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C3 X Hobby 2009 photo reports
August 29, 2009, 12:14 pm
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[Megahouse] Deformover Cybaster


MG Astray Blue Frame “Second Revise”


HGUC Kshatriya


[Kotobukiya] Border Break


Robot Spirists SRW OG is coming!!!!!!!


[Kotobukiya] Granzon (non scale)


Robot Spirists <Side AS>  Bonta-kun !!

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Granzon FTW

Comment by ReinaMK1

WHAT!? Bonta-Kun made it to Robot Spirits?

I don’t know what to say.

Comment by BrianGeneral

I know what to say.

Comment by Ed

lulz at bonta

Comment by Ereos

I want bonta kun!

Comment by chubbybots

MG 1/100 Box art

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha presentato in un Photoreport alcune immagini estratte da alcuni noti siti Moeyo – Akiba ed Hobby […]

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Comment by F97 X-1

I’m glad Astray Blue is getting a revise, it needed some attention.

Comment by Dead End Kyo

Astray Mirage looks like~
Mirage Wargreymon?
digimon already being history outdated ,replace in gundam astray?

Comment by theOnlyFool

I must say, SE’s FFXIII playarts are pretty interesting with their mechanical reincarnation for summon beasts like Shivas motorcycle and Odin horse. My biggest interest would be the Zenith Wanzer, which would debut in Front Mission: Evolved as an action game for the first game.

Whether does damashii line has soul or not, it all lies what can this line do other than just mere pimped MSIA/HCM-PRO action figures. Seriously, if OGS were to be damashiized, would they have more gimmicks than just looks like Kotor’s? Like a set of R-series damashiis capable of combining into SRX with HTB? Huckebein MK-III with Boxer and Gunner parts? Can OGS damashii deliver such quality? As for the Huckebein, is Bandai cool with its Gundamish appearance? Seriously, I wouldn’t doubt Bandai capable of making that by making OGS into plamos with their technology and expertise. But I seriously doubt the damashii line and I wouldn’t want another NORMAL effortless action figure in my collection.

Borderbreak mech look pretty cool but the mech variants should be more diversify than just using the same form, how interesting is that?

Comment by codename:v

Holy crap, CV made an intelligent comment that doesn’t involve flaming, calling someone/thing gay, or bashing needlessly.

Comment by anonymous

The Robot Spirits one doesn’t say anything about SRW OG figures coming out – those are the results of a survey, I assume, in order of popularity. :/

Comment by darkslime

Bonta-kun’s the most badass thing here!

Comment by Azureking


Comment by Azureking

To Azureking:
Who called?

Comment by Bontakun6910

@V: They already made a fully combining SRX Team but it was Volks, so nobody owns one cause it was over $1000 =A=

Comment by Ed

That and the fact that SRX sucks.

Comment by Anonymous

Now they announce a non-scale Granzon after they announced the 1/144 Cybaster. Don’t know if that’s a good thing because my favorite mecha chicken is finally bigger than its rival

Comment by XYZbuster

In fact, contrary to popular thinking, Cybuster (28.48 m) is actually taller than Granzon (27.3 m).

Comment by Virgo

The Granzon might look bigger because it’s wider even though it’s shorter(thanks for the info, i didn’t know that). That picture with 1/144 cybaster on the side made Granzon look puny.

Comment by XYZbuster

Yeah. There are many factors that lead one to think that way about Granzon and Cybuster sizes. I just became aware of Cybuster’s height because of the release of the 1/144 kit. Before that, I always had the impression that it was about 10 m tall (principally because it reminds me of aura battlers). About Granzon, I always thought it was about 50 m tall, like most badass-looking robots in SRW, though in Divine Wars it’s clearly shown not that huge:

Comment by Virgo

I like how your blog is laid out. I have bookmark this and look forward to seeing more.

Comment by Smarty

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