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Nix Providence Gundam and Regen Duel Gundam boxarts
September 11, 2009, 4:25 am
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nix is still ugly

Comment by Ereos

wait… is that a railgun regen duel hold in his left hand?

Comment by Anonymous

As usual, Bandai is really good at designing real cool boxarts all the time. I might get Duel… like it…

Comment by EXkurogane

Nope, actually Regen duel has 2 railgun-like rifles on the hips. A bazooka on the back, and the origibal Duel’s grenade launcher rifle and shield is also including. Check out Ngeekhiong.

Comment by EXkurogane

Nix has improved with some nice boxart, I see.

I only see one railgun, in its right hand.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Well..that is actually the Rail Gun on the right side of the hip and his beam rifle on the left…though…i still dont really like the both…will be waiting for the mirage frame.

Comment by M

They say that never judge a book by it’s cover, Bandai may have good boxart designs but those are mere covers while the contents remain questionable. All these effortless designs sure bring down the value of SEED Astray which are by far the best designs in SEED franchise and stand out from Okawara’s effortless rehashes. What’s the point of making all these effortless works when it’s sheer mockery to the franchise? Hell, I think it’s high time to kill off the entire SEED franchise since there’s no further development for this title and current VS plamos are shittier than previous TV versions.

Comment by codename:v

don’t worry cv, i’m sure alot of us don’t judge book by its cover

Comment by 00 hater

Comment by cv_suks_ballz

I see CV is still screaming into the wind tunnel. Nobody cares, and I’m not entirely sure he does…
Anyways, the Nix does look better in an action pose, but its still silly. The Regen Duel is pretty cool though. I daresay the Regen Duel is cool enough to be in any of the main series.

Comment by InjuredPelican

@00 hater
It’s no use to keep telling him like that since in his mind all MS outside UC are shit for him. But now all Gundam series are shit. But no shit for his copy-cat mecha.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Seed Astray was a shitty manga and gunpla line, many of the people who actually enjoy this filth are the same hyper cunts who think G Gundam was “GAR” and amazing. maybe little billy should go watch a real mecha series like Votoms or Gasaraki.

Comment by K-1

The truth, No other MS Unit status can beat God and Master in Hype Mode

Comment by Epsilon_013

i mean hyper mode (not hype)

Comment by Epsilon_013

too many equipment= heavy= slow moving target

Comment by realgundam

Series outside UC= Pretty Cannon fodders

Comment by gunstray

I’ve disqualified Gundam G from being a Gundam series. The fact is that the whole series seem like a supernatural anime, maybe like shakugan no shana and dragonball or some sort rather than being a science -fiction series because there is practically no details and explanations on the weapons, system, powerplant and the full specs on the Gundams. You get the name, the physical datas and etc that are mostly nonsense. So, when i compare Gundams with Gundams, i never care about Gundam G.

On the hate for SEED, once again, i never cared. I only care about the design and the armaments. Cool design and freaking awesome loads of weapons (but mustn’t affect the agility) is enough for me. Examples i’d like to give is that SEED MS are so overpowered with big cannons and yet fast, unlike other series (Virtue, Seravee, FA ZZ, EX-S, just to name a few) which end up being obese after adding some weapons and affect the agility. The rocket thrusters, loads of them are for forward acceleration only as i can see, it does not help in high speed combat and side veering. You get everything in 1 suit, heavy weapons, freaking fast, decent defence and just good enough for every single combat situation, long, medium and close range, or i say “perfect” mobile suits like the S.Freedom and Destiny. Even in the newer series Gundam 00 you don’t see a suit that is ideal for all combat situations, not even 00 Raiser.

Comment by EXkurogane

How the series sucked in terms of the storyline and plot, or whether you hate a certain character is another matter. What influences you to buy a gunpla is whether you like the design and the Gundam itself, not whether the series it appeared suck or not.

Comment by EXkurogane

To all Gundam Seed Series Creators and Fans

When the company makes those 4 new Gundams for Gundam Seed VS Astray Series why not remake the gundam model size of Stargazer Gundam into 1/100 or bigger size from Gundam Seed Stargazer Series because you did it for Strike Noir Gundam into 1/100 scale but not its buddies like Verde Buster Gundam and Blu Duel Unit Gundam.

If you did remake Stargazer Gundam into bigger size of 1/100 or higher you will make more money and plus add it in lighting edition like you did with Strike Freedom Gundam but with the glowing bright yellow light that goes throught Stargazer Gundam like veins on its body or glowing bright green beam whip barriers weapons that its uses to defend itself or to attack.

From my point of view i would say sometimes bigger gundam models are always better version than the small size like 1/144 or so. But if you did remake Stargazer Gundam size into biggest with lighting Edition on its body or weapons then i am definitely buy him because he will be so F**KING AWESOME TOY to collect if am i right people or am i wrong?

Thank you everyone for hearing and reading this Comments!

Comment by TransformersFreak

the truth is,none from the 4 of it have a good design. the all only a custom made. Nothin original shape. Cuz they have no idea again in produce an original unit. Just pick the original design gib em an acc. and boom…original unit name + blablabla name. easy, simple and low cost.

Comment by m4jin

that’s fine. I just response to K-1’s comment 🙂

Comment by Epsilon_013

@Transformers Freak

Agree. I want a 1/100 Blu Duel too. BAndai missed out kits like Sword Calamity (I’d want a MG for this!!!), Divine Testament, Proto-Savior+11 (why Van Saviour???), and etc atc that are more badass… Why Bandai???

Comment by EXkurogane

I still find it hilarious how everyone bitches about the the unoriginality of the “new” designs from the SEED universe, while most give a free pass to all the lazy Zaku II and RX-78 rehashes that come out almost every year. To me it’s all the same thing. It’s so hard to come up with new ideas when the franchise has been around for 30 years. Practically everything has been done desgin-wise short of Gundams having biological parts (LOL which could be somewhat interesting), though Devil Gundam does flirt with the idea. Do I like what they’ve come up with the VS Astray so far? Not really, and I’m not very happy myself with what’s been coming out so far from Gundam, however, the SEED universe isn’t the only one doing what you guys complain so much about. To me there’s just as much garbage designs coming out for UC stuff.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

there was sword calamity 1/144, but it is only appear as bonus parts for normal 1/144 calamity from Hobby Dengeki/ Hobby Japan (i forgot) and limited edition from bandai itself (whole normal parts calamity in orange red mold plastic+sword pack).

Comment by Epsilon_013

CyberSynaptic : There’s a huge difference between redesigns of older MS and literally taking an MS and slightly changing the position of its weaponry for a blatant cash garb. For God’s sake, this new line looks more somebody went Lego on the new kits. Look at the Nix, the only thing different about it is the paint job, the weapons are just switched to more ridiculous positions. At least most redesigns attempt (Some successfully, by the way)to look better than the original. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks these designs are better than the originals in any way.

Comment by Amon

Yes and you know there’s a huge difference between rehash & recolor right? accept it UC is so full of shit like this compared to any other AU yet no one bitch about it

Comment by Anonymous

That’s because they’re not often made into kits and because they actually make sense because they’re usually mass produced units. You know, technology is derived from prototypes that are later modified or simplified for the sake of costs. Given the full scale brutality of war in UC, they make sense. These don’t make sense. Whatsoever. Where the fuck where they hiding a second Providence years after the first conflict ended? Their collective asshole? It’s not like most manufacturers in the AU are like Anaheim and government sponsored for their own causes.

Comment by Amon

I think exia and the gang make a break in gundam design after turn a gundam. From torso design, acc (equipmnt) etc. The first 4 origin gundam in that film was great design. Same as astray the first time and freedom gundam. the rest is like copying from other era from uc i think.
But don’t deeper think bout the design, just chill out ok.

Comment by m4jin

It’s obvious that what you said is a fan based justification, if another kit like VS astray pops out from UC you’re not gonna bitch about it

Comment by Anonymous

Ok,bro said it as u like, that’s just the fact,no one want argue with it again. in this topic i’m netral. If u think this is a fan base justification so be it, this was a fact that 00 gundam series have own original design for the first 4 gundam.

Comment by M4jin


The problem with these gundams is not that they are rehashes.They are just BAD rehashes. Mirage frame is the only sensible new design. Duel and Strike are passible as variations. Saviour, Buster and Prov are just garbage. The 2nd rebuilds of the GATS (Verde buster, Rosso Aegis etc.) are better than these.

Comment by da_guy

Gotta agree with da_guy about bad rehashes.Even though I’m a CE fan, I have to say that I’m diappointed with this new set of releases. Gale strike? Looks like another striker pack to me… Regen Duel? On has gotta realise the basic Duel (with no assault shroud) is so basic you could customise it in a million different ways. This is just another one of them. Hail Buster is well, just Buster with a bit extra of extra firepower, a relocation of weapons and a paint job. At least Verde Buster got a pair of bayonets. Nix Providence… the guy who designed this deserves to be shot. Not only did he relocate Providence’s equipment when there was no need to, he screwballed it. The new design might have a place in the abstract art museum, but it is functionally and aesthetically s**tbox. I could design something better.

Comment by A Modeller

@ A Modeller
Gotta agree. I can’t believe Okawara would make Providence into some sort of crap like this (If not Okawara, who else? He designed SEED mobile suits). I wanted Gale Strike and Regen Duel only but i scrapped the idea thinking that it’ll be more worthy for me to keep my $$ and prepare to get MG FAZZ Gundam which is rare but i found it in stock at my place. Moreover, MG Victory Ver Ka coming out in December. That means i need to save more $$ and prepare because Bandai will definitely release the Assault Buster Version later on.

Comment by EXkurogane

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