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New kit reviews: Gespenst Mk II Kai 1/144
September 1, 2009, 12:05 am
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Gespenst Gebäude

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Ok I must be seeing things but it doesn’t have a light up eye piece does it? Could do with paint.

Comment by F97 X-1

It’s a clear red part.

Finished it today, I must say I’m pretty impressed by it among the recent kits I got. Ridiculous leg positions, available side arms, and the “karate chop” hands……Gold.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Pure awesomeness.

Comment by Rune

Wow, quite articulated for a koto srw kit. I am impressed ^^

Comment by chubbybots


Comment by Azureking

Articulation is better for a Koto kit, and looks like the fit and finish is quite good or the modeller did a fine job there, cause I can still see some sprue marks.

@BriangGeneral, do you live in Japan? That’s quite a feat there having the kit this soon. From Gebaude review, the final photo, does my eyes trick me… Or does the kit actually have a joint on the lower torso part? Definitely a great SRW OG kit.

Should I get this or not… It’s a minor character and I blew my model kit budget ordering the elusive Huckebein Boxer from Japan. My importer screw me good, I paid a premium for the kit.

Comment by Michael Adhi Nugroho

Sorry Interrupt, Gundam Unicorn Trailer HQ from Neo Era ( Gunota staff )

Comment by Debris

Per correttezza non lo ho trovato io. dal forum di Mahq

To be fair. I did not found

From Mahq Forum

Comment by Debris

An overrated useless OG mech piloted by an equally useless character-Kai Kitamura, who doesn’t even prove much being a seasoned veteran. Weak attacks and lack of impact even with Fury on, all that useless side manga has only blew things out of proportion for this stiff. Crying Wolves come with additional long range beam cannon as an added advantage, but their plots don’t even extend OGG story length with their own MX plots and only meant to be guest characters making cameo appearances. Hell, Terada sure caught OESS from designer staffs of SEED then and ended up making effortless works eversince then. What a joke

Comment by codename:v

I live in Hong Kong, but still surprised by its early arrival.
I’m not too a fan of this originally, but since I got kits for other old casts……Get it.

Its lower torso is a ball-like joint like the legs, so it can do some limited up-down positions.

Comment by BrianGeneral

A must get. If not for the mech… get it for Kai. Or he’ll kick your ass. >=O

Comment by Nameless

@BrianGeneral, thanks for the info. I’m planning to go on a tour to Hongkong for my country’s national holiday… Probably I’ll be taking one if I find it.

Comment by Michael Adhi Nugroho

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