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Famitsu Japanese Game Sales Ranking August 24-30
September 5, 2009, 1:33 am
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01. [NDS] Tomodachi Collection (Nintendo) – 70,000 / 835,000
02. [NDS] Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix) – 68,000 / 3,765,000
03. [360] Dream C Club (D3 Publisher) – 45,000 / NEW
04. [WII] Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo) – 40,000 / 1,050,000
05. [PSP] Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (Bandai Namco) – 31,000 / NEW
06. [WII] Monster Hunter 3 (Capcom) – 31,000 / 866,000
07. [NDS] Super Robot Gakuen (Bandai Namco) – 26,000 / NEW
08. [PS2] Hakuouki: Zuisouroku (Idea Factory) – 19,000 / NEW
09. [NDS] Shiranai Mama dewa Son wo Suru – 17,000 / NEW
10. [PSP] Hakuouki Portable (Idea Factory) – 17,000 / NEW

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What’s with the faceplam? That’s actually a good sales number for a SRW game. And its not like they going to bring it over.

Comment by Bob

Eh, considering it’s not a normal SRW game that has no plot related to any of the anime used and doesn’t even use the licensed music…

Comment by Mav

to bob,

I do not 100% know about this, but it seems that SRW Gakuen have “problems” for changing game from strategy RPG into “pokemon style.” I mean, SRW Gakuen is a great game, but problems are possibility “the market” and what SRW fans want to see for the next SRW game. That’s what I look from. Anyway, to everyone (including mr or mrs superrobotwars),news related with this topic. Source:

Comment by judo0054

It sold 26000 too many.

Comment by Anonymous

It’s not an SRW.

Comment by Anonymous

it’s SRG πŸ™‚

Comment by Epsilon_013

Are They Retards ????????????????????????????
over There are they anything Sold is Loved???
The Game is not Remotly “APPEALING”

Comment by DevilCrusher

I think this is the worst Selling SRW
Hopefully Neo will be next to that I want
my 2d SRW back ;-;

Comment by Alan

How could they use G Gundam, GaoGaiGar, Voltron, Virtual On and Gun X Sword and not just make a regular game with it? Just add Nadesico, Macross and Megas XLR and it would be the greatest single Super Robot Wars game ever.

Comment by AnKylo

@AnKylo: Because they wanted to try something different for once? Jesus Christ.

…Well, there was that Link Battler thing, but no one has even heard of that.

Comment by Hiro

Not without a doubt, SRW W and SRW K and Gakuen have been just a train wreck. Z was just meh. But like previous SRW series had good promising series, no “does not make sense” robot series. Gun x Sword was just a bad idea imo, SRW K is a series where the staff read fan mails and ended up bringing the series into it and it was just not good. V-ON is good, but it doesnt have plot as much. Fafner is actually a good series. I have no complaints. Linebarrel would work, but like Code Geass would bring the SRW a horrendous train wreck.

Comment by Aldotsk

Partially, Gakuen is “ok” for those who wanted multiplayers badly for a long time in SRW games. People asked, and that’s what they get. But yeah. Alpha series should be remade from 1 and Gaiden – along with some very classic ones should be remade as well with a bit of additional series.

Comment by Aldotsk

….XO had multiplayer…

Comment by lxs

Gakuren seems to be the worst game in SRW franchise ever. I mean, even if it’s trying to become PM style it’s not even paying efforts for that. The game mechanism is just plain broken. I don’t even want to mention the character designs are so……yeah, you get my point.

Probably SRWK is the next worst game.

Comment by BrianGeneral

It certainly wasn’t the best SRW, but as SRW players I think we should be happy about its good sales, despite the good sales I just hope that Banpresto won’t get into strange ideas in the next 10 years

Comment by Nt01

i though it would do worst.

the next REGULAR srw game, i think i can put my bet on OG.

Comment by ottoto

Good sales? Even by a non main SRW title it’s pretty bad, we are talking about numbers in the vicinity of 20k, while others like K/W sold 200k.

Also I’m happy when I see a good game having good sales, not because a game has SRW/FF/DQ in the title. Games that are just trying to milk money and are downright crappy like this, especially carrying the brand of a series I care about? I just hope for it to crash and burn.

Comment by Anonymous

People are already calling SRG the worse SR game? Some people need to play Shin SRW it seems.

Comment by AirMaster

^I did, but it’s not really that bad except the non-SD spirtes.

Comment by BrianGeneral

I just don’t see why must SRW have to always be on the top ranking sales, other titles also deserve a shot for the top and that’s why game developers other NamcoBandai would strive harder to make that happen instead of always milking cashes out of idiotic faggots who would even burn down the house out of rage just because their mothers threw away their gunplas. That shows why games made for fans don’t always work because they lack in original personalities and innovations. Worst of all, they were seen as cash-milking machines meant to make cash-cows out faggots even if it means to cheat the hell out of them. Hellya, SRW is truly the obsolete 20 year old rhetoric for 40 year old faggots who can’t keep up with time.

Comment by codename:v


Thought the main point any SRW/SRG was the battle animations. From what little else of the game I’ve seen some of the tactical/strategic elements remain.

Comment by Bob

In the words of a certain Conservative TV host: “FUCKING THING SUCKS!!!”

Comment by mag4


Point of SRW always was and always will be fanservice.Strategy only takes the backseat(especially in the newer relatively cakewalk versions).
Taking out the story and Themes eliminates 2/3 of the fanservice.
Thats not even going onto the questionable quality of what actually is still there(some of the sprites really made me go “GBC much?”).

As somebody already mentioned,I hope this forray into pokemon-territory crashes and burns so they never pull something like that again.

Comment by Raz

Sorry interrupt Short OVA from Gundam Senki

From Wingzeta

Comment by Debris

lol, how can someone who played Shin not criticize the stupidly long loading times, and the infamous “original” Ryusei, whose character sucked so much (not that he doesn’t suck anyway) that they repackaged it and called him Tenzan in the OGverse.

Comment by Anonymous

Thats a lot of sales for such a weak game, I would have never bought it.

Comment by Keet

Not a single PS3 game on that list. 😦

Comment by Jerry k

maybe thats because theres not a sign of a PS3 game thats worth to buy yet alone wether it’s SRW related, Gundam, and etc.

Comment by ReinaMK1

The new Gundam game isn’t worth buying?

Really, or do you just own a 360 and being a fanboy?

Comment by Bob

To Bob
I didn’t say not worth buying, but has to be worth buying

Comment by ReinaMK1

“Not a single PS3 game on that list. 😦 ”
PS3 isn’t market leader because games development
is hard, needs massive budget but I expect things
to change with PS3 slim and release of FFXIII
and gran turismo this year

Comment by Alan

Excuse my last post, i suck unlimited nigger cocks and bill gates asshole.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Dam it CV you will quit impersonating me and other other people around here!

To superrobotwarnews
please delete comment above me and ban the impersonator with not the same administration as anybody else

Comment by ReinaMK1

i was wondering how much they need to develop a game which uses 30gb space of a blu ray? will they ever used them up?

Comment by duo

“i was wondering how much they need to develop a game which uses 30gb space of a blu ray? will they ever used them up?”

FFXIII has to be more than 30GB. MGS4 used 50GB. So was Blue Dragon for that matter. Then you’ve got games like Rage and the new crop of open world FPS that are only being hindered by DVDs 7GB cap.

Its not about the space getting maxed out, its that its there in the first place.

Comment by Bob

I don’t see why everybody’s raging on this game. It’s just an idea that they’re trying out. No raged about OG Saga when it came out and it wasn’t a traditional SRW game.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

People rage because the game sucks, not because it is an alternative SRW.

And I did rage when Mugen’s content, and thus intent was made clear, and as a bonus I even raged when K’s no voice, gba like graphics were revealed, so yeah, I’m a consistent rage machine.

Comment by Anonymous

How does it suck? Is the gameplay slow or terrible?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I think it’s because when you remove the Strategy RPG part of this game, and try to focus solely on seishins, it doesn’t work as well. The systm works best as a Fire Emblem styled system, but doesn’t translate well into a Pokemon styled system.

Comment by Anonymous

The game doesn’t correspond to what one would expect from a SRW, you don’t control robots, the school setting and character design is more “萌え”γ€€than “η‡ƒγˆ”, besides the feeling one gets of how they are looking for a quick buck with the reused material.

So, does the game suck? Yes it does, but it does suck even more in the context that it’s being marketed towards the SRW fans.

Comment by Anonymous

oh i see the space has been maxed out . good. cant wait to see FFXIII then.haha

Comment by duo

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