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Deformover Alteisen & Weibritter previews
September 10, 2009, 2:02 am
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god I’m so buying this

Comment by Nabes

but i am disappointed this isn’t gunpla style but a figurine

Comment by Nabes

They’re actually pretty big. Not to mention nicely painted and with a gloss coat on the Alt! Pretty poseable, a little expensive though.

Comment by F97 X-1

nice and proportional. but not to CV. that moron gonna comment how waste it is or this is only for F^g

Comment by Fighters

the price for this thing is just WTF
over 6000yen +
comon even master grades arent that much
well most

Comment by Ereos

to Fighters
what ever the case is keep eye out for CV or the impersonater who likes to put crap stuff in comment boxes with someone’s name it

Comment by codename:x

It’s Weiss, dumbass.

Comment by Anonymous

@anonymous: He was mimicking the ß symbol which is used on all official boxarts. You know, the German symbol for ss? Next you’ll complain because it says “Weißritter” on the box.

Comment by Hiro

Why mimic it when ‘ss’ is sufficient too? Use the ‘ß’ or ‘ss’, Weibritter is just stupid, it translates into ‘wife knight’, in stead of ‘white knight’.

Comment by Keet

Seriously, these figurines are meant to be a waste of your money and time because those who made these faggotries know well that faggots would waste their money on these craps even if it means to whore themselves for it. With Kyosuke and Excellence as the dreamy OG love-love couple, no faggots would say no to these pair and it’s no different from celebrities pairing up to boost popularity among starstruck fags.

OG franchise ended with an effortless gaiden title with no further plans for expansion, all these effortless syndromes sure take a toll on Bandai’s creativity since they forgo quality for profits. Faggots are their precious cash cows and it’s very important to keep faggots happy with all these shallow fagservices. Man, shouldn’t Namco feel embarrassed to be paired with this faggy mamasan?

Comment by codename:v

see what i told ya

Comment by Fighters

CV said the word fag along with its variants 8 times. Projection much?

Comment by Anonymous

Again, I suspect CV is making alt accounts to make it look like people are talking to him..

Comment by mag4

Of course, mag4. No one wants to side with him, so he makes his own goons.

Love how Excellen is slightly tilted. =D

Comment by Nameless

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