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Full scans this month’s hobby magazine
August 26, 2009, 1:54 am
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Hobby Japan 10月 (October) 2009

Download (Megaupload, file size 103Mb)



Model Graphix 10月 (October) 2009

Download (Megaupload, file size 42Mb)


Mirror links upload by kain the supreme:

Model Graphix 10月

Hobby Japan 10月

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I want to point out that pages 035-049 are misnamed from HJ though.

Comment by anon

Awesome! I’m downloading right now!

Thanks again!!!!

Comment by Leomb

thx guys…

Comment by slotgerumeru

^RX-81 lineart’s pretty decent.

Comment by J-Lead

Please upload to mediafire. this megaupload is pain on the ass. thanks/1

Comment by starboykb

well, waddaya know, i was able to download both files simultaneously from megaupload! 0_0

thanks SRW Hotnews!

Comment by valkyriepilot

Whats up with designers and directors liking funnel spams? O_o;; I mean this whole funnel spam starts from Seed then to 00 (sequel movie… Unlimited Funnel Works?) and now to here.

I mean funnels feel pretty cool and all, but let’s not do any more projectile shooting objects for once. Especially Geara Doga upgrade ver. doing funnels is like… ewww.

Where is my Sinanju?

Comment by Aldotsk

This is i waiting for. Thanks for sharing

Comment by Epsilon_013

wo0t thanks

Comment by d'OH

nice…thx bro…downloading right now!

btw why bandai create 00 quanta?Just use 00 XN Raiser for the movie is okay for me…

Comment by costriker

@costriker: why of course, so us collectors and modelers will buy more GunPla lol.

Comment by valkyriepilot

Thanks a lot!

Comment by Yuu

Yeah, I agree that that RX-81 lineart looks cool, it looks better than the game model, but I still prefer Kunio Okawara’s designs better.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Thanks for Megaupload.
Thanks SRW hotnews !

Comment by 0011

hmmm… are we gonna have scans for Dengeki Hobby Oct issue as well?

Comment by valkyriepilot

Bravo Kain..sono off line da due giorni…

Tanks SRW hotnews…

Comment by Debris

@valkyriepilot: Give the time and If I find it I will release….

@Debris: come mai sei offline? ( Why are you offline? )

Comment by kain the supreme

[…] hotnews ha messo on line con grande rapidità il numero 10 dell’anno 2009 della rivista Hobby Magazine […]

Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » Hobby Japan Magazine 10/ 2009 su megaupload

@kain: thanks much!

Comment by valkyriepilot

Thank you very much!
great Job!!

Comment by San

tnx SRW

Comment by chongo

woohoo! awesome uploads, thanks SRW and Kain! 🙂

Comment by jun

the XN raiser is quite a good valiant.

Comment by MaxHD2490


Comment by ji

@Aldotsk: Have you played a game called “Bootfighter Windom XP”? The mech designs are pretty much based on Gundam but some of them have pretty good “funnel spam” designs.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Dman

can’t download

Comment by Anonymous

Hyper Hobby 09 09 hobby 0909.rar.html

Figure Oh 139

Say thanks to all the people of modxtoys forums I love them all ^_^

@Anonymous: All links are working fine for me, try to use firefox or opera as browser.

Comment by kain the supreme

Fixed the link for Hyper Hobby 09 09

Comment by kain the supreme

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