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New Mobile Suits for Gundam 00 Movie
August 24, 2009, 12:54 am
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From Cosmic-Era Gundam News Blog.

The “Gundam 00 Next Mission” event has been held today at the  Gundam Big Expo. Some information about the Mobile Suits of the movie sequel of Gundam 00 has been released :

  • Gundam 00 Quanta, Setsuna’s unit. Exia’s lineage. It has binders and shield on its left shoulder, as weel as numerous Funnels (informal name).
  • Gundam Harut, Allelujah’s unit. Harut and Marut are two angels mentioned in the Qur’an. The Gundam has a visor like the Astraea and the GN Archer. It can transform.
  • Gundam Zabaniya, Lyle’s unit. The Zabaaniyah are the gardians of Hell in the Qur’an. Looks like a close-combat unit. It has a slim torso and big legs like the Virtue. It carries a “GN Armor lite” on its back.Main weapon  : Double hand gun.
  • Gundam Raphael, Tieria’s unit. See the Archangel Raphael. It has wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam) and 4 cannons on its shoulders.

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at least we hear updates about the movie so far only info about the gundams in the movies. (I like to see Gundam Raphael’s lineart later on.)

Comment by ReinaMK1

damn can’t wait for the movie

Comment by Alexus_Z3

I suppose Harut is going to have a sub-unit called Marut.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Zabaniya definitely caught my interest (^_^)

Comment by Anonymous

I’m interested in seeing the art before passing judgement. They all have potential to be failry good from the concepts alone but the art will determine that.

Comment by Amon

Hmm more interested in Raphael and how Tieria will pilot it

Comment by ZetranWWIII

probably raphael will have a second unit hidden in his body.. like all tieria’s unit before this… could it be gabriel the hidden unit? 🙂

Comment by LL

There’re no pic or preview for this? come on…

Comment by Anonymous

It sounds pretty GAY, if you ask me.

Well, i’m going to get back to drawing some Mecha-Musume and finding some homoerotic pictures to post on /m/.

Comment by codename:v

Does 00 even deserve a movie?

Comment by Greg

wahaha please look at the mirror and you’ll find the word GAY in your face – Codename:G –

Yes if you’re wondering “V” doesn’t suit you “G” suit you much better. Think abou it

Comment by Anonymous

I want gundam Harut in my ass

Comment by Codename v suck

LOL Codename:G –> G for GAYendetta

but seriously the concept seems really interesting. really no picture of it?

Comment by ATGF

Was 00 Special Mission a limited access event?

Famitsu and Dengeki should put up articles sometime this week if they weren’t, hopefully they’ll have art of the mechas.

Comment by Rayearth

Let’s hope this won’t get canceled like SEED movie

Comment by Anonymous

I’m betting that Marie is going to get a Marut unit, following Allelujah’s suit’s description.

Also, I think it’s pretty neat how Lyle’s suit just mentions the double hand guns. He seemed to favor them over the Sniper anyhow. Not that he wasn’t a bad shot, but he wasn’t his brother in that department.

Sounds very cool!

Comment by DarkCode

Neil was a pretty terrible shot against anything he didn’t have an overwhelming advantage against. Then again, that’s how every Meister’s skills are anyhow.

Comment by anonymous

Gotta see line art first. I want to see Setsuna’s unit the most, since I favor the Exia and 00 Gundam over the others. Hopefully it has some more huge swords. Interested to see his “funnel” as well.

Comment by InjuredPelican

I bet the funnel of gundam 00 Quanta will be like the funnel of reborn gundam

Comment by Marino

P.S codename v is really gay

Comment by Marino

Sounds like more overpowered shit.
Not really looking forward to it.

Comment by Altec

i think its pretty cool if the funnels is located at the sword or shield. as in if its located at its sword, the attack increases. when its located in its shield, its gn field strengthen.

Comment by duo

I, for one, no longer care about 00. My interest in it ended with Season 1, which I hold as the pinnacle of AU Gundam anime. If this movie turns out to be good, I’ll check it out, but if it’s more of what Season 2 gave us, I might just completely disregard it.

*cue disregard that, unlimited black cocks, generic trolling, etc.*

Comment by J-Lead

codename:v and J-Lead need to be left alone with each other in a dark corner and suffer each other’s motherf*ck*ng nonsensical endless GAY TROLLING

Comment by trollkiller.exe

I wonder why Gundam Raphael has wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam)?

Comment by ReinaMK1


I know the real J-Lead well enough, and I am fairly certain that that is not him/her.

Comment by ZeroBusterXX

I dunno, I think this J-Lead is spot-on regardless of who it is using the name.

Comment by anonymous


Comment by setsuna15

Harut? In Filipino that means pervert. I am looking forward to quanta…

Comment by Mang Kepweng

codename v suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
and die while you suck

Comment by codename v suck

What interest me is the name of the Gundams is mostly are the archangels and angels from the Islamic belief excluding Quanta since it was never used before except the Persona series… let see if they can translate the name well suit the Gundam or just for fancy talk

Comment by kinkeidonow

went to Gundam Big EXPO and saw brief (Really fucking brief) action shots of the four Gundams. All I remember is Quanta’s funnels really look like Fangs and Raphael reminds me of Zeong.

Comment by wings of words

Again, Gundam keep fight and fight unstoppable!
Can they do such more worth topic to do? Most of the anime are keep “Fight” on words. Immature content.
Can they do such saving the earth more often ? Or keep using Grenade or Bazooka to destroy earth land polluted?

Do you all think reality can have a War-bots easily? There are hundred of Satellite watching us every activities.
Even they have war also need to have a discussion all over the country.
And Farting again, using those Great-Angel bible and others religion belief deity name to make it famous to name in Gundam to annihilate the enemies!

Military staff will bring mother nature and Humanity more Chaos!
Oh~Hell yeah! Nature will judge down Disaster again to vanish those misunderstand fart*er again.


Comment by EX-X

“I know the real J-Lead well enough, and I am fairly certain that that is not him/her.”

No, it’s me alright. Same guy that posts at Mechatalk. Lets be straight, though, trollkiller; there is a colossal difference between me and codename:v when it comes to 00. V hates 00. I mean, he REALLY hates it, and will go out of his way to bash it to kingdom come. I, on the other hand, simply no longer care much about it. Well, more accurately I don’t care much for Season 2; I thought Season 1 was just what the doctor ordered. People asked for “different,” and they got “different,” and I thought it was sublime. I hold Exia to be the best mecha design to come out of Gundam in ages. Unfortunately, the ending of Season 2 pretty much negated any real chances of the story (and most probably the mecha as well) returning to the elements that made Season 1 so great, and I have this inkling feeling that the 00 movie will be more “S2” than “S1,” so as of this moment, I’m not really interested in the 00 movie, and would rather focus my attention of more immediate things, like 0081 and Unicorn. This is tentative, however, and Sunrise is perfectly capable of proving me and my instincts wrong.

I hope I’ve cleared everything up.

Comment by J-Lead

What happened to enjoying something without indulging in the drama that naysayers create?

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that the movie will be a new chapter. Here’s hoping it ties up the loose ends 00’s story has remaining, and that the designs aren’t too over the top.

Comment by Zro

I wouldn’t HOPE for any Gundam series to fail. I want more good Gundam. Since they’re doing a 00 movie anyways, I’m sure hoping it’s bloody good.

Comment by YpoCaramel

Wait…so everybody upgrades their MS? What a tricky way for Bandai to sell HGs and 1/100 to milk our pockets again! ^^;

Comment by tamerchris

Setsuna dones’t seem like the type to use funnels… well, it’s still early, lots of things can change.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

“What a tricky way for Bandai to sell HGs and 1/100 to milk our pockets again!”

Why is that tricky? That’s how they’ve been doing it for years. This is no exception. :/

Comment by J-Lead

I really wanto to see that 00 Quanta

Comment by Anonymous

Well from this info it seems that Allelujah and Tieria is coming back to piloting MS, a bit disappointed because I thought Allelujah doesn’t want to pilot MS anymore and Tieria is a part of Veda. Sunrise should try to add another new meisters, not bringing Allelujah and Tieria back.

I agree with some part of J-Lead. I agree with the season 1 MS design is innovative, and season 2 MS design back to original gundam design. I want MG Exia, but I don’t mind if there is MG 00 Gundam later (still no Exia R2 for me.. didn’t like the design, Exia is better than R2)

Comment by MaftyNavue

Now the main character’s MS gets wireless funnels. I can expect a char’s counterattack style movie, maybe. Nu Exia Gundam instead of 00 Quanta would be more appropriate…

Comment by EXkurogane

From the description, I can say these are all shallow rehash of old designs like Quanta copies the Nu and Harut is just a rehash combination of Arios and Archer. All these rehash 00 ideas are also very much reflect on faggots resorting to petty ways such as faking others ID and making false comments as well. Not to mention their request for torrent scans while bragging over copyrights.
You can always post in other names and fake their comments as you wish just to harass them as much as you, faggots are always like that and it’s so EASY to do that too. Allow me to demonstrate:

Comment by codename:v

I suck codename:v cock

Comment by J-Lead

Setsuna fucks me everynight

Comment by ZeroBusterXX

I want to sleep with codename:v

Comment by Marino

The idea seems really nice but we need the pic and animation to properly judge it. Though honestly this really pumped me for the movie.

Edit: Codename: GAY

Comment by Anonymous

Damn! I hope they make models out of those! 1/100 or 1/144, either way its good! ^^

Comment by Raisha

lol, CV likes people sucking his cock, what a gay turd

Comment by lxs

Pardon cv, his expressing his fetish for gundam.

Comment by Goddamnit

codename: v is secretly initiating an zero requiem-esque plan of making all srw hotnews users vent their hatred towards him and “die” to show how much his opinion is the truth.

Comment by Anonymous

Unfortunately, this isn’t anime, so more like he dies and no one would ever know about it. =/

Comment by Nameless

Not to mention their request for torrent scans while bragging over copyrights.

Funny, I remember YOU asking for torrents when they were on megaupload/rapidshare.

Comment by Guara

@Nameless: It is certainly the sad truth.

Comment by anonymouse

@anonymouse: Sad? What are you kidding me?

Comment by codename:v imposter

oh yes! this is great! It means that Allelujah is coming back! I wouldn’t be surprised if his new unit looks like arios. especialy considdering that his and lockon’s units were the least damaged out of them all. but I thought that Setsuna went back to piloting Exia…. unless something warranted a repair again…

Comment by lylexanew

haha, i lookin for Gundam Harut aka Muslim gundam

Comment by denn


Comment by Freedom

now this sounds pretty interesting. they’re now taking angel names from qu’ran as opposed to the bible in the series. wait, did i read it right? gundam raphael’s pilot is tiera? am not surprised actually. got to see how they revive him.

to codename:v
everything in gundam can be rehashed because IT’S THEIR OWN PROPERTY, YOU IDIOT!! now stop posting nonsensical things glorifying your “gundam knowhow” (frankly, you have none).

Comment by flamerounin

WTF… In every single post everyone will be talking about sucking cocks and gays, and most importantly CV. Keep those comments for porn websites. Seems that no one just can stay in the topic of the post…

Comment by EXkurogane

i dont like how the gundams are like based on the QU’RAN … oh comon….
Islamic gundams now… >_> sigh…..

Tieria gundam right now is the only one im looking foward for the rest i can expect a viel on the gundam heads
it probably look as ridiculous as G-Gundam mechs!

Comment by Jun-Kun

Way to stereotype, Jun-kun ^^;
Now take a look at this as well:

Comment by Guara

Geez, since when Gundam always have to use western name?

Comment by G for God

@ G for God

Yup, it’s pretty irritating. We have all sorts of restrictions in naming a fictional character in anime, gundams, movies bla bla bla…

In Western, they replace God Gundam with Burning Gundam, Devil with Dark Gundam, Saviour with Saber gundam etc etc etc
IN Malaysia, the word “hell” seems to be such a taboo even by mentioning it and they replace the movie “Hellboy” with the name Supersapiens. I’m really irritated. I understand this is related to sensitive religions stuff. Anyway, I just felt these changes make a particular product, character or franchise “unoriginal”.

Have Sunrise or the Gundam designers run out of ideas? How many words are there in a dictionary? Can’t they just give better names for a Gundam? I felt the names of Gundams in SEED series are pretty nice and those names come from words that have Meanings (and fits the Gundams itself)…

Comment by EXkurogane

But didn’t they allowed Hellboy 2 to be released without any name change?

Also, Daredevil got banned. After it was promoted to hell and back.

Comment by Guara

ei, can we get the opinion of a muslim gundam fan about the names? just to see what they think.

Comment by flamerounin

I thought Tieria was dead? Did they bring him back like how they did to Meister 874? Well if that’s the case, I’m expecting Tieria to have a Haro/Hanayo body. I don’t remember Belphagor having any wired cannons in its fingers.

Lyle’s unit looks like a melee combat unit… I thought he specializes in long range weapons? With a slim torso and big legs like Virtue… is it like Nadleeh without removing Virtue’s legs?

For a gundam to have cute names like Harut and Marut, its stupid. So what is the name IF it is however able to combine…Hamarut, Maharut? At least, the names of the other units are still pretty decent, even Zabaaniyah.

Comment by AdamJ

As far as i remember Belphagor doesn’t have wired cannon but it has “wire cannon” on its palm

About the naming, i think the name itself wasn’t important but the meaning right? Wing sounds cool because it means about something that makes you can fly or some short of it, but what if Wing doesn’t mean anything? i think it’ll be a pretty weird name

Comment by Rekkou

I’m a muslim but I never heard of Harut, Marut, or Zabaaniyah. Yes, they sound arabic, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of em. Maybe I’m not reading Quran that much >.<

Comment by Kac_root

I just realize how fitting of them to assign Harut (Harerujah) and Marut (Marie) for the Gundams. No more Peries?

Comment by Guara

>>to AdamJ
you filipino? i’m filipino, so i kinda got the joke in context of the philippine language.

i actually find the names cool. they’re still keeping with celestial being’s naming convention. quanta though doesn’t probbly refer to an angel in islam. more like referring to the plural form of quantum. we’ll just have to wait ang see if the names are appropriate once pictures come out.

Comment by flamerounin

I wonder if there’s a secret (recoloured) duplicate of Gundam Harut called Marut, piloted by Soma. Knowing Bandai’s fondness for recolours, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I hope the revelation of the movie Gundams doesn’t mean that we won’t get 1/100 versions of Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R, Arios Gundam GNHW/M and Seravee Gundam GNHW/B. (I don’t think I was the only 1/100 model collector who was annoyed to discover that his (or her) 00 Season 2 Gundams were ‘incomplete’.)

Comment by Hanzkaz

H for Harut and Hallelujah (however you spell it)
M for Marut and Marie

random observation

i’m looking forward to see the lineart for the quanta and the raphael =]

Comment by XinKun

I’m a Muslim, and I think that it’s perfectly all right (and very cool) that Gundam nomenclature now includes Islamic references (in fact, the practice began with the manga Gundam 00F, where two of the Gundams were named Sadalsuud and Abulhool).

One of the best things about Gundam 00 was that it portrays all races and religions fairly, without any bias or stereotyping. It shows clearly that both good people and bad people exist in every race, every religion. It’s a pity that the world of today is too perverted to accept such a fact, and is too busy messing around with stereotypes.

Comment by jenova941

wow,i’m not impatient to waiting that gundam 00 movie…. ^^
because i’m a muslim too…..

Comment by Anonymous

has anyone ever noticed that seraphim and cherudim are also known as two types of angels in the old testament apart of the group of angels also know as celestial beings and that another heirarchy of angels is known as the thrones i think its pretty cool how they are using angels and stuff from diff religions

Comment by derekb370z

clever way of naming gundams i like it makes you think

Comment by derekb370z

ooH cool

Comment by James

Nobody said anything about Seraphim, Sefer and Rasiel. They’re all in Hebrew. The christianity part is seen all ’round. So why does taking islamic names of angels make it bad? Is it not bomby enough?

Oh and hey CV. Long time no see since NK banned comments on his blog(because of your comments). Still going ’round being a jerk eh?

Comment by Shion

Shion, maybe you should actually READ the comments posted here before deciding to be offensive. No Muslim (including myself) said anything negative about giving Islamic names to the Gundams. Not here, nor anywhere else. If anything, we applaud it.

Sheesh. The Gundam series is supposed to be a testament to having an open mind and accepting things from all faiths, and as a fan of this series, this kind of bias is what you have to offer? Nice.

Comment by jenova941

@jenova, No, I didn’t mean to be offensive. And I make it a point to read through anything before commenting. I have no personal hatreds for other religions, as one must give to receive, respect other religions so that they respect yours. Not with CV though.

I’m a muslim too, and I like 00 series because of it’s world peace theme.

IMHO the new gundam’s names fit perfectly in Ptolemaeos CB’s angelic theme.

Again, I apologize if I was offensive in any way(except towards CV and CV-likes).

Comment by Shion

@ Shion: No harm done, man. 🙂 But considering the obnoxious bias which many people already bear against the Muslim world, a Muslim (of all people) really shouldn’t aggravate it any further by making bomb-related taunts. 😛

And if codename:v wants to be a jerk, he should be left to his own devices. Let’s not lower ourselves for his sake. Better to ignore annoyances than egg them on by giving them undue attention.

Comment by jenova941

Oh and I couldn’t get the “wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam)” on the Rafael bit. Could somebody clarify? A picture of the Belphegor would be helpful I think.

Comment by Shion

@jenova: yeah, hence the line “not bomb-y enough”.

Biggest explosion I ever made was with a firecracker, and the other was in a videogame.

Comment by Shion

Yeah, but the way you said it, many people would interpret it as an anti-Muslim comment. 😛 Maybe you should’ve put it another way.

As for Belphagor, I found this…not much info on wired cannons though:

Comment by jenova941

Hi, I’m a muslim Gundam fan. From my knowledge, Harut and Marut are two angels that was tested by Allah with lust and they fall for it. Thus they were punished through imprisonment.

Basically it shows that (in Islamic beliefs) human being who is able to control his/her lust has a higher level status among all known creatures (including satans, animals, angels, etc.) It also shows how lust can jeopardize one’s self perseverance and judgment.

In Islamic belief, angels is the only creature without lust. Hope this info helps.

Comment by pulge

According to, the story of Harut and Marut is very much different (as agreed upon by Islamic scholars from all sects). Take a look if you’re interested. The version which pulge referred to in his post appears to be a fabricated one which has been going around for quite a while now. :S

But anyway, I think we’re just overanalyzing things here. 😛 They’re just Gundam names in this case, after all.

Comment by jenova941

What I want to know is how the’re going to remake the 00 Gundam when one of the only two GN drives that could safely synchronize was destroyed.

Comment by archangel89

See Japan uses different things from different religions as good or evil, such as the new gundams which comes from muslim religion. Compare to the United States who only use anything to do with muslim as evil in their shows. No offense to anyone who reads this comment.

Comment by zero

“Saviour with Saber gundam etc”
Dunno about you, but over here in the US, Saviour Gundam was always and did remain Saviour Gundam.
“I want gundam Harut in my ass” you want a seventyy-plus metric ton giant robot up your crack? You are FUCKED UP.

Comment by su66di

Hey guys…we have pics for 00 Quanta and Raphael(or Zabaniya, IMO could be either one) now:

Comment by GMeister303

C:V is an epic troll, the kind that other trolls wish they were; and I’m beginning to suspect that “he” is really a dedicated team of people on a mission to give Gundam 00 fans hypertension. J-Lead, on the other hand, is just a guy with an opinion.

I’m interested in seeing the Quanta, as the little picture that’s floating around makes it look very Exia-like. I hope this means the return of the glowing-chest-orb-thing for the Gundams; as that was one of the things that made the S1 Gundams unique.

Comment by PuppetChaos

Why only shows 00 quanta,sabina and rapheal only!!Why don’t show me gundam harut!!!
I want to know how looks like gundam harut!!

Comment by kinggun123

SHOWS ME THE FACE OF GUNDAM HARUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by kinggun123

keep up the good work i enjoyed reading your blog….

Comment by dalena johnson

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