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New kit reviews: HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor 7th Gundam 1/144
September 4, 2009, 9:44 pm
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ソラリスの鼓動 ガンプラ専






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Very nice, i rike it !

Comment by Nova MK X

I rike it too.

Comment by TTN

I might rike it more if the armor was removabre. 😦

Comment by J-Lead

i think it can’t for this one. not like NT-1 that has removable armor .

Comment by Epsilon_013

I love that huge shoulder cannon ^^ Quite good articulation also. Too bad you can’t remove the amour.

Comment by chubbybots

Bandai is truly the king of model kit articulation. In the game the 7th unit will have a docking capability which probably means Bandai is going to sell another set of the kit. One peculiar thing… The kit doesn’t have the saber part?

Comment by Michael Adhi Nugroho

typo on the title ‘FA-78-3’

Comment by H_R

@ Michael Yep no saber part included…

Comment by chubbybots

Cool stuff. But does anyone plan on throwing some paint on this model. Seems to be a growing trend of late to just snap nowadays. I’d love to see somebody add to advanced modeling techniques and weather this guy up. Too much plastic-ky sheen going on here! Guess if you want something done…..LOL!

Comment by Anonymous

i’ll definitely be painting it but won’t be weathering though ^^. Prefer the clean look. The only ones that I like weathering are grunt units.

Comment by chubbybots

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