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(Update) Mobile Suit Illustrated 2009
August 21, 2009, 8:46 pm
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Mobile Suit Illustrated 2009 released today.





What’s new for 2009?

Advance of Zeta

Gundam Evolve

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: 7th Fight


Gundam 00 TV series, 00F, 00V, 00P

SD Gundam G Ganeration and Gundam Unicorn Anime

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Mars Jacket, Turn Delta, Black Plutone and Black Rasiel it’s cool.

Comment by Haysten (from Brasil)

Ok, can someone scan this PLEASE.

This is probably the best compilation of original Mechs I’ve ever seen and I want it bad 🙂

Someone scan this please

Comment by Daizengar

wow, it’s like in form of a book! and with even more stuff! but ironically as there is no new gundam series at all for 2009, this dictionary can be considered completed till 2009

Comment by Rekkou

I second the request for a scan.

Comment by yukigono

Anyone here requesting for a scan torrent is in support for online piracy, so why all that support for originals?

Besides, this compilation updates year after year and each with only minimal new additions. Also, mos of the linearts are all over the WWWeb now and all you need is to google it. Sites like are pretty useful when it comes to checking for MS data, even magazines like HobbyJapan update faster than this one.

Comment by codename:v

c:v could you just shut the fuck up for once? Since you fucking hate everything here why not just leave this site for good.

Comment by Goddamnit

I concur. Everyone on this site hates him(I’m sure) and he should just come to realize that and stop what he’s doing.

Comment by JVision5

He won’t leave because he’s a troll and gets off on making people angry. I would easily buy this if I knew exactly what was in it, which is why i want a scan. Having the actual book would provide vastly higher quality than any scan.

Comment by yukigono

Maybe everyone should just ignore him.

Comment by JVision5

He’s actually got a point here though. This stuff is mostly old and all over the web already. Even if one isn’t willing to actually buy it, he should do himself the service of actually looking for it and not seeking to have it handed to him like candy.

Comment by Amon

Just ignore codename:v. The moron has been trolling for so long his rants become more retarded and tiresome to the point you just go ‘meh’ and move on. I’ll bet the only thing he never rants is when he sees two muscled men having sex with one another and him jerking off to it wanting to be in a threesome.

Comment by Chickenwuss

V really has a point…

Buy the original or Google it online – try rapidshare, mediafire, and megaupload search engines for direct http share…

Everyone hates V but he/she really makes good points in SRW.

Comment by Kosmos

oh well i can’t find it! the 2009 ver. going to tap into the jp and cn sites later on.

people, download these for now ok?
i also found some various magazine scan packs.. but these below are art books.

Gundam Weapons – Mobile Suit Gundam 00:

Mobile Suite Gundam – Illustrated 2006: MU:

Mobile Suit Gundam – Illustration World II Artbook: MU:

M.S. Era – Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080 – Popular Edition:

Comment by Kosmos

READ!! to unzip for above files u may need pass!

unzip password = archive

if not ignore this post

Comment by Kosmos

Could anyone please provide a mirror to the files on megaupload?
It says the service is not available in my area, and I can’t get through this with a proxy. Thanks a million!

Comment by Anonymous

cv has a point… give credit to it nonetheless…

Comment by Anonymous

Great effort Kosmos, Many thanks 🙂

I hope that you are successful in finding the 2009 Illustrations catalog.

Comment by Daizengar

@Anonymous: True, but when he tends to be uninformed and blurt out ridiculous things, it’s really annoying. But like I said, it’s probably best if everyone just ignored him.

Comment by JVision5

[…] hotnews è riuscita a procurarsi del materiale ed effettuare alcune scansioni delle […]

Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » Mobil Suits Illustrated 2009/Gundam Character Encyclopedia : scansioni

@JVision5: What i know about V? he is such sucker loser

Comment by Fighters

Anon (2 posts up), you should be able to find the Rapidshare links to all of those on this site:

Comment by Anonymous

Of course you don’t know me, we never even met in real life. Like I said, anyone here requesting for torrent scans are in support for online piracy while bragging about upholding originality and protecting creators rights. That is why those who reply anonymous are nothing more but pretentious cocksuckers and hypocrites who even FAILED at lying. Really, only WHINERS reply as anonymous

Comment by codename:v


Many thanks for the link mate

Comment by Daizengar

is there any link for gundam seed destiny encyclopedia..?

Comment by faisal

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