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Super Robot Wars Neo PV 2
September 4, 2009, 7:25 pm
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Super Robot Wars Neo PV 2 from SRW PMC.

Download (Megaupload, FLV 114 Mb)


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By looking at the PV, everyone can sees that NEO doesn’t really stand out from the mold made by FinalFantasy, FrontMission and other 3DRPGs. NEO is nothing more than another duplicate of that mold, so how NEO is that? Most faggots are right about one thing: SRW sucks being 3D and better stay 2D since it’s afterall, a 20 year game played by 40 year old faggots.

Comment by codename:v

sooner or later you’ll be one of those 40year old faggots… so rest assured… you’re one step closer to achieving that dream of yours

Comment by Ereos

This HAS to be said before you even think of posting:

Whatever it is, DON’T FEED THE TROLL. I don’t care if he believes his own shit or not. He may not be posting for lulz, but replying to him only gives him unwarranted self importance
ie. it makes his word feel more validated than they actually are.

Just talk about the preview. Personally, the graphics are worse than XO, but damn, the animation has been turned up a notch. Looking forward to this.

Comment by Anonymous

Well, i do have to somewhat agree with Mr V for a change, I think Neo looks subpar compared to the 2-d efforts of the company. We know they can do decent 3-d with gundam vs gundam, Ace series and that srw rts series they did.
They are making right steps though to try and advance the series instead of just doing the same grid based system. I just hope that eventually they’ll take the risk of expanding this idea into a higher budget project on the Ps3/360 and maybe, just maybe, not use SD models.
I hope that the next one will have better cut ins like mx and they cut down on the action lines.

Comment by Macodaz

The battle system has major changes this time around at least

Before, they just added squads and stuff and made it sound like it would be exciting (…although…I did like Z…), this one looks interesting at least…

Comment by lxs

Somebody, just ban the words ‘faggot’, ‘gay’, ‘fuck’ and all those. That’ll kill whatever strategy he’s using. And does anyone have his deviant account? Wanna troll the fuck outta him.

Comment by Yami

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Codename:V has a Wii, he’s going to buy this game just like he’s bought every SRW games ever.

Why does he use a misspelled URL nowadays when posting? What’s the fucking point? Maybe he’s just too much of an attention whore to avoid advertising his DevianTART account in some form.

Comment by Anonymous

damn the Original mech looks great

Comment by Anonymous

Poor people that think a SRW is just 2-D sprites…..very sad…THIS SRW NEO WIIL BE AWESOME, i’ll buy it.

Comment by Nessi Z

It looks like SRW has gotten a major upgrade finally. I will buy this one, and I think that we should all demand that the next SRW be on the PS3 and with the same map design.

Personally I still want 2D sprites, but I think that enhanced 3D graphics (beyond this wii version) and cell shading will make the best SRW ever. 🙂

Lets pray for that

Comment by Daizengar

C:V : “By looking at the PV, everyone can sees that NEO doesn’t really stand out from the mold made by FinalFantasy, FrontMission and other 3DRPGs.”

Er… you know that Square is now standing on the 5th place of the best games selling rates in Japan, while Bandai Namco standing on the 2nd place, just a few percents lower then Nintendo, oh yeah, on other way, Final Fantasy is a game with spiky haired swords wielding beautiful boys for gays, thank you for reading, have a nice day.

Comment by Nt01

only G gundam !!!!!

Comment by jhon

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