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September 1, 2009, 4:59 pm
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Updated HQ scans for Medabot DS.


 Medabot DS (NDS)


Super Robot Wars Neo (Wii)

Info from ikusagami.

Siege System

The area around a unit is divided into 4 sections. When ally units surround the enemy at these sections, the attack power of your units grow as you target such enemy.

2 examples:

  1. surround with 2 units: the 3rd attacking unit gains 30% attack up and 20% accuracy up
  2. surround with 4 units: the 5th attacking unit gains 60% attack up and 50% accuracy up

Seishin Level

The usual seishin system gains levels that will change its effectiveness or cost. As an example, the Lock-on seishin costs less the higher the level.

Also, the scans shows that a unit can choose which seishin to use even during enemy turns, before choosing a reaction to an attack.

Combination Attacks

  • Double Burning Fire: Mazinger + Great Mazinger
  • Fire Crash Don: Ryuknight Zephyr and Ryuknight Magidora

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Oh lol, we can use seishin during the enemy’s turn. Hurray for overpoweredness.

Comment by randomguy

Ignoring the crappy art, I have to say I enjoy the announcement of a new Medabots game.

Comment by Anonymous

A new medabots game? Excellent

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

I have been waiting for more Medabots, but I too think that the character/mechanical designs are lacking…..

Comment by darkonezero


Comment by Azureking

I’ll agree with you guys on this one, while the idea sounds great, the character designs look like the type some amateur in middle school would do.

The funny thing was on /m/, about 12 hours before this news, some folks were talking about how they wanted a DS game.

Comment by Anonymous

Been playing the Medabot games on the GBA lately, odd that this one decided to show up. Looks cool, but what fugly art.

Comment by Bolinoak

Sweet, new medabots game. And with the original character/mech designer back at the helm too. Honestly, I’d say he polished up and may have even slimmed down the designs.

Comment by KBTKaiser

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Im confused,is there a medabot remake or something running in japan?
I mean the series is kinda old by now and it didnt really seem to have much of a hardcore-following either.

Comment by Raz

For once I’m dying to know what codename:v thinks.

…. you know, besides that he thinks it’s GAY. I can figure that out myself.

Comment by Anonymous

For all intents and purposes, this is the “Savers” for medabots, I think. They’re gonna win back the old fans since the original designer is back. Plus, if you look at the frontal hair style of the shop person and consider the parts set…

Comment by KBTKaiser

[…] under: Games, Suparobo — dygenguard @ 11:28 am Another week, another Famitsu scan from SRW Hotnews. This week’s scans show a few interesting gameplay system […]

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