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Super Robot Wars Neo official site update
September 1, 2009, 5:10 pm
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Super Robot Wars Neo official site has been updated in Character and System page.


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Oh hi there Soulgain

Comment by Nt01

And you too Soriel, nice to see you guys

Comment by Nt01

Soulgain!!?!?! that cant be it?????

Comment by Ereos

The adventures of Soulgain and Soriel. Sounds pretty good.

Comment by F97 X-1

3D Pig Disgusting, 2D Sprites are way better than this crap.

Comment by Anonymous

People use “3D pig disgusting” non-ironically?

I just lost a little more of my faith in humanity.

Comment by Vent

Well, seriously. I like the 2D sprites a lot more than these 3d models. I doubt that SRW will remain forever in 2D (especially if they want to save money), but once that day comes, I won’t like SRW like the old times anymore…

Comment by Folka

You mean “I won’t play it anymore” because I can already tell I won’t play it 😀

Comment by Nt01

Hogwarts majitsu theme sure adds a lot of effortless lazy ideas into SRW faggotry, especially with this Soulgain/Zweizergain inspired OG mech with a touch of Rahxephon magical. Although this isn’t the first time SRW gone 3D as it did before with older consoles, but the laziness sure picked up from G where OG mechs were actually rehashed Eiyuutan OG mechs and now it’s back on NEO. How NEO is that? No matter how SRW change over the years, it’s still the same old borrowed pre-existing anime mechs with repetitive animated snippets, explosions and of course, boobs flashes. Hellya, Terada should switch to making mahou-shoujo theme.

Comment by codename:v

“it’s still the same old borrowed pre-existing anime mechs with repetitive animated snippets, explosions and of course, boobs flashes”

Then why do you still continue play it, if you hate it so much?

Comment by Anonymous

c:v is right, but it’s the entire robot animation that is the same,and the fans (me included) like the way it is. I like the 2D because it is a lot more elegant than the 3D (graphically speaking, I don’t like how the collisions are showed in the 3D chapters, and even the animations are really poor if you compare them to the awesome 2D from SRW Z)

Comment by Folka

So a one trick pony calls a lack of innovation (in ironically the most changed SRW to date) old.

Funny isn’t it?

Comment by Anonymous

Enter Shizuka Itou, Banpresto’s resident Broom Hilda 😀

c.v.> Even if it’s magical, the design/theme is much closer to Ryu Knight & Lamune. I fail to see any significant resemblance to Rah.

Comment by Yuu

Then why do you still continue play it, if you hate it so much?
Because he’s retarded, he keeps on watching things he dislikes, he goes on 4chan which he also dislikes, and he indulges in information, such as srw, which he dislikes

Comment by lxs

Give it up, you guys. They’re working hard to make the 3D look good, and all you can do is say “I WON’T PLAY SRW EVER AGAIN.”

If you haven’t noticed, it’s something they’re not used to working with. Give it some time. Neo is a step in the right direction for 3D SRW.

Also: They will never completely stop making 2D SRWs unless they end the franchise, are you guys crazy. That’s like saying they’ll never make any more Universal Century Gundams.

Comment by Hiro

@yuu: Because C:V is a huge troll. Don’t worry, he does this constantly, trolling things he likes, I mean. He’s even trolled Unicorn Gundam before.

Comment by Hiro

I’m not seeing the Soulgain connection. They’re both unarmed aaannnndd… they both have blue on them? Soulgain’s feet are flat, this has heels, Soulgain has rounded boded parts, this one is straight, Soulgain has exposed ball joints, this does not, Soulgain has a moustache, this does not, Soulgain doesn’t have a collar, this does, Soulgain doesn’t have a belt, this does, the head, the hands, the body, is shaped completely differently. They both have “gems”… but they are all in different places, are different shapes, and different colors.

Comment by Anonymous

I wonder what this OG mecha’s name is? (although looks like a cross of Soulgain and Rahxephon for some reason :P)

Comment by ReinaMK1

I’m waiting, patiently for SRW:C:V. I’m sure it’ll be the best game in the history of gaming.

Comment by >_>

Most of us here got their SRW in illegal way anyway, so stop to playing it will actually help banpresto

Comment by Anonymous

I’d definitely say that this robot has minor Soulgain elements to it, but that’s not a bad thing mind you.

The design does stand on it’s own.

Comment by Anonymous

Well the 3d could still be worse I guess…seeing my beloved New Getter the first time in it though is kinda saddening me.
Just imagining how awesome it could have been on a SRWZ-level…I already feel the hotbloodedness vanishing.

Comment by Raz

[…] momento attuale si registra un interessante update del sito ufficiale nella sezione Charachter e nella sezione […]

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The witch themed mech is 10 on the gaydar scale, and the rest are ok at best.

Comment by Anonymous

Is that Soulgain & Soreil(from Turn A Gundam).

look like Soulgain fuse with Cybuster

Comment by EX

OMG the 3D is so bad compared to today’s standard… can’t they actually make 1 good looking 3D game (Looks is what all SRW is about, sadly. the game play not that good to me honest)

Comment by realgundam

“it’s still the same old borrowed pre-existing anime mechs with repetitive animated snippets, explosions and of course, boobs flashes.”
ohh… so V don’t like boobs. it means you’re a retard man who like “birdy hanging with twin eggs”

Comment by Anonymous

To super robot wars news
whats the name of the OG mecha in SRW Neo?

Comment by ReinaMK1

Technically, I might or might not get this game. Mainly because it’s a VERY VERY hard decision for me to like it and hate it on Neo. Reasons why I would like it: Knight Ramune DX and Raijin Oh and some other old super robots. Why I wouldn’t like it: it’s 3D. I’ve had bad experiences with GC and XO. Also Only G Gundam? Absolutely no Real Robots? Macross? or even classic Real Robot? Or not even Gundam 0079? — I mean it’s got new series by a lot… but yet it’s got few negative points. I don’t know I’ll have to see people giving reviews. I have lost interest with SRW game from SRW W and also when SRW K came out…Z was mediocre but also had serious flaws. So I’ll have to see what happens.

Comment by Aldotsk

imho i personally thinks that i’ve found a very nice game that suits codename:v (break-out game based on codename:v) (same as the above) (he is the native resident here) (his adventure game) (the first pc game created based on him)
and these 3 are the next-gen console game created based on codename:v
^_^ =p

Comment by xu_xie_yu

wkkkk…. LOLZ

Comment by Epsilon_013

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