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September 4, 2009, 9:17 pm
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Regen Duel Gundam 1/100


Nix Providence Gundam 1/100

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at least the color scheme of Regen Duel Gundam isn’t that bad and I liked the weapon set up Duel has. XD

Comment by ReinaMK1

Regen duel looks good from here ^^.

Comment by chubbybots

i agree Regen Duel looks awesome

Comment by Anonymous

Oh wow. As expected, Regen looks really nice. Gun, gun, and a three gun! Hell, even the chest looks like a beam cannon. It’s bulkier than the original Duel (which I like alot).
Are those his beamsabers on his kneecaps…? O_o

Also, I love how NO ONE is talking about Providence. XD

Comment by Nameless

Duel looks nifty. Prvidence still looks like someone went lego on it.

Comment by Amon

Wow, Regen Duel looks like child of Buster and Duel Gundams. And it looks really, really cool. Want one.

Comment by Rune

This is f-ing stupid…

Comment by -_-

Well, Providence still looks silly (why is the shield sticking out of the shoulder where it can’t block anything and its saber and guns have a horribly limited angle and why isn’t it using those empty slots on the former backpack to mount even more big Dragoons?) but the new Duel is okay. The colors aren’t my favorite but that’s easy to fix with paint and the general design appeals to me more than the Blu Duel. Also, big bazooka=win (is that the 1/100 Launcher Strike connecting arm I see?).

IMO we’re now 2/2 on VS designs and I like what we’ve seen of the next two (the fact that Savior was already good and the Van S. is practically unchanged doesn’t hurt) so I’m now looking forward to seeing what they do with Blitz instead of dreading it.

Comment by Mukaikubo

I agree that Regen Duel looks cool (I still want a 1/100 Blu Duel). I’m even getting a bit used to the Providence.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Regen Duel has nice design. Not the greatest color scheme, but at least its different. The Nix Providence just take saway in practicality the original had and mutated it into this wierd conglomeration. I actually like its color scheme, but thats it. Might be intersting to see the original providence with said paint job.

Comment by Anonymous

need for the bazooka from duel. or should i get it from astray GF?

Comment by Fighters

OMG, I really hate to admit but Nix Providence is really damn ugly – a bastard off-spring of Providence. Haha.

Comment by Outcast

Regen looks good for Aged model

Comment by Alan

It’s not just about colours and designs, it’s also about the thoughts and passions put onto the concepts behind them. Like GM or Zaku, you can rehash them over and over again by keeping adding on new parts on them just to help them evolve with time because they are grunts or cannon fodders which are trying to keep up with Gundams-the ultimate standalone fighting machine that make the “real robot” genre look like a joke with its overpowered weapons and uncanny telepathic abilities. Therefore, I just don’t see how stand out these 2 VS rehashes turn out to be as Gundams are pretty regular household titles in SEED. Unlike how zeons were scared out of their wits everytime their hear GUNDAM, ZAFT, Orb and EA have their own brand of Gundams as their ace cards in the SEED-verse. Gundam also becomes grunt units like how Orb’s M-1Astray and Murasame. Therefore, the SEED staffs somehow got lazy after given so many left-overs from older series that they just don’t see the necessary to come up with newer standalone designs and just recycle old design works like these 4 VS rehashes above. Okawara’s OESS sure spread like SARS across the entire Bandai design studio and even Katoki caught it too with his Okawara redesign works, I still strongly suggest Bandai close down the entire Gundam franchise after Unicorn because they don’t have anything better after that.

Comment by codename:v

Wall of text

Comment by Alan

dun worry, to9 when i have the time, i will write a short summary for all his babbling

Comment by 00 hater

in short, cv said:
this 2 gundam is ugly. i hate them

Comment by 00 hater

Why would i care about variations and rehashes right now if the redesigns are better than the originals, especially Regen Duel. You see the same thing in real life… Just think how many variations are there just for a M16 rifle? You see many variations especially in games like Call of Duty. How many variations are there in the American Jet fighter F-18/A Hornets?

Just take a look in real life, eveyone wants to save $$ whatever it is, especially military and so variations are made, usually to armaments and armors but the internal frames and engines are maintained or slightly tuned. CV’s babbling is pointless. Gundam is also about military and war stuff and hence it’s not a surprise if you get to see variations…

Comment by EXkurogane

@00 hater and everyone

In short, CV’s been babbling and complaining in every single post about gunpla rehashes. In fact, HE HAS BEEN REHASHING WHAT HE HAS SAID IN EARLIER POSTS by just changing the words or “readjusting” the sentence structure of his irritating speech into “new versions” while he has been repeating the same thing with the same meanings all over again.

If he keeps complaining about gunpla rehashes from BANDAI in every single post, that makes him no difference from Bandai cuz’ he has been rehashing his speeches all over again, just like how Bandai rehashes older kits.

So, whenever CV babbles again, every single complaints actually refers to himself “by default”.

Comment by EXkurogane

Sad really. The colors for these guys aren’t bad but not too new in design. Even Van Savior is not too good changing the wing’s position with the beam saber…

But Mirage is better than all of the others. Utilizing the ribbons gundam gimmick of having an alternate form by doing a 180 on its parts is pretty cool, not to mention its alt looks intimidating and non-gundam styled.

Looking forward to the MG Blue Frame… perhaps the 1st MG that doesn’t have an ABS frame given the design of an Astray.

Comment by darkvenom

For the record, I like the originals better except for Providence which was fat compared to the oter gundams that appear before it. And I mean the models not the manga.

I’m in favor of the orinal strike because of the MGs and Noir. Duel Assault Shroud, who can complain? Buster, the icon of a concept design totally ignoring melee encounters.

Comment by darkvenom

It would be nice someone translate the story from the manual.

Comment by starboykb

Regen Duel is nice, even the colors were right for it the first time round.

Wonder what kind of surprise they’re going to fling at us for the fnial variant.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Holy shit.. they the Nix is horrible…

Comment by realgundam

Wait codename:v.
You don’t like it when Gundams turn out to be “super units” because it doesn’t feel very Real Robot. AND you don’t like it when Gundams become “grunt units”. That makes no sense…

Comment by Shiro

To Shiro
that’s CV for you some areas from him are correct, the majority of his comments either not or/and don’t make sense at all, he likes picking up famous quotes most of us don’t even brother in this time and era, but to our POV he’s a moran, and tries to make orignal artwork (some people say he puts his heart and soul on his works), and right now he’s targeted by CV haters who can’t stand him no matter what he does.

Comment by ReinaMK1

It’s Supaa Grudge!!

Comment by Epsilon_013

I like the attempt of the asymmetrical redesign with Nix, but it doesn’t make a ton of sense. The backpack is on one shoulder, thrusters and all, which might not help mobility.

Like Mukaikubo pointed out about the shield, I see some similarities in placement choice, like the Gale Strike. However, the beam saber on the shield shoulder is interesting. I don’t mind the new locations for the dragoons, esp on the side armor and the shoulder (reminds me of the fins on F91).

Overall, I like the little changes that Bandai is making on these releases. Like the swing out beam saber hilts on the Regen’s knees, or the additional artillery on the missile container covers for Hail Buster.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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