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Armored Core Silent Line Portable PV
August 27, 2009, 11:51 pm
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Armored Core Silent Line Portable (PSP)

Release date: November 2009 




Official site:

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Hmmph, yet another PS2 to PSP old title. Is this what the mech game industry is coming to? A dead end with no rooms for advancement but downsizing to a smaller port? Coz seriously, Bandai could be one of the reason for ruining the mecha line in ACG industry with their overrated flops and constant spamming of repetitive products. Boy, I sure miss those days where you got more mech games than just SRW and Gundam.

Comment by codename:v

Codename v you are always so gay

Comment by Elakn

Watch there will now be 38 comments on how C:V sucks.

Comment by F97 X-1

Hmm C:V has a point, AC however still has some potential to make new series

Comment by gunstray

Landed a job yet, C:V?

Comment by Anonymous

there no bandai name in that game epic fail CV

Comment by codename:x

in fact if you make more fails on any game that isn’t from bandai your a epic 900k times!

Comment by codename:x

I’m pretty excited for this, I really enjoyed Silent Line.

Comment by DarkCode

Need more Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku game XD

Comment by Epsilon_013

They tried to reinvent AC with 4 and fa but many vets just didnt like the new style.
Higher and faster isnt always everything it seems.
Having said that,AC with PSP controls?
Thanks I will pass.

Comment by Raz

so VC hates SRW, he hates Gundam, he hates V-ON and now he hates AC. What else will he hate? Zone of the Enders?

Comment by Aldotsk

The list CV will hate soon after that: Macross, Zabunger, GaiKing, Getter, Voltus, Tekkaman, Mazinger, King Gainer, Transformers, …., and for the last Dojibiron (school rumble) :p

Comment by Fighters

The first AC title I played!

ITs really nice game ^^

hey CV what do you actualy like?? game mecha or what?? I saw you posting negative comment on every single topic 😦 It’s sad you know……. ^^ positive mate~~~

Comment by kadej

I dunno which planet you’re from, CV, but the Armored Core series have been pretty much the same repetitive game till AC4 (save for Formula Front).

Comment by Guara

Armored core is such a shitty series compared to Front Mission. The AC community in the west is also full of rednecks and trailer trash.


Comment by Delta

Front Mission’s gameplay is strategy based liked G Gen. So the problem you can’t compare it with AC which is action based gameplay. Or more worse like CV, you’ll compare AC with MGS

Comment by Epsilon_013

Gee…CV even had some AC influence in some of his original designs and yet he talks ill of the series.

guess its no surprise.. so much hate for pretty much all mecha series and yet he drew fanart of them in his DA gallery.

Comment by Anonymous

I miss A.C.E……

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

1st like the design
2nd try to draw it
3rd customize it
4th hate the original design
5th make new one based on original design and claim it as original idea
That’s the ways CV think about his artwork.

Comment by Fighters

Gotta buy PSP soon…gotta get a job soon…not blaming the economic crisis, it’s just that I’m too lazy to find a job. But this game motivates me!
Wonder how the control fares though.

Comment by Kac_root

ac 3 portable has ok controls do to a full key change so sl should be ok if it has key change…….. but if you make controls similar to 1st person shooter psp games no disarm…..

Comment by danial

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