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New kit reviews: Gale Strike and Hail Buster 1/100
August 29, 2009, 5:37 pm
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[ホビーの虜] Gale Strike 1/100


[ホビーの虜] Hail Buster 1/100

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I like the Hail Buster in the color scheme as for Gale Strike, the head is similar to Strike Noir’s but the color is awful. (just to weird in color look)

Comment by ReinaMK1

craptastic despite the part swapping gimmick. still carries the limited articulation of the originals. Savior and astray are the only ones worth your money.

Comment by darkvenom

Oh god… they look awful after looking at the reviews. I mean, I knew they were just reusing some parts of the older versions, but practically all of them?! From the looks of it, you’re buying them for their color scheme. O_o

Comment by Nameless

The plastic quality looks terrible.

Comment by Amon

his is Fail….

Comment by Chibi

Not plactic quality that make them terrible. Some miss-place color do that. Need to be repaint.

Comment by Fighters

Alright… Who’s been telling the designers to sniff paint thinner?

Those two really takes the cake for uber-garish colour schemes…

And recycled parts? Yeah… (WTF is the upper part of the original Aile Strike on Gail’s shoulder?)

Comment by BD

i like gale design i would repaint it original strike colors
but the quality of the plastic is hideous wtf

Comment by Ereos

Actually it is not the plastic quality that is bad (like the MG FUll Armor ZZ), i think the color makes the quality look bad.

So far to me the kits with the best articulations in SEED 1/100 is Astray Red, Saviour and LEGEND too. Finished my 1/100 Legend and it is damn fantastic…

Comment by EXkurogane

I was hoping Bandai would’ve have upgraded the kits(even slightly) but it looks like the backpacks are the only highlights… if they are actually nice in the first place IMHO.

Comment by rndm

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