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Famitsu’s Super Robot Wars Neo scans
August 22, 2009, 2:07 pm
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No like. :C

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t understand why they didn’t show the mech linearts this time…

Comment by Folka

forget that i want a new srw game on psp

Comment by Ereos

Looks interesting to me, I hope the environments are destructible…

Comment by JVision5

The Shiigu guy on the left looks exactly like Banagher Links (except with less puffy hair?)

Comment by venganee

Aside from the “Breakthrough” system that looks like MAPW in the past, there’re now also a “Pressurize” system which can deal additional damage in different environments.

Heck, at least Banpresto doesn’t fail my expectations of innovations through SRWN. I still don’t like the character design though.

Comment by BrianGeneral

[…] at 4:34 pm | In animation, namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment SRW Hotnews has links to more scans of Super Robot Wars NEO (Wii) and a trailer for Gundam Unicorn, the upcoming animated series that […]

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When Banpresto first came up with SRW GC for GameCube, character and mech designs were poorly done and came out to be rehash designs from old Eiyuutei series, which is what has been repeated on NEO with a twist of Hogwarts wizardry. In addition with the same old borrowing habits of Terada’s fagboyish behaviour, NEO isn’t NEO even with it’s so-called “new” casts from the 90s. After more than 19 years, all these SRW hotblood faggotries are only mindless obsessions and becoming rhetorical nonsenses. Too much GAR can turn you GAY and everytime you squeal at Domon’s shiny ass, you wish you were a GIRL.

Comment by codename:v

I can’t wait this shitty game to be out, so they can announce some real SRW. Seriously, a monster from a super sentai show? A fembot sitting in a flying cannon? And a glowing UFO? The hell, man? They are not even trying! Worst OGs ever, and worst SRW ever.

Comment by Anonymous

Yes, it’s the worst game ever simply because of the weird OG designs, it’s in 3D and that there are no real robots.

Has anyone even PLAYED this game to actually judge how supposedly “shitty” it is?

PS. Grendizer shoves himself in a UFO, yet no one complains.

Comment by Darrel

Yeah, I wish CV and Anonymous would just STFU. I am definitely looking forward to this and Gakuen. I like how they are trying different things.

Comment by JVision5

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