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Frame Arms commercial video
September 6, 2009, 10:46 pm
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Pretty interesting though still not showing whether or how the frame armor is compatible to each other or to transformed frame, but i look forward for the frame unit, i’ll try to scratch built one of my original mech with it

Comment by Rekkou

Lookin’ great.

Comment by Hiro

V gonna copy it to his own design and copyright it as original idea

Comment by Anonymous

The inner frame remind me zoids block

Comment by Epsilon_013

This is like taking kit bashing to another level. ^^. Interesting concept. Might get some of these to try out!

Comment by chubbybots

I just don’t see anything special with this FRAME ARMS as both are still the same old designs even after more than 8 months ago and I suppose they should have more than 10 variants for this. But it’s still only 2, what kind of effortless pieces of junks are these?

Unless it’s another scheme out to sell MOE eyecandies and pretty GAY boys with the mechs as mere props and publicity stunts, which can be seen in the manga preview of this particular Kotor toy. At the end, it still another fag service meant for pretentious fags who are overly obsessed for MOE shits and YAOI faggotries.

Comment by codename:v

you don’t like moe and good looking human (pretty face + sexy body). I see, you like fat ugly hikikomori otaku just like yourself.

Comment by Epsilon_013

This looks awesome shut up V

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I like oodles of hardpoints riddled all over the frame arms skeleton. It’s like henshin cyborg meets Centurions, but robot sized. I agree with you chubbybots, I can only imagine the armors I can kitbash with this.

Comment by BlueAleseides

… what does moe and gay have to do with a purely mecha commercial? I guess codename: v is jealous that people have better grasp of creativity/concept expression in Frame Arms.

Comment by Anonymous

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