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Super Robot Wars Neo TVCM
September 3, 2009, 7:34 pm
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Wii is made for players of all ages, which is why there are daily activities such as cooking, ironing and even yoga included into Wii’s console line. For a console that allow players to fully express their game playing body languages, stationary board style RPGs can hardly express that kind of enjoyment, especially SRW- a 20 year old repetitive game title franchise that cater no just explosive mecha fanboyism but also offer MOE eyecandies for mere wishful thinking. What’s the point of seeing sprites in 3D when you can’t even move them around freely with the joypad and still remains the same old key-in commands and chesslike movements? Realtime strategy games like Starcraft and Warcraft on the other hand has make full use of 3D sprites on 3D maps but without the assurance and guarantee of sure win tactics such as seishins.

Although there are some like Miyazaki who still prefers the good old fashion 2D animation style, he always able to stay on top of his game by constantly maintain quality in his work and never fail to inspire others. SRW maybe a 20 year old game for 40 year old virgins who grew up watching showa-era SR animes, except the game is just plain obsolete with all these repetitive ideas based on fanboyism, which is the only thing Terada has and repeatedly used in every SRW title. So just how NEO is that?

Comment by codename:v

To codename:v
will you just fucking SHUT UP!

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, I swear Codename:V just lurks here waiting for something to bitch about.

Comment by Anonymous

Lol, a virgin calling me a virgin?

Comment by Anonymous

Why is this a**hole around here ???????????
“CV” Get a life the company dose what it wants

Comment by DevilCrusher

Codename:V is around because he likes SRW and Gunpla.

Comment by Anonymous

From all his comments no chance

Comment by DevilCrusher

@CV: They don’t HAVE chess like movements anymore in NEO so SHUT THE HELL UP FOR GOD’S SAKE!! SERIOUSLY! Watch the freaking PV!

Comment by JVision5

Blogs: they lack the banhammer.

Needs moar Eldoran.

Comment by randomguy

I don’t care what Codename:V says, he likes SRW and Gunpla. He always has and probably always will. It’s painfully obvious. He obsesses about them, draws them, buys them. One of the things he claims to value the most is Gunpla signed by the designer (even if it’s the wrong designer, lol). A lot of his comments come from the point of view that only he has good taste, and that everyone else’s sucks. (Which is bullshit obviously.)

Comment by Anonymous

@Anonymous September 4, 2009
a crap weird taste like him?! no way man!

Comment by Fighters

“SRW maybe a 20 year old game for 40 year old virgins who grew up watching showa-era SR animes, except the game is just plain obsolete with all these repetitive ideas based on fanboyism”
It’s becoz mecha anime like getter, voltus,mazinger, macross and other are born in showa, MORON! Except who play it are watched the remake from if like getter and mazinger

Comment by Fighters

wew.. just finished organizing my vocaloid song. Did i miss the heat of CV’s troll?

Comment by Epsilon_013

[…] a Comment The official site for Super Robot Wars NEO (Wii) updated its character section. Also SRW Hotnews has links for the […]

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Codename V: KING of generalizations and nonsensical rants.

Comment by DarkCode

C:V-please kill yourself

Comment by Anonymous

I honestly dont find ANY fanboyism in this game. If it was fanboyism, I’d say they would have added “Seed” “Wing” or even say “Gurren Lagann” and possibly “Macross Frontier”. But seriously, CV’s points make no sense. All of these classic Super Robot series were planned for 10 years. Like where you said “Terada has no brain”. Well Terada wanted the series to be in the game, but never had the chance because of fans. This is his original plan, so don’t go off saying “OH THIS IS TERADA’S IDEA OF MAKING FANBOYISM GAME DURRR”. – Mazinger Z and Getter Robo were from SRW 1 and has been traditional. Stop fucking being hypocritial and we all know you’ll probably play this game and get more wrinkles than any one of us anyways.

Comment by Aldotsk

Can someone just band all the swears words like fuck, faggot, gay?

I’ll make him more bearable.

Comment by Izaak

to mr superobotwars,

I send you an e-mail regarding this topic. I hope you receive it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Neo Getter! Lord Of Lords Ryu Knight! Wild Succession! 3D map? Why not try and be different eh?

Comment by F97 X-1

I can’t find your contact so I’ll just post here, for SRWNeo’s 2nd PV is out:

Comment by BrianGeneral


OMG that was AWESOME! The only thing I don’t like about this game is that the environments won’t be destructible.

Comment by JVision5


Thank for links. Good work.

Comment by superrobotwar

Tanks BrianGeneral

Comment by De

to BrianGeneral,

good work and nice vids. I really like it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

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