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August 23, 2009, 4:08 pm
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Gundam Vs. Gundam Next new screens from GameWatch.

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Looks like Unicorn has the After Image Effect like the F91

Comment by ReturnToThere

With such movements at hyper speed under NT-D activation, of course the Unicorn leaves a trail of fake images behind. Did you read about it at all? What can I say? FAGS DON’T READ

As usual, any new Gundam anime went on air, next there will be appearances in various games titles like GGeneration, SRW and soon their own indie title. It’s all a package and soon we might even see Unicorn’s official in Gundam MUSOU too.

Comment by codename:v

1) This article was just pictures. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE READ.
2) Gundam F91 was the first to use afterimages. Of course he would reference that mobile suit first.
3) He said the Unicorn was LIKE F91, not that they were one and the same.

Your jackassery truly knows no bounds.

Comment by Ninjaclown

CV’s just an ignorant fool. Not everyone gets to read the Unicorn novel, including me, so of course, we wouldn’t know if it can perform afterimages.

Comment by KMO

Moreover: the way the Unicorn’s NT-D is leaving afterimages here is -way- different from the F-91’s. Here it appears to be afterglow from the frame, hence only those areas where the frame is revealed leave the images. With the F-91, it’s actually jettisoning thin layers of armor. Totally different, and in no cause is it an ‘of course it would leave afterimages’ deal.

Oh, wait, goddammit, why am I replying to C:V?

Comment by Hiro

KMO said it first, not all of us have read the novel because it is unavailable for us to read. I doubt there is an English translation out there, so for us English speakers (or I should English readers) it’s impossible to know the story of Unicorn sort of what some wiki spoils.

And now to get anyway from that bit, it does seem that Unicorn leaves an after image. Very cool. Now if only I knew why, lol.

Comment by Bolinoak

I wonder how many points its worth in game? This is after CCA, and the Nu Gundam is worth 3000, so shouldthe Unicorn be 3000, or is not in the same league?
It would be cool to have the Shinanju in game as well, except it would be hard to differentiate it from the Sazabi.

Comment by InjuredPelican

It’s a 3000 unit Pelican; if you clicked on the Gamewatch link the first picture is Unicorn on the selection screen, and also has no pilot.

Comment by Anonymous

It doesn’t preform afterimages in the game, it just looks that way from the images. The early gameplay video on youtube shows that it’s an attack that’s used after charging the A/shoot button, so it is different from the F91.

Comment by Anonymous

For your information, there are forum threads that talks about the novel and forumers like Deacon Blues do offer short summaries for each episodes. I seriously doubt faggots who whined about not having the chance to read UC novels has EVER make an effort to find scantalations in English. I guess you faggots aren’t good at anything other than making false comments on blogs with other IDs. Let’s face it, FAGS DON’T READ because they don’t even enjoy reading at all.

Comment by codename:v

Someone translated at least the first few chapters, should’ve gotten further by now.

Didn’t read it though, not much a fan of unicorn’s design (not saying the books are bad or anything)

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Sorry codename:v I don’t pirate in anyway so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. And my my copy of Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation has no idea what your talking about either.

Comment by Bolinoak

CV just Shut up already. we don’t need you commenting on something

Comment by Mang Kepweng


Comment by Chibi

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