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Famitsu’s Super Robot Wars Neo HQ scans
September 8, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Still nothing new at all… What do I expect from a 19 year old game made for 40 year old faggots who are overly obsessed with manly fantasies and everything hotblooded? There is just nothing new come from NamcoBandai as everything they do now are purely fag services with MOE eyecandies for MOEfags and pretty GAY boys for YAOI-BL girls-where both are NamcoBandai’s favourite cash cows because they would spend thru their noses on everything MOE and YAOI. Hotblood and manly? HA!

Comment by codename:v

I wanna plow your sweet ass too codename: v sweetie.

Comment by Anonymous

so what?

regardless of your comments, namcobandai will release it and you can’t do anything but bitching.

Comment by Anonymous

what do we expect for some low-breed nonsensical people like cv? trolling of course. he can’t do anything aside of bitching, his artwork doesn’t talk that loud.

Comment by G.M

C:V demands change and believes that change will go for the best when we works at Banpresto and spread his homo-lust ideals to everyone.

Comment by Anonymous

Well, I say his art are good really but why he have to draw on something that he resent so much *hint* *hint*

Comment by LM

you don’t like moe and good looking man?! Maybe you prefer muscle lady. Oh I see, you like fat ugly hikikomori otaku just like yourself. The question who is in uke role and who is in seme role?

Although i know it’s useless i write like this, because it’s seem CV never read this topic anymore after leaving insolent words at 1st place. One thing i see from your angle of view, V: What all japanese company (animation-game developer-plamo manufactur) do is all wrong in your sight and get hight pride in your arts. And only your arts are perfect and original (MY BUTT?!). Get real, with that kind of skill how you’d become great artist like famous japanese artist. How abut you drawing abstact art like Picasso. Maybe you’d make huge cash from sell that. We’re human. No body is perfect. Only GOD is perfect. Except you’re the GOD.(and i believe you think “i’m the GOD”)

Comment by Fighters

Guys, don’t take CV’s words seriously. It’s like trying to take a hobo seriously when all he just does is talk in jibberish.

Comment by Anonymous

LOL… I don’t see any moe in this series… nor do I sense any hot bloodedness in it either worth mentioning…

New system, maybe, but we get that a lot from other series too… New additions to mecha roster, same thing…

Good game in my opinion, but can’t say anything more than that…

Oh CV… too much bashing won’t get you anywhere… It’ll just tire you out trying to think of something new to use for bashing eventually so moderate it a little and reserve some really good bashing on something really good XD… I must say I’m pretty impressed at how much you annoy mecha fans here… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru


Comment by Nessi Z

Oh hi there Mr. Anderson

Comment by Nt01

CV sinting

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome scans. Anyone watched Kamen Rider Double?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Yeah, I watched Kamen Rider W, it was pretty cool. I’m really digging the music this time around.

Comment by ZeroBusterXX

Excuse my last post, i suck unlimited nigger cocks with AIDS for thinking this blog is a place is discussion on fagmen rider.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I see

Comment by Azureking

great CV strikes again with the impersonation

Comment by codename:x

title :Famitsu’s Super Robot Wars Neo HQ scans

comments: mostly about cv. the only comment that is relevant is


by Nessi Z

oh well….

Comment by 00 hater

KamenRiderShinzo September 9, 2009 @ 10:04 am
Absolutely codename:v

Comment by Anonymous

In this series they lack of real robots…. even though there is real robot but the attack is more towards super robot type like G gundam. But Im really looking forward to the game system.

Comment by anything

As if someone who named themselves after a fucking Sailor Scout has room to talk in the first place.

Comment by Anonymous

As if someone who names themselves after a Sailor Scout has room to talk in the first place.

Comment by Shinzo

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