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August 24, 2009, 12:53 pm
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HFA-78-3 Heavy Full Armor 7th Gundam


[はっちゃか] Review XN Raiser 1/144

XN Raiser 1/144




SDX Versal Knight Gundam, Heavy Weapon Command Gundam


DG Gundam Unicorn


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: GNX-Y802T Neo-Hed


Robot Spirists <Side AS>


Robot Spirists <Side KMF>

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its more of a NO-HEAD… LOL

Comment by plutoniumhunter

seconded that…

Comment by Mendagu

But guys really where is the head?

After saw more and more images of MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise, I decided that I must get this MG. But still wonder about it’s buster sword weight problem..

Comment by MaftyNavue

the katakana actually does reads as no head…

Comment by H_R

I’ll prefer to call it an ASShead…

Comment by EXkurogane

True, it should be called “No-Head” or its name should be “Crab-head” since it looks pretty like a crab. Yet another effortless design from 00 staffs who are currently infected with OESS (Okawara Effortless Senile Syndrome)

I prefer the box-head GM Kanal from Ecole du Ciel better.

Comment by codename:v

That’s the point of the Neo-Hed, a pun on no head.

Comment by Ninjaclown

Yeah, it does remind me of the GM “Kanal?”/Canard from Ecole too.

Comment by plutoniumhunter

“Yet another effortless design from 00 staffs”

How dare you, CV. I can’t believe you have the gall to claim things like this when all of your own art is shallow imitations of Gundam and SRW. All of Teraoka’s designs for 00 (and for Code Geass before it!) are showing a freshness and originality that stands out from almost any other recent anime. The same goes for Fukuchi and Washio. You of all people should be praising these artists and looking to them for inspiration – instead you try to tear them down, while wallowing in the gutter of your own uninspired, heartless ambition.

Comment by Anonymous

+1 to the comment above.

As for me, it’s simply another unique design evolved from the tieren suits. It didn’t look all that good but it have ORIGINALITY. One thing CV never had.

Comment by KMO

A good design doesn’t always have to be good looking or 100% original but more importantly they have to be right, their design have to serve their purpose correctly and optimally. The Pros are chosen because they filled the criteria above not just because they drew good. Based on the design it seems No-Hed is a prototype for Ahead and a missing link from Tieren to Ahead

Comment by Rekkou

Rekkou: First of all, what kind of criteria 00 seeks in its mech designs? I don’t think you even know what you are talking about. For some pros in the industry, this effortless work is a public shame.

You can always say that my works are nothing more but Gundam redesigns and I seriously doubt you faggots ever look at my own original designs. What else are you faggots good at other than digging out things about me? It won’t stop me from speaking out my mind and why should I back down from petty low-lives like anonymous? They are nothing more but cowards and embarrassments to the ACG fandom. Since you know where I live, come and get me cowards.

I’ve seen better designs than this kind of shallow effortless work by 00 design staffs, even my “Naked Gundam” is better than this faggotry. It’s okay that you faggots can always settle in for sub-par works since you all are mindless cocksuckers which Bandai would be too happy to milk cashes out of you. Really, the day when SEED went on air, Gundam dropped in quality and still dropping. Thanks to all you faggots

Bandai I dare you to shut down Gundam

Comment by codename:v

CV: That’s like daring them to stop making money, it’s plain stupid. They especially couldn’t care less what some troll like you has to say. Not like they care about anyone’s comments here.

Haha, it’s also pretty obvious that you would even comment on your own work, OF COURSE you’d like your own work over everything else. Personally, you just seem pissed that Bandai hasn’t come to your house to hire you.

Comment by DarkCode

Actually, disregard what I said in my earlier post (which shouldn’t be hard as FAGS DON’T READ). Gundam SEED may have started to ruin the Gundam Franchise, but 00 was even worse. Soulless product just created to make money from the FAGS on /m/ who love InnovAIDS and Tieria.

DarkCode: Why would I care to work for Bandai? All they do is use the same designs over and over, while adding pointless features like ‘Crab-Head’ over there. And i’m allowed to air my opinion wherever I want, you coward.

Comment by codename:v

Rekkou: I guess they didn’t make a design that served its purpose “correctly and optimally”, since its a successor to the Ahead and you completely missed it.

The model number is also a dead giveaway.

Comment by anonymous

None of these really catch my eye apart from that Revoltech Dancougar which got cut off the page with the new EVA Revoltechs!

Comment by F97 X-1

CV: talk all you want, how about you show us an ideal and “better” design on every new Gundam/MS/SRW/SR etc. design you don’t like?

Comment by anonymouser

Hey… on the second picture with the weird blue guy (with a head), if you look in the bottom right corner, that’s Devilfish from Eureka

Comment by Anonymous

I actually curious as to what has formed CV’s ego to this point. He over uses the word fag (Which he honestly needs to stop, it’s no longer offensive but annoying.), he mistakes ignorance with people being willingly so, (His whole ‘FAGS don’t read!’ thing.) and he has this idea that everything out of Bandai is crap (If they are making money off it, well it’s not crap.). Odd stuff.

Anyway, to stay on topic; the Neo-hed indeed looks like a missing link, something to explain the Ahead’s odd design. But I’m personally liking the Guren. I’ve always wanted a figure of the Guren.

Comment by Bolinoak

“I seriously doubt you faggots ever look at my own original designs.”

Post a link to an ORIGINAL design you did that’s NOT A RIPOFF OF A GUNDAM OR SRW DESIGN, one that you think is better than the works of Teraoka, Fukichi or Washio, and we’ll see how it holds up.

“For some pros in the industry, this effortless work is a public shame.”

Like who? You? When have you ever been a professional mecha designer? What professional work has you done in the industry? No one here is claiming they’re superior but you. You’re the one who has to prove you’re better than real, professional designers. You can’t just SAY you’re better; saying better without proof is a pathetic, cowardly lie.

Comment by Anonymous


Yeah, I was looking forward to that particular Guren. I wonder if it’s going to have the retractable arm…

Comment by Nameless

i don’t like codename:v bashing on 00 and srw since i like them a lot, however i have to agree with him that the neo-hed is just absolutely ugly.
definitely looks like something from code geass, prolly wouldve looked better if it wasnt for the gay colour scheme

Comment by chi

Wow what an egotistical asshole. Your not a pro, so how the hell do you know what they think?

You can always say that my works are nothing more but Gundam redesigns and I seriously doubt you faggots ever look at my own original designs.
That’s because everything on your deviantart is full of SRW/Gundam concepts and then the other crap on there is well, just crap. You try humor yet that doesn’t work because all it does is revolve around your hatred of the gay society which is clearly overdone seeing as everyone has to put up with your complete disregard of society. Hell, when someone says something to you that’s true on DA all you do is mark it as spam.

It won’t stop me from speaking out my mind and why should I back down from petty low-lives like anonymous?
The fact your getting so worked up by these “low-lives” proves what type of person you are.

It’s okay that you faggots can always settle in for sub-par works
Your works are sub-par, yet you call it “good”. Hell, your massive ego is practically blinding you from looking at your own art properly.

Soulless product just created to make money from the FAGS on /m/ who love InnovAIDS and Tieria.
Yes, because if they were planning on marketing that they would’ve done so early, you know…in the first season and not in the middle of the 2nd?

And i’m allowed to air my opinion wherever I want, you coward.
Obviously your phrase “fags don’t read” should be applied to yourself, because you sure as hell don’t know how to read. No one said you couldn’t, everyone’s just stating how irritating of a person you are.

In general, CV is probably some NEET bumming off his parents and a loner with no friends outside of the retards on DA.

Comment by lxs

I agree with Ixs in every one of thoese statements he pointed out and comparing that to CV. CV is definely very stupid in every way includeing his praise “fags don’t read” which he SHOULD pay to some of his comments. X is Xeno and Xeno means stranger.

Comment by codename:x

You call me a coward, yet, I did nothing to earn it, nor did I mention that you couldn’t state your opinion. I’d argue your manner brands you a troll, is all.

Comment by DarkCode

to mr superrobotwars,

I send a message regarding some infos. I hope you received it.

Comment by judo0054


Comment by Greg

I really love how he uses that word “fag” in EVERY comment post he makes. I guess he doesn’t know any other English insult word other than the word “Fag”. Hmm, I suppose when he comes to America, I am pretty sure he’ll talk to someone he doesn’t know calling him a fag.

If you want to insult something, be pro at it. Your arts, and your insults are still at an amateur level. Oh wait, it’s probably because you are a foreigner.

Comment by Aldotsk

I voted 1+ to lxs
Lately CV response our comment. I shall join once again. CV shall drop dead with his nonsense of his worthless originality concept. i prefer this one, he’s fine and quite famous artist.

And V why don’t you ask about your art to him while he join DA are:
– To appreciate art
– To become a better artist
– To show my artwork to the world
maybe he’ll approve your art as good art.

here some joke 4coma comic that i found

Comment by Epsilon_013


Actually, Pixiv is so much better, and Redjuice999 is from Pixiv. Pros go to Pixiv.

Comment by Aldotsk

and i wonder if CV’s troll are same as this…

Comment by Epsilon_013

i kneow about Pixiv too. i but i still prefer redjuice for hatsune miku picture

Comment by Epsilon_013

When i begin to draw gundam i often to draw something like this

or this

and foolishly think that i can actually design better than the pro, but then i realize what i drew is simply more Dragoon, more cannon, more & bigger sword, etc. Good picture maybe, but not even a design. Then i learn stuff like “if you don’t need a head, why would you have one?” “if you need two head, why don’t you have 2 of them?”. A design certainly not an artistic job, design exist for purpose although visual appeal is also part of it, a simple example is what will you choose? good looking chair or comfortable chair? Real mecha type are just like real life everything if you live for no purpose, it’s meaningless even if you are the most beautiful thing on the world

Comment by Rekkou

“if you don’t need a head, why would you have one?” “if you need two head, why don’t you have 2 of them?

FUCK!! 00 mecha need two heads!! WHY ISN’T THERE A TWO HEADED 00 MECHA YET. I am not making fun of you. I am being completely serious.

Comment by Anonymous

cv rules in the bathroom

Comment by Mang Kepweng

Uh, Reborn Gundam/Cannons?

Comment by Reborn

Oh, and Abulhool Gundam

Comment by Abulhool

How long till CV gets banned? seriously webmaster, it’s getting annoying…he doesn’t “speak his mind”, he insults several users and always has something negative to say about EVERYTHING. It was fun while it lasted but now it’s getting ridiculous. At least if he would answer to the ppl that OWN HIM with their replies and try to act different from a troll I could consider him to be just a person with different tastes but he’s just damn stupid.

Comment by Anonymous

neo hed ? what the hell is that ? ugly =_=”

Comment by Anonymous

@Darkcode: nevermind him Dark.. if he said you are coward then accept it, no matter because we here think you’re no coward..

@Rekkou: I like to support a lot of gundams drawer (especially from the same nationality with me ^^;) But I do agree with your opinion.

The KMF series are really on the roll right now.. Guren Seiten really awesome..

Comment by MaftyNavue

This comment here really massive!!!
All Being effected by HCNV.

What Are you doing C.V ?!

You want make hold world hate you and self into black hole? This makes you more suffer. Can you just drop what they like? You mouth can make people turn you to dark see.

Even you Art how nice to be,but you should need a nice personality to let people enjoy your Art. Why you keep insulting Bandai Keep redesign?
As I know, even any Item that we have now in reality are all also redesign and recycle. You think the Cost very easy to development?

Seriously, since at Comic fiesta 2008 there I was saw you quite a nice person,why you keep boombing yourself?
If you dont like just despise that they like. Each people have their own taste and have own way. Even the earth is collapse still the same.

I hope you can change back to previous CV that I meet…Thats All.

Comment by Azureseilue

Azureseilue: Relaxlah bruder! These anonymous buggers are even not worth 2 flies smashed and all they good are falsifying your comments with your IDs and digging up shits about you to bitch about. You know I’m a perfectionist and I refused to suck up to sub-par faggotries. Got time? Come out for teh tarik and I’ll be nice for a day

Comment by codename:v

If you want, we hang out in my room and we watch some 00-Faggotry while I snuggle up close to you bruder…

Comment by codename:v

Infected by HCNV…lol

Comment by SavageNymph

I got HCNV too and now I’m suck cock hard

Comment by SavageNymph

oh sweet full screens of XN 00 Gundam

Comment by Ereos

“I’m a perfectionist”
bwahahaha… what a funny joke!! perfectionist?! my ass with your art skill! be dream if you gonna work as artist artwork like Misato Mitsumi, Noizi Ito, Tony Taka, Satoshi Urushihara, Ishikei, and other. You just gonna fail. Maybe i’m not good artist like you because i don’t have drawing skill. But i can predict you not gonna be great like one of those artist.

Comment by Fighters

…all they good are falsifying your comments with your IDs and digging up shits about you to bitch about

Oh, the irony.

Comment by Guara

Guys what the fuck

I thought the comments were supposed to be about the article, not CV?

You people.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

HFA-78-3’s lineart is pretty sex, indeed. Kudos to Katoki once again for keeping as much of Okawara’s original aesthetic design as possible in his iteration (he even drew the lineart from the same angle. Bravo!)

The XN Raiser also seems to make everything a little better, doesn’t it? Although swords are more Setsuna’s shtick, not everybody elses…

Can’t say I’m liking the Neohead, though. Some shit’s just so grossly underdesigned and awkward looking, it begs the question as to why the concept got past the drawing board. Then again, I didn’t like the Ahead itself either, so meh…

Comment by J-Lead

Redesigning Okawara’s old works totally undermine Katoki’s skills and talent for details. With his reputation as a high profile designer, Bandai would spam his name in every redesign and repackaging of old works such as Wing, Gundam Fix, MG, HGUC and 0081 for it’s Katokiness. Really, Bandai should put the entire Gundam franchise to sleep since they don’t have anything better 30 years ago.

Comment by codename:v

yeah just like your artwork that not really better at all. you should stop do it and they should be erased.

Comment by Fighters

CV you idiot! Katoki did most of his work on Wing. (both the TV and Endless Waltz series)

Comment by codename:x

in mecha design that is.

Comment by codename:x

CV is showing more of his frustration for not getting a mecha design job. He believes that he will get the same legendary designer status like Okawara and Katoki if he did join their ranks.

Comment by Anonymous

To Anonymous
well Anon thats true and you seemed to missed the fun part of CV which CX figured CV’s background reaction from it.

Comment by MaxHD2490

still i vote for Katoki designs more than CV. obviously if Bandai put CV in Katoki’s shoes, THEN i will think that Bandai should put the entire Gundam franchise to sleep for real.

Comment by G.M

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