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(Update) Bandai Hobby Sales catalouge October-November 2009
September 3, 2009, 1:07 am
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HG 1/144 00 Raiser with GN Sword III – October, 2,100 yen


HGUC 1/144 NZ-666 Kshatriya – October, 4,725 yen


HGUC 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) – November, 1,890 yen



HGUC 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode)  – November, 1,575 yen


PG 00 Raiser – November, 26,250 yen


Macross F 1/72 VF-27 Lucifer (Brera’s Unit) – November, 5,775 yen


MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise – October, 5,040 yen


VS Astray 1/100 Astray Mirage Frame – October 2,625 yen


VS Astray 1/100 Van Savior Gundam – November, 2,940 yen

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The Van Savior doesn’t look that bad with the extra wings, I just hope it doesn’t have a bad color design.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Ha I was expecting a HG 00 Raiser with GN Sword III to come out sooner or later. Kind annoying if you bought one the previous incarnations of the kit.

@Freedom Gundam
Yeah lets hope no bad colour design, the last three have been pretty shocking to say the least.

Comment by F97 X-1

Hmm, surprised we’re getting a PG 00 before an announced MG. Still, you knew it was going to happen eventually.

Is it just me or is the only difference between the Van Savior and the original that they moved the wings to the shoulder armor and moved the sabers to the backpack? Looks pretty much identical other than those points (and I’m not complaining after the changes to Providence). Also, the Mirage Frame might be worthwhile. It’s certainly got more too it than the Green Frame from what we can see here.

Also, it’s about time we get a Lucifer kit. Now my collection will be complete!

Comment by Mukaikubo

all i see about van savior is how the wing is set out which looks better
but i dont see a point
but the heck 1/144 hg 00raiser
the color of it looks poor
but it look better with a paint but anyways
mirage frame has caught my eye i like this frame alot 😛 unique design out of recent releases in my opinion

Comment by Ereos

Once you get XN-Raiser sword, GN Sword III isn’t matter anymore

Comment by Anonymous

To Anonymous
what do you mean “Once you get the XN-Raiser sword, GN Sword III isn’t matter anymore”?

Comment by ReinaMK1

I think he means that if he were to get XN’s Buster Swords, he would never equip the GN Sword III anyhow.

Comment by MagnaWingX

Well, at least it’s impossible to screw up with a Savior body design… I hope they thought of a good color for it.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

On the Gundam side, it’s pretty much the same with older SEED titles like Destiny and Stargazer with Van Saviour, a rehashed version of the older Saviour with extra fore wings. Even with a MG BlueFrameRevise and an ordinary MirageFrame, I can say Bandai has brought down enthusiasm to boring level with all these rehashed designs when other Astrays from previous Astray titles like TurnDelta and Testament pack more awesomeness than these VS hacks. As for the 00 Raiser, it’s another round of spam with an additional GN sword 3 and that’s one petty little unnecessary add-on surplus. Why don’t you fags wait patiently for the Quanta? The MG Exia has already demonstrate on how annoying it is to purchase previous releases of older Exia version and this MG version made others look like crap, one Exia to rule other Exias indeed.

Hellya, Bandai should really kill Gundam since it doesn’t able to come up with anything inspiring anymore.

Comment by codename:v

Mirage frame~
Commander Mode?
Gladiator mode?
And the style looks familiar. Claw on the leg.

Comment by Who Am I ? How I know?

TToTT I just bought Trans arm raiser…….. Damn you Bandai!

Comment by kadej

hmmm… i dunno bout you guys, but from the images, i don’t see the “additional fore wings” you’re all referring to on the Van Saviour. as Mukaikubo mentioned, the only difference is that the wings were moved to the shoulder edges and the beam sabers were placed on the rear ends of the Amfortas beam cannons.

and no need to answer at all, codename:v, your opinion doesn’t count for shit.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

Pretty much true the only difference in Van Savior is swapped beam saber & wing position and removal of horn sensor, at first i thought they gonna swap the beam cannon to the shoulder

Comment by Rekkou

The difference between Van Savior and the ori is simple, the wings swapped to the shoulder with the shoulders slightly modified with vents, and the beam saber placed at the side of the large cannon. Just parts swapping. And, the head is slightly different from the ori Savior. Click on the pic to see a bigger view. The face place does not have mouth vents.

Anyway, i don’t care bout Codename V’s comments anymore. Gunplas, whether is rehashed/redesigned or a completely new design doesn’t matter to us gunpla fans/collectors. 1 simple rule: We like it, we buy it, and vice versa.

Comment by EXkurogane

@EXkurogane – its a simple rule indeed for all of us,but its still too complicated for that dumbass C.V to understand. thats why he cant stop watching shows he completely dislikes and draws art that he thinks as faggotry…

Comment by rawr

I won’t stop you from buying it, in fact I never did. I refuse to accept poor works and I don’t buy unless I really want it. I also don’t like the way how Bandai do things: making sub-par gunplas and rehashed works for simple minded faggots who are Bandai’s favourite cash cows to milk. What’s the point of buying something you don’t like out of mere fanboyism and blind faith? That’s what faggots do and I would leave it to them.

So seriously, I won’t stop you from being made suckers by others and no one can stop me from voicing out my opinions about something. You may can fake and comment under my ID or even sent me death threats, but deep down, you are all cowardly little faggots who can’t do anything to stop me from speaking out my mind at all. Yippee-ki-kay, muth@fuck@s

Comment by codename:v

Oh cry me a river you sopping little cunt. You’re just another in a long line of twats who uses freedom of speech as an excuse to mouth off crap you wouldn’t dare spout in front of people in real life.

The only reason you’re allowed to swim in a pool of your own diarrhea-induced shit around here is because the blog owner is more bothered with people who post comments in moon-runes he doesn’t understand than with trying to implement an IP ban on your sorry ass. I’ve seen you get banned from mecha communities before, so wave your pathetic little virtual phallus all you want. You can’t do it in a real forum anyway.

Comment by Hojo

so im guessing sooner of later they will make a destiny gundam variation
i hope so… ccos im expecting it… the color better be good

Comment by Ereos

cv a fucking Malaysian retard. If you like to speak your mind, I challenge you to speak out against your corrupted government? Instead of wasting time ranting about Gundam do something else for the benefit of mankind. Reproduction is really out of the question for you; you are a dreaded mutation of the human gene pool.

I know, how about you hold a protest with the slogans “Bandai kills Gundam!!!” outside the office of the Bandai’s Malaysia distributor. No wait, Malaysians are too poor to own Gundam merchandises especially cv.

Comment by Outcast

good job

Comment by Epsilon_013

@Outcast: just like how poor a bastard c:v is that HE CAN’T ACTUALLY BUY ANY GUNPLA AT ALL and just tries to satisfy his sorry little cunt of a mouth by badmouthing EVERY PLAMO RELEASED ever. faggot c:v is dying of envy from all of us who can afford to buy our favorite gundam kits.

“I won’t stop you from buying it, in fact I never did. I refuse to accept poor works and I don’t buy unless I really want it. I also don’t like the way how Bandai do things: making sub-par gunplas and rehashed works for simple minded faggots who are Bandai’s favourite cash cows to milk. What’s the point of buying something you don’t like out of mere fanboyism and blind faith? That’s what faggots do and I would leave it to them.”

and what’s the point of calling names to the people who buy plamo they like but you don’t? haven’t you thought it’s a wasted effort? or maybe it’s just some assed-ego-stroking on your part… and you don’t have the fukkin right to slander everyone with the words “fanboys” or “faggots”, because behind it all, you are the fanboy for “anti-mecha” doing all the faggotry of “bash-all-plamo”.

really c:v, when have you NOT criticized any plamo release at all? do you honestly believe you are that smart to be pointing out flaws here and there? as one user has pointed out here before, if you were that good as you always claim with your designs, you should be in the employ of an animation or even just a manga studio drawing your own mecha and NOT COPYING FROM EXISTING DESIGNS. jeebuz i saw some of your deviantart “designs”, and you have the gall to grate at Bandai for “recycling” their designs? where’s your brain c:v? of course they can reuse it, it’s their design after all, but YOUR designs are merely copies from COPYRIGHTED WORKS, you might be even guilty of plagiarism or IP law violation…

so look at yourself first you big rotten asshole before you speak up. but then again even if you’re to be placed in a lead-lined container your faggotry will leak out like some deadly radiation.

Comment by

I simply lol at C:V each time reading his comment, his pathetic meaningless life descibed very well by it

Comment by IXALION

but if you look at it objectively (not: LOLOL CV IS GAY.) He’s kind of right, the GN III transam thing was to be expected and it’s kinda dumb to have bought it thinking there wouldn’t be a regular ver.

And about the rehashes, I agree with him there, this SEED vs Astray is just some designs which we thought were cool from SEED bashed into some stuff we thought was cool from Astray and then you get an “new” (read: old) kit which bandai can sell for full price (and they will sell a few) and in the same time minimize the costs for themselves. But I don’t believe Bandai is killing Gundam, the money they make from these kits is also what drives them to finance and sponsor Sunrise/Others to make more Gundam series and games, right?

(This ofcourse doesn’t mean you should buy crap like Nix Providence)

My two cents

Comment by HeatPhoenix

lol, never thought to see cv here.

gundam 00 (normal color), gundam 00 riser (normal color), gundam 00 raiser with GN sword III (normal color AGAIN). cant bandai just release a kit just for the gn sword III, something like the xn raiser??

Comment by 00 hater

Wow guys… impressive “words shooting” there… Guess if i set up a post in my blog specifically titled about CV and leaving for everyone to comment it should be a top hit….

Comment by EXkurogane

It won’t. You’d still need the main attraction to take part in your blog for it to work right.

Comment by Guara

I agree with Guara. It’s not the show that makes the hit, its the main attraction.

Comment by Nameless

00 hater :
It’s marketing strategy. You got it when you studied at school, didn’t you?
Hobby Dengeki and Bandai should collaborated often to make different part like Hrududu, Primrose, XN Raiser and so on

Comment by Epsilon_013

yeah i know is marketing strategy, kinda got it from common sense rather than school.

but its kinda strange if i were to buy 2 hg 00 raiser gundam with the same color and 1 holding gn sword III. oh….so the 2nd one can hold the xn !!!

Comment by 00 hater

and probably they’ll also make an HG OO Raiser GN Sword III Trans-AM… gosh…

Comment by H_R

they got that hg 00 raiser trans am with gn sword III already…..just before this hg 00 raiser normal color with gn sword III

Comment by 00 hater

oh, my bad…

Comment by H_R

That’s why the normal one must equip with XN Raiser. or double equip GN Sefer, or using GN Archer backpack

Comment by Epsilon_013

Im just waiting for my Fave shop owner to provide me my Astray Blue Frame 2nd revise…
sigh, guess Id have to think of something else to do with the original HG 1/100 Astray Blue Frame. It was fun while it lasted.

Comment by Jeremiah

Id be gettin my MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd revise by December. Perfect gift / reward for hard work 🙂

Comment by Jeremiah

Also expectin my Regen Duel maybe next week. Bought it jst for the bazooka. should modify the main kit tho…

But best enjoyed when my clients pay up their long overdue bills

Comment by Jeremiah

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