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Super Robot Wars Neo official site update
September 10, 2009, 6:53 pm
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Super Robot Wars Neo official site has been updated in Game System page.

Siege System

Seishin Level

Combination Attacks


C3 X Hobby 2009 event report.


Introduce new game systems, OG units and OG characters.

[GameWatch] [4Gamer] [Dengeki] [Gpara]

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If Gakuen is for school kids to bash it out in digimon style, then I can see how NEO turns out to be the Kindergarten grade of SRW franchise.

With Harry Potter being so popular among children, Majitsu theme ala Hogwarts express would likely be suitable as plot settings and backgrounds since most of the 90s casts are magical based. Don’t see why Terada won’t put the Pre-cure5 into it…

Simplistic design with a twist of digimon and 90s era VS Knight style, the OG characters blend in well with the soft drink based magical knights and elementary school kids SRs.

Allowing seishins to be used even during enemy turns has brought down difficulties and handicaps to child-friendly levels.

So it’s very clear and obvious that NEO is a children based SRW title meant to be child-friendly as the franchise needs to adjust and appeal to today’s younger generations whose minds are still growing. But instilling virtual socializing ways via online and promoting otakuism to children just aren’t ideal for their upbringing, no wonder why Miyazaki called TaroAso’s an embarrassment and Tomino said videogames are poisons. Now why would they said that? I guess the answers lie within today’s otaku community where faggots indulge in their MOE and YAOI wishful thinkings and GAY /m/en obsessed with /m/anly fantasies. I must say, if the anime industry continues with its usual whoring fag services, it only brings more harms than good.

Comment by codename:v

Interesting analysis, but that goes far beyond the scope of a simple game, since the responsibility of raising their children lies on their parents, not in a company whose main purpose is money.

Having said that, I do agree when you say that seishins in enemies turn will make the game easy mode, not because there is any flaw in the idea, but because Banpresto has next to no ability to balance a game. But even so I do applaud the fact that are trying new mechanics.

Comment by Anonymous

“Childish friendly”?

How old is this kid?? Most of the series present in this game are at least 10 years old! Hell, the average age of these series is around 20~ or so. And considering the stupid rule Japan has that forbids the reairing of anime, none of these shows have been broadcasted in the last 10 years.

If your as old as you look, you wouldn’t be making such bold claims. Clearly we’ve got an underage user.

Comment by Yami

Wow, that Ionia unit looks like shit.

Comment by Keet

How old is this kid??
30 or so…
…which just makes it even sadder…

Comment by lxs

…hrmmm…CV must have a lot of time on his hand…all the crap he spouts is just a reworded copy and paste of what he always says…
…he must really believe in what he says if he memorized his retarded statements…

Comment by lxs

You know what, guys? Let’s not even READ his comments anymore.

Comment by JVision5


Oh I can’t wait for this game!!!!

Comment by Nessi Z

guys didn’t you notice CV_suks_ballz posted videos in this site?

Comment by ReinaMK1

It’s an epic video!!!

Comment by Anonymous

CV_suks_ballz? where i can find it?

Comment by Anonymous


That was so lame, you sounded like a twelve year old boy.

Comment by shady123

This Super Robot Wars Neo game for wii is very interesting but the next and new Super Robot Wars Generation Games in the next game console better have TRANSFORMERS SERIES in them PLEASE!!!! because you can relate them like Virtual-ON, GaoGaiGar, and Machine Robo – Revenge of Cronos who can talk and fight for themselves against the evil villians and i don’t care which generation of Transformers will be as long as they appear in ANY OTHER SRW SERIES GAME CONSOLE LIKE NDS, PS2, WII or anything as the story or as a special guest like Virtual-On did in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3.

And besides Transformers made for over 25 years like 5 years younger than The First Gundam and 10 years older then Super Robot Wars Generation Series was on japan first before the Americans owns it and dubbed it ( NO OFFENSE TO ALL AMERICANS WHO ALSO LOVES THE TRANSFORMERS SERIES).

Also to All Super Robots Wars Creators and Fans if you ever hear this you could get more profits and get more respected if you add Transformers in the Super Robot Wars Games Because I am speaking for All Transformers Fans who wanted to see them in SD and in Action along with the other Super Robot Wars Characters.


Comment by TransformersFreak

It MAY be possible actually.

ZOIDS And Gaogaigar managed to get in, so TRansformers isn’t THAT impossible.

Comment by Anonymous

CV New Getter Robo is not childrens based or child-friendly you idiot

Comment by Anonymous

It’s a little known fact that C:V hates ALL of Go Nagai’s robots.

The only thing he likes is UC Gundam and Front Mission robots and THAT’s it. As far as everything else concerned, they should go to hell.

Now the thing is, I know a lot of mecha fans who have this mindset. However, they were far more civilised than C:V ever was. Not only that, it kinda invalidates his opinion on mecha design if he has an extremely narrow mindset.

Enough about that though. SRW NEO shouldn’t be TOO difficult. It may be a new system, the basics are still there.

Comment by Anonymous

Bah, Transformer is CRAP. Hope it’ll never make it in SRW. I can’t stand robot talking and move his mouth

Comment by Anonymous

WHAT? that a loads of bullshit man The Transformers are way more cooler than Zoids with their giant animals used like armored vehicle to battle and besides that was SO RACIST! against Transformers or maybe you like Zoids better than Transformers don’t you?

Comment by TransformersFreak

i like both. Transformers kind a MD in Gundam Wing. No Pilot.
I know transformers more famous in USA than Japan. The problem is SRW games are developed in Japan, not USA. So it’s normal if no transformer series in SRW game yet.

Comment by Epsilon_013

That may be true about Transformers are more famous in USA than Japan right now but did u know or not know that Transformers was and came from Japan before the USA took it as they own like the Japanese create the episodes first before the USA dubbed them in English to our better understanding about Transformer’s Technologies and histories.

E.G. The Generation 1 – i didn’t research hard enough to know that who made the cartoon series first between the USA and the Japan

>> fast forward to Car Robot (Robots in Disguise), Micro Legends (Armada), Super Link (Energon) and Galaxy Force (Cycberton) was made by Japan who did it first and before the lastest Transformers series is made by the USA is Called Transformers Animated.

Final Note:
What am i trying to say is if you all understand any of this! is that why not just add any transformers from any other Transformers series to appeared once or twice in any other new Super robot Wars series games as a guest appearance just for once or twice just like the Virtual-Ons did Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 just do it for the sake of me and other people who loves transformers

thank you all for reading this comment

Comment by TransformersFreak

“or maybe you like Zoids better than Transformers don’t you?”

Actually I kinda dislike all of Takara’s mech. Don’t know why. But that’s just me

Comment by Anonymous

I still think it’s funny that CV still expects that a Turn Based Strategy Crossover Game had to have an “Online Mode”.

It’s like asking a Marvel vs Capcom like Fighter game to have a FPS mode keeping all the complex and flashy super powers or combos intact.

Once again CV proves how his ideas and points are invalid and how he’ll never be close to any position producing series or games in any level.

Comment by Anonymous

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