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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn PV HD (Cam)
August 23, 2009, 2:20 am
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Download (Mediafire, MP4)



Here are some HD screenshots from Gtoys Blog

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Wrong Wrong Wrong !!!

A simple 3D design, very amateurish…

Please see the right arm. Where is the beam sword :DDD

Comment by Krasimir

Awesome! I’m looking forward to it!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Looks quite fantastic. So is this not coming out until 2010 now??

Comment by Anonymous

I thought the info was a movie instead of ova…
The movie should come this year…damm 2010

Comment by onngun

I’m pretty much satisfied with this PV and the 6 50 minute OVA’s. if its gonna have the same quality that hellsing ultimate’s having this would be epic. The anticipation is killing me..

Comment by DeadlySyn

(Please see the right arm. Where is the beam sword)

Good question, what the hell happened to that beam saber on the left? As awesome as this PV can be, the question still lies whether can Sunrise deliver or not? Especially with this mistake shown above and the flatten out details of the Unicorn, I seriously doubt it.

Comment by codename:v

ONE frame. ONE. You are seriously complaining about ONE frame?


Comment by DarkCode

This time, I’ll do something a little different this week! Behold! a few of CV’s own art pieces showing off his hypocrisy in full glory.

First off:

In what is possibly more a fangirl dream than any before, CV has managed to surpass all expectations. Here we have CV’s latent homosexuality at work, feeling that he has to cut off Alto’s hair himself. Truly someone who lurks in the closet, insulting those of kin to ward suspicions away from his sexuality!


A couple of things with this one. First, the Gundam girls are the most insane part of fandom, the same fandom that he denies constantly being part of. Second, it’s based Gundam Seed Destiny, The undisputed king of poor quality.

Comment by CV is an idiot

Wow Nice
looking forward to it
Seems worth it

Comment by Zengar ZomBolt

[…] SRW hotnews Inserito in Varie su Gundam , visto 0 volte, ha nessun commento Ancora nessun […]

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@ “CV is an idiot”

You know, if you read the description in the second entry, you’d know it’s a favor for a friend

Comment by HeatPhoenix

HeatPhoenix: You have to understand one thing: FAGS DON’T READ and the only thing they are good at doing is call FAP

Comment by codename:v

Point still stands that he drew it. Favor or not, he still fucking drew it.

Did you just ignore the first one?

Comment by CV is an idiot

Just because I drew them doesn’t mean I like them, how many mechamusunes did you see in my DA? All 3 of them for someone I met and request me to do so. So why are you so butthurt now? Showing these aren’t going to stop me from commenting here, instead it keeps me doing it. Yippee-Ki-Kay, muthaf()cka

Comment by codename:v

You really are obsessed with butts and fags aren’t you? I mean, every discussion you’ve had on this board seems to come back to them. It’s pretty funny, to be honest. You shouldn’t run from who are, man! 4channer! a Super-homosexual whose desires are hiddn! Let them flow free!

Comment by CV is an idiot

why does he come here?

Comment by Greg

@CV is an idiot – nice one there.. it’s confirmed now that CV is nothing more than a keyboard hero.. From criticizing series episode-by-episode without actually dropping it to drawing faggotry art while flaming anything faggotry…poor poor C.V, reality must be very harsh on you =(

Comment by rawr

I don’t know why you guys are so worried about that single frame. For one, Sunrise has a tendency to correct mistakes like that on DVD releases (They did this with 00, A LOT,) and two, it’s a single frame, not a whole segment. One split second of LOLQUALITY does not indicate that the Gundam UC OVA will be full of LOLQUALITY.

Comment by J-Lead

Obsessed with faggots? If you put that way. I tend to find faggots very interesting with their jackass nature and low-life ways to expressing themselves without showing any sense of maturity and honesty. I also find their pretentious habits full of LULZ as they always cocksucking their way to every fagdoms in the name of otakuism just to fit in. Hellya it’s fun to whack the hell out of them and watch them whine like little brats who can only come up with petty little ways like faking other IDs and making false comments just to harass others. Allow me to demonstrate:

Comment by codename:v

I want to suck your cock C.V

Comment by rawr

I am an idiot too because I suck too many cocks

Comment by CV is an idiot

I find it astounding and hilarious that you even care about maturity, give everything you have ever said on this board, CV.

Comment by DarkCode

Obsessed with faggots? If you put that way. I tend to find faggots very hot with their loving nature and wonderful ways to expressing themselves without showing any of my lack of maturity and honesty. On the other hand, I also find my pretentious habits full of LULZ I love to always cocksuck my way to every fagdoms in the name of otakuism just to fit in. Hellya I would love to suck the hell out of their cocks and watch them moan like little bitches.

Comment by codename:v

good subject

wait another

Comment by hima

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