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Scans Dengeki Hobby (October) 2009
September 14, 2009, 6:16 am
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Total 240 pages, Size 117 Mb

Download (Megaupload)

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thanks as always 😀

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by 00 hater

thank you so much for your dedication, hope you manage to keep it up despite the stuff happened here

Comment by Anonymous

thankyou so much …

Comment by Anonymous

by looking at the cover, oh man the 7th gundam with heavy armor is quite a FTW

Comment by ReinaMK1

any impersonators after the first comments is either CV or his gay friend

Comment by codename:x

To all Gundam Generations Creators and Fans

I was wondering about if this is the 7th Gundam then can you all please me that if i can get the right order or wrong of the Gundam Generation:

1st Gundam
2nd Gundam mk2
3rd Grey Gundam with 2 bazookas
4th Gundam with beam launcher G-04
5th Gundam with the gattling gun G-05
6th Mudrock Gundam with 2 cannons
7th is the picture right now

Thanks to all who hears this comments

Comment by TransformersFreak

You got it wrong, the “second gundam” is the traditional RX-78-2 Gundam, not the MKII.

Comment by DarkCode

@ Darkcode

if the 2nd is RX-78-2 is the normal gundam and the 1st is the same normal Gundam as the 2nd one then whats the difference between those two Gundams then?

Comment by TransformersFreak

wasn’t the grey and black gundam prototype gundam, unless you mean the grey and purple one. So as far as I know the list should have went

prototype gundam
gundam g-3
4th gundam
5th gundam
6th gundam “mudrock”
7th gundam

then there was the NT1 “Alex”

after that was the GP series, the last of the RX-78’s as far as I know since after that was the RX-178 gundam Mk-II

Comment by Ex-S

the main difference is prototype gundam has visor instead of eyes

Comment by Anonymous

Anon, I think I know what you’re thinking of, but that’s not RX-78-1. One of the OYW artbooks has first gundam with a visor and in green.
Ex-S has it right.

Darn DG teasing us with FHA-78-3, I hope bandai releases the Heavy Full Armor add-on.

Comment by BlueAleseides

thanks again SRW and kain the supreme! :))

Comment by jun

Megaupload doesn’t work in Hong Kong because it’s based here and local content providers apparently banned it here.

Comment by YpoCaramel

[…] a una segnalazione di SRW hotnews e di Kain The Supreme abbiamo la possibilità di mostrarvi le scansioni del numero […]

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As usual, thank you for the monthly fix!

Comment by Yuu

the best

Comment by sithlord

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