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New gunpla boxarts
August 29, 2009, 12:33 am
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HG 0 Gundam 1/144


HG Reborns Gundam 1/144


HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B 1/144

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As usual, Bandai sure knows to create eye grabbing box art. Even Reborns Gundam doesn’t look as crappy as usual.
Can’t wait to get my paws on Seravee.

Comment by Amon

Bandai are good at making decent boxart, they all look fantastic.

Comment by F97 X-1

I thought they already released gray 0 Gundam. That pose is epic.

Comment by Ninjaclown

looking forward in buying Reborns and Seravee.

Comment by Anonymous

I want that black seravee with the seraphim and 2 extra mobile suits attached to it
some sort of 00F??? version

Comment by Ereos

Box Art is part of advertising and Bandai knew it well, i believe the VS Astray won’t sell good if it keeps the old 1/100 Seed Style

Comment by Rekkou

*Looks at gray 0 Gundam*
*Looks at his blue/red/yellow 0 Gundam*

Well I’m not too interested in that unit. But the Reborns and Seravee sure look nice.

Comment by Bolinoak

So Ribbons isnt really romanized and it’s Reborns? O_o

Comment by Aldotsk

“Ribbons” and the name of his Gundam are spelled differently. His name certainly seems to be a distortion of “reborn/rebirth”, much like with his underlings’ name theme.

Comment by anonymous

Every time I see Ribbons in anime along with O Gundam’s GN Particle, I kept figuring that GN particles felt like Psycoframe “T” figure particle from CCA – since Ribbons seiyuu was the seiyuu of Amuro Ray.

Comment by Aldotsk

@Bolinoak: But the gray 0 gundam has GN Drive emission particle (in form of green transparant butterfly wing), how about it?

Comment by MaftyNavue

reborns boxart!one of thebest boxarts around

Comment by bonus

Astray Mirage looks like~
Mirage Wargreymon?
digimon already being history outdated ,replace in gundam astray?

Comment by theOnlyFool

i already got the original seravee so i’m not going for this one. can’t decide on which one to get first, the o gundam or the reborns. might as well see which one gets here first.

so i was right all along, the name of tat gundam is indeed reborns.

Comment by flamerounin

0 Gundam looks like a ballet dancer. Seriously, that pose looks more Bruno than RX-78.

I preferred “Ribbons’ Gundam”, it seemed like a joke on how Ribbons was childish enough to name a gundam after himself (and that 00 basically pulled the “final boss gundam” out of its’ ass and couldn’t even be bothered to come up with a name). The front of the RE-BG (see what I did thar?) is sweet, though.

Comment by Anonymous

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