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August 22, 2009, 8:43 pm
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MG Astray Blue Frame “Second Revise” – October, 5,040 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed VS Astray:

Nix Providence Gundam, Regen Duel Gundam, Gundam Astray Mirage Frame


Macross Frontier VF-27 Lucifer’ 1/72


Nix Providence 1/100


SDX Heavy Weapon Command Gundam


Mobile Suit Gundam 00P: Gundam Artemie



Bandai Macross F 1/72 YF-25 Prophecy


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Comment by plutoniumhunter

Gundam Artemie


Comment by kadej

lol, a Bee Gundam.

Comment by Zechs

artemie gundam…WTF???I think tieren kyitwo is the worst…but then this appear…

Comment by costriker

that design looks like something that a certain hack in this board would came up with.

Comment by amaterasu

I like the Artemie. It’s fun and imaginative but not over the top, something you don’t see in many robot designs these days.

Comment by Bolinoak

I must say.. thats is some daring design there… looks like most design taken from GN-Archer.. and the back (the sting part) looks like GN-Drive..

Comment by GNY-SRW

Artemie is very well designed, the booster has a really good shape and the overall design really creative and sensible, Rozen Zulu better watch out from this one

Comment by Rekkou

the GN archer was suppose to be a Gundam in the beginning, but the idea was scrapped. So the Artemie must be its original design before the change of plans.

Comment by RX-0

I’m guessing the bonnet is where Gundam Artemie GN generator is? Not that it looks like one.

Comment by Bob

Gundam Artemie is only a retarded copycat version of Qbee from Darkstalkers series and meant to be another dumb MOE Gundam for 00 fags’ mechaphilia, it just so happen to stand right next to that shaking booty MOE toy. Yet another FAILED design from Yanase, sheesh. Guarayaka at least comes with a transformation into Jaguarundi.

Comment by codename:v

Looks like something made specifically for 00F’s Hanayo, given the GNY-0042-874 model number.
Not to mention the nekomimi theme that’s carried through in the head design.

I get the feeling this is intended as a Plutone spin-off, also featuring a Core Fighter though not sharing the same frame obviously.

Comment by T.V.

Looks more like transformers. haha.

Comment by Goddamnit

cv: Nuh uh, Qbee is a copycat version of a real bee, and YOUR a copycat of a piece of crap.

Comment by Anonymous

looks like it`s the origin of GN archer

Comment by Anonymous

codename:v is so ignorant, if this was based on queen bee from darkstalkers it would have gigantic tits.

it is obviously based on bumblebee from transformers: animated

Comment by Anonymous

now i get it. the gundam artemie might be the original design for GN archer. but i still am not sold for gundam thebee (really reminds me of kamen rider thebee from kabuto).

Comment by flamerounin

Oh come on! Gundam Artemie?!

No seriously, there are a hundred and one ways to draw a GN Particle Container and four GN thrusters and they choose this configuration?!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

WTF, looks like a mega level Digimon to me… Plz, tell the designers dun bring the “dunno what to call” Syndrome back into the Gundam series which is seen in all the Gundams in Gundam G. If they are unfit enough to design because they test positive for this Syndrome, which is spreading among Gundam designers like H1N1, they better quit.

Comment by EXkurogane

The Revoltech XAN appeals me more…

Comment by SavageNymph

(the “dunno what to call” Syndrome) For your information, that’s called the “Okawara Effortless Senile Syndrome” with symptoms such as low enthusiasms, shallow thoughts, immature concepts and obvious MOE mechaphilia. First spotted in Okawara’s SEED rehashes and later Yanase’s 00 homolusts. Hellya, Bandai should really put Gundam to sleep

Comment by codename:v

(if this was based on queen bee from darkstalkers it would have gigantic tits.)
Of course YOU wish it has tits, I saw you fap to the GN Archer and call it your WAIFOOL
(it is obviously based on bumblebee from transformers: animated)
Then it’s retarded copycat of Bumblebee and you wish Bumblebee is a GIRL

Comment by codename:v

for those who are tired of c:v fagging non-stop here’s the area he lives SA,S,Msia

Comment by Codename:x

simplified: Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Comment by Codename:x

Are they bringing back the Black Overman King Getter? Is it possible to get one again? translation please?

Comment by ReturnToThere

@codename: v
lol… Some SEED rehashes are quite pathetic, but i find Gale Strike rather nice except the color schemes, it’d have been better to put that Strike in Sword Impulse’s color scheme. The real Gundams that i feel really SUCK is the gundams in Gundam G. Some call it “Gundams designed when Okawara high on drugs”.

All the prototypes you see in Gundam 00 side stories seem to be “drawn for fun”, except Astrea that is the only one made into a model kit, even they appear in mangas. They don’t play any important roles or links with the actual series rite? SEED may suck but the Astrays achieved well, especially you see its model kits selling so well. 00 is already pathetic but the side story is made worse.

Comment by EXkurogane

bee gundam looool
reminds me of virtua on mechs
but it ridiculous for a gundam

Comment by Ereos

(Gundams designed when Okawara high on drugs)
G Gundam is a circus, that’s why we see clowns like Joker, Mandala, Mermaid, Nobel, Master Asia and his lion dance club. Why so serious?

I’m not surprised if 00 MSVs are drawn for fun since I don’t see the efforts and maturity in them, neither do I see those qualities in rabid 00 fags too. Bandai sell on homolust today, what do you think Tieria’s crossdressing acts are for?

Comment by codename:v

… I question V’s sanity and eyesight when he makes comments like “Gundam Artemie is only a retarded copycat version of Qbee from Darkstalkers series.” For one, color schemes are COMPLETELY different. Two, Qbee was a humanoid queen bee (with attributes of any ordinary bee… antennas, eyes, stinger) while this is just any old Gundam with only one aspect of a bee.

Of course, I see some of his artwork and well… V, get your eyes checked, pronto. o_O

Comment by Nameless

hey!!………… 00V this month???
why…maybe have to wait 00p gundam look normal

Comment by Gundam 00 Quanta

Oh my eye sights are still okay and false comments under my ID don’t bother me at all because not everyone here sees things the way I see. If it’s someone really need an eye check, I would say it should be 00 design staffs who need glasses because of their shallow effortless designs meant for MOE mechaphilia and YAOI homolust. Hell, make that for the entire Sunrise/Bandai staffs too. Even those VS SEED MGs are shallow to me

Comment by codename:v

There’s no question that they’re aiming for the humanoid bee look for that gundam. Now i feel dumb for getting the red frame since the mg is coming soon after the pg sales go way down

Comment by XYZbuster

Eyesight does not equal conscious choice set on profiting. =/

Comment by Nameless

bee gundam? holy crap~ when did gundam design becoming virtual on? this is terrible, i think i just cried a little.

G00 really need to get their designs together.. seriously starting to look like puke, then eat it, then puke it, then eat it, again and again~

Same with the new X’Ashtray designs..

Comment by Kosmos

“I saw you fap to the GN Archer”
you watched him fap? o_O

Comment by Anonymous


About time someone pointed that out. >_<

Comment by Nameless

hmm…Artemie looks pretty bad with that giant bee butt.

Comment by Ace650

Lol @ codename:v

Comment by Chibi

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