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More pics from Dengeki Hobby (October)
August 31, 2009, 3:21 pm
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[Kotobukiya] Gespent Mk-II Mass Product Model Kwai 1/144


[Studio Halfeye] Perpect Change Shulawga


[Megahouse] Deformover Cybaster


[Megahouse] Deformover Alteisen & Weibritter

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Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Mang Kepweng

Almost unbeliveable that Halfeye made something that good looking in both forms for the Perfect Change series o_o

Comment by Ed

Looks good.

Comment by Keet

Gespenst Mk II Kai is awesome. It looks like it poses well too! Perfect Change Cybuster is how it SHOULD be done, Cybird actually looks like the Cybird compared to the Kotobukiya release, a let down if you ask me. Deformover Cybuster is cool as are the Weiss and Alt.

Comment by F97 X-1

Looking back right now, I must say that OGG was such a big let down if you compare it with OGS. Effortless designs come with effortless game planning, Terada style.

Comment by codename:v

mother of God, that Gespenst Mk-II Kai is just gorgeous…
wonder if the decals are also included.

Comment by H_R

Question, does anyone honestly care what codename:v says anymore? If not I propose we all ignore his post.

Although kudos for not having the word fag in your post codename:v. That’s new.

Comment by Bolinoak

CV is just jealous because he put so much blood,sweat and “soul” in his designs and yet Bandai/Banpresto/Sunrise etc. never use them.

Comment by Anonymous

Is it me, or do they have the Mk. II mirroring the RX henshin pose in the first scan?

Comment by Nameless Grunt

Well, I did always figure Kai was supposed to be a rider fan, given that kick of his and all.

Comment by Anonymous

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