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Super Robot Gakuen wallpeper
August 27, 2009, 2:00 pm
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From Super Robot Wars Premium Members Club.

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Sweet walppaper

Comment by Freedom

Sweet wallpaper

Comment by Freedom

A wonder if this is going to be adopted into an anime.

Comment by Shehabxza

If you want Terada to get sued over breaching copyrights, go ahead. By that time, SRW would cease to exist.

Why is an overgrown man doing in an elementary school challenging children? Unless he’s here to be part of a lesson on the birds and the bees…

Comment by codename:v

Ugh…I understand them wanting to attract some new people but this…just doesnt sit well on me.
Makes me question weither there ever will be a real oldschool gathering like maybe alpha 3 ever again.

Comment by Raz

Congratulation Terada, it took some time, but it was natural for “燃え” to become “萌え”, given the current progression of the series.

Sad that SRW has to be associated with games like this and Mugen.

Comment by Anonymous

to be honest it be nice to re-release some of the old games
like ones on the snes…etc

Comment by Ereos

Is that Betterman Lamia in the background?

Comment by llxwarbirdxll

I still want to see Compatible Kaiser as a glorious DS sprite with its awesome theme.

Comment by F97 X-1

This game seems so lame…
The should make OG3 or Alpha 4 in HD for PS3 (because it´s region free)

Comment by mazinkaiser

guys i got the game but i can go into the school WTF


Reasons they dont make Alpha 4:
-They already FINISHED the story with 3. Banpresto announced that 3rd one was final chapter of Alpha.

Reasons they dont make OG3:
-They kind of are on brain freeze.

Comment by Aldotsk

Reasons they dont make OG3:
-You have no idea if they’re making it right now or not.


Given that we are now getting a recycled animation “SRW” and a 3D SRW we can be sure that the 2D team are busy doing… Something.

Comment by Anonymous

Pokebots I choose you!!!
Damn, They use the childish poduct to trick more kid to play SRW military poket station like Digimon or Pokemon?
WTFG!!Smash the Wall!!

Now I only know why tere are many people keep lost interest in career job now in Japan.

Comment by Oku Ne Ni Mama

thnx u the man iit works but its sucks


Seeing their recent series-choices they only could hurt the “legacy” of the alpha series anyway.
Im quite happy that they dont have much playroom to destroy that,save for maybe some freaking post-gaiden or something…

Comment by Raz

Technically, I’d be waiting for OG3, but I am sure they ARE on brain freeze since they’ll have to add MX, and couple of other original series from previous SRW series. What they’d be aiming for now is possibly D and MX heroes and also partial Alpha 2 as well or possibly SRW4’s Guest Units. However, doing MX, D and SRW4 and Alpha 2 at once is like putting the game up to 60-70 scenarios and also making more compilations of new characters and returning character (which means Folka and Kouta and Gaiden characters will return). Who knows? Even SRW R characters like Raul and Fiona would return but they’ll need new upgrades too. So I am not wrong about what I said. They are on brain freeze atm.

And I was right about Alpha 3. If they are returning Alpha project, I suggest that they should just compile Alpha 1 and Gaiden, 2 and 3 into Blu Ray version instead, and upgrade Alpha 1 and Gaiden into remake. Hell, they could even do Alpha and Gaiden into PSP version for remake if they want to.

Comment by Aldotsk

Wow, you have nothing more then your opinion to base from, and even state “who knows?”, yet you proclaim that you are right? Does that really even make sense to you or you didn’t notice while writing such nonsense?

Comment by Anonymous

It’s pretty much the fact. Namco Bandai and Banpresto havent been improving much on SRW game aside from Neo. Technically Neo isn’t really that much of an improvement after XO in 3D battle. Also, all SRW series have been doing since OG PS2 and OG Gaiden for PS2 were nothing but all Nintendo DS and handheld games. OG3 might happen, but it’s just a matter of a thing which console they are planning to stick that game in as well. Like what, Wii or PS2 or PS3 or Xbox 360? Or worse, DS ? or PSP? If they arent smart, they’d be moving to PSP and DS. If they are smart, they’d try it on PS2/Wii/360 or even putting more effort, they’d be doing it on PS3. Which I really dont think they’ll put any efforts to go for PS3.

Comment by Aldotsk

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