor redesigns and barely stand out from old titles. If Bandai want to throw SEED to the shredder, make it snappy and stop wasting our time with crappy half-past-6 designs. Man, Okawara’s senile rehash habit has spread all over Bandai’s design staffs now like H1N1.

Unicorn OVA:
Since this is going a 6 episodes OVA, why can’t it done in 3D like MS Igloo did? The Unicorn transformation gig would be more slick and proportionate in 3D polygons. What more, they can do it like Satelite’s Macross Frontier and Gonzo’s Blue 6 where 2D combines with 3D. Given the amount of time and longer production period, I just don’t see why can’t Bandai-Sunrise chip in more efforts to make this UC OVA something better once in a blue moon. Or are they trying to prove one thing I’ve said FAGS DON’T READ?

If everything above are made for the sake of cash milking, I can say these are pretty sub-par and non-worthy for my time and interest because I just don’t see the heart and soul Bandai put into these faggotries. Makes no difference from pimps I came across at Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Chow Kit. But who gives a damn? Bandai made these for shallow village people like otakus and faggots anyway, any straight comments made against them and you’re branded a homophobic.

Hellya, I don’t understand Bandai at all

Comment by codename:v

No, no you wouldn’t.

Comment by Ninjaclown



Comment by guest


Comment by setsuna15

damn PG 00 Raiser on November now that’s overkill

wohoo with GN Sword III included

Comment by Jynx23

“I don’t understand Bandai at all”

Don’t worry, we all feel the same way about you.

Comment by Shin

But I do have the same feel with cv.. Why not MG Red Frame?
Actually would like to have MG 00 gundam too..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Sorry for Double post, but guys I saw something isn’t right about the MG blue frame.. It’s has a flaw, the same with crossbone fullcloth peacock smasher which can’t hold on it’s own weapon..
I saw they need an additional action base 2 to stand it’s weapon..
But I think that’s the Bandai problem solving by adding an additional action base to support it. Well doesn’t matter for me.. still get it though..

Comment by MaftyNavue

wow Look at the detail of that PG 00 Raiser. now this really pump me up for the eventual MG. but I never built a PG before(really wants to try it) hmm decision decision

Comment by Anonymous

Judging by Bandai its just a matter of time before they release MG Red Frame as Mirage frame has the same frame as Red Frame, although Powered Red is impossible to be released with its 150m Katana as it’ll be 150cm in lenght (as huge as a real katana), what i don’t understand is the meaning of 2nd revise is it just a simple redesign? or actually upgraded 2nd L? if its a redesign then MG Mirage Frame are supposed to has a similar design

Comment by Rekkou

Finally! They’re actually making good Astray designs and in Master Grade form! 100th HGUC being Unicorn isn’t really that suprising. HGUC Kshatriya however must be huge! I just hope its won’t have too much trouble balancing itself. Unicorn 6 episode OVA 50 minute long for each episode and out on Blu Ray and DVD? I’ll probably bag that whenever it will be released.

Comment by F97 X-1

I’ll need a clearer picture, but for now I’ll say the Mirage Frame looks pretty safe. You can’t go wrong with the Astray design line… I hope.

Also, no theme color naming for the Astray? Is this a message to us that it’s not on the good guys’ side?

Well, leastway I can finally replace the NG 1/100 Blue Frame 2nd with the slick MG LOL.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

wow that PG 00 Raiser looks amazing. argh why they have to realease it so fast. I won’t be able to buy other gunpla now

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, PG 00 Raiser AND MG Blue Astray 2nd?!
This is going to be one good fall season.

Comment by glemtvapen

CV, you have comments like “FAGS DON’T READ” not only a comment, but you make it your own stupid catch phrase. Also insulting everything using “fag.” If you seriously cannot figure out why people call you homophobic, You really are a complete idiot.

Comment by DarkCode

After red frame PG accomplished, Bandai sure want to release MG astray. But they want to tackle the most complex first, that is, blue frame 2nd L. So they made it as MG, modify it a little perhaps because of some faulty design on previous 1/100 blue 2nd L. After this done, another astray is just an easy-to-produce variant of MG blue 2nd rev.

Comment by coco

i thought the mirage frame was hg looks kinda cheap for a MG

Comment by Ereos


a siré episodes & a oav episodes & a filme wooww

this is verry ultra giga great


Comment by ikki28

@Ereos: actually it’s not a MG.. the astray MG is only Blue Frame 2nd Revise.. (now my target will be only one.. MG Blue Frame..)

Comment by MaftyNavue

I can’t say that the MG BF isn’t better than the crap we’ve mostly been getting this year but I’d really prefer the Third Frame. The Second seems silly when you look back now. Oversized weapons it can’t even use correctly, unbalanced design et all.

Comment by Amon

The MG Astray Blue Frame is going to make my 1/100 Astray collection look a bit dated. Still, I’ll see it as a good sign.

We may yet get kits of Outframe, Testament and Blue Frame Third.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Hmn, HGUC Unicorn, huh? Guess I’ll pick up the Unicorn mode one.

Comment by Hiro

one word: AWESOME

Comment by Kosmos

You guys might not understand Bandai, including me, and yup, it’s about milking us of our $$. But it’s up to our choice whether to buy it or not right?

gonna get MG Astray Blue 2ndL Revise, and next, i’ll make a clean sweep of all the 5 1/100 SEED VS Astray Gundams (strike, aegis, duel, buster, blitz) except the Nix Providence. It’s one of the fastest way to increase my gunpla collection.

@codename v.
I’m amused that you never stop complaining in every single post and i guess if you’re really pissed off with Bandai and Sunrise why don’t you just stop being a Gundam fan and sell off or recycle all your gunplas. It’s simple, Bandai is just trying to earn $$ by catering all gundam fans. SEED fans, UC fans, Gundam 00 fans, all of them and so they can’t possibly kill off any series, whether UC sucks to according SEED fans or SEED sucks according to UC fans.

We Gundam fans just don’t care buying as long any new products is something that we LIKE.

Comment by EXkurogane

SO MANY PEOPLE WANT AN MG RED ASTRAY HERE. WHY??? lols. kay enough with the caps. look, i just don’t get some of you, why would anyone want a PG red frame, MG red frame, HG red frame, 1/100 red frame, 1/144 red frame and an SD Redframe??? Think before you wish maybe? haha

Comment by anon13

ok take that back, I think CV is the only one who wants all of those red frames now that i’ve properly skimmed most of the posts

Comment by anon13

Why should buy MG Astray RF while 1 PG Astray RF is the best. Are you forgot what you’ve said V. it is just like you’ve said “1 MG Exia can beat 7 HG Exia+Variation”, isn’t it? Now, You want MG while there’s PG. you such a loser. always complaint about gunpla product and all its merchandise. Just stop to buy it and quit as gundam fans so you can end your problem, mommafag V. Gundam isn’t the only mecha in japanese animation business
And About MG Astray BF, just you said V at previous, waiting is GOLD.

Comment by Epsilon_013

@ Anon13
lol… there’s already an example i’m sure everyone knows. Ngee Khiong. He has almost every single grade of Gundam Exia and i guess he has at least 7, including action figures.

I guess “we” wanted MG Astray Red for this reason. Not everyone can afford a PG kit, and even if i do, PG kits are big and takes up a lot of space, which is something everyone will like considering this factor. While the 1/100 scale is already good enough but the details are still behind MG, and 1/144 HG kits are usually used for dioramas if we’d consider why moderate to pro modellers buy them, since their details and poseability is limited. MG is the only grade that packs details and poseability into the a perfect size kit, not too big, not too small. That’s why MG has been always popular.

Agree. ^^

Comment by EXkurogane


You are the Worst Poster, please stop forever.

Comment by ZEE

have to agree on codename v, bandai is going nuts this past few months about their releases.If not exclusives or limited items, reused & recylced mechs from previous series.haaayzzzz….

Instead of bandai making more gunpla fans they’re just making others quit

Comment by patago it

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