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September 15, 2009, 3:18 pm
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Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus (PSP)

Release date: December 2009

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Really!? ALRIGHT!! Time to get a PSP!!

Comment by otarolgam

PSP is beast when it comes to gundam games ~_~

Comment by Alan

wao!!!!!my hopes come true
thx u muack Bandai
when i get the news GvG Next come in PS3
My heart broke once but now hope GvG Next Plus
wil bring a lot new thing to psp

Comment by Ken

FU*K YEAHHHHH!!!!!!! you make my day!

Comment by G.M

oh yeah this one rocks!^_^

Comment by mr.bonus


Comment by Keet

I thought they were going to blank out the PSP with NEXT but now I’m even more hyped for this!

Comment by F97 X-1

Damn, i wish it will be A PS3 release…. Lazy Bandai 😛

Comment by RJ

Hey don’t rule out the PS3 one yet. They haven’t denied it or anything, this might be something completely different.

Comment by wings of words

Uhm.. a bit confused.. last time I thought it was PS3 who get the next, now PSP get the next plus so which mean PSP ver has more MS than a PS3 Bluray disc game.. Is this true?

Comment by MaftyNavue

Sorry for double post, after I saw the images now we have 00 and Reborn gundam, Wing Zero (EW) and Nataku, but only Unicorn? Maybe we can see Sinanju as a hidden unit.
High hope for a crossbone units.. 😀
X1 kai and X2 kai will be nice..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Its for both PS3/PSP PSP is getting PLUS while PS3 is getting THE NEXT there will also be PSP/PS3 connectivity to unlock certain units for both systems

Comment by Anonymous

they make Next for PS3 and Next Plus for PSP?
that kinda doesn’t make sense…

Comment by H_R

No, they’re only making NEXT for the PSP. Why do people like spreading stupid rumors?

Comment by Anonymous

I hate Bandai so much. So very, very much.

Wing Zero Custom might make me get it.

Comment by Kat

Something I noticed — All the new machines that will be appearing (Wing Zero Custom, Nataku, 00 Gundam) are ones that would have a great deal of appeal to westerners.

Possibly preparing for localization?

Comment by Kat

It’s a sequel for the previous GvsG PSP title and this time with GAY “Gundams” making appearances in it too, perfect for GAY people and GAY haters I must say.

But judging at Bandai’s regular habit of cash milking and whore pimping, I think this PSP title is just a tip of the iceberg and somehow rather premature for purchasing. After Unicorn OVA, SEED and 00 movies are out, then there will be other game titles based on these by next year. What more, this is no different from old Gundam VS titles as early as EFvsZeon which are all inspired by VirtualON. Heck, yet another effortless meaningless game from Bandai and I just don’t understand why Namco still won’t break up with Bandai…

Comment by codename:v

You’re late, c:v 😉

Also, why would Namco break with Bandai? Gundam is their #1 cash cow. Namco loves it, I’m sure.

Comment by Kat

i kinda feel gundam games are getting better AFTER namco join bandai…

Comment by 00 hater

too bad i no money to buy ps3 or psp….btw, is this the 1st gundam game to have unicorn in it???

Comment by 00 hater


Comment by setsuna15


No worries setsuna15, there IS double X in it, even in arcade version. The assist is G-Falcon+Double Sattelite Canon. Pretty cool stuff.

And C:V, lol@u

Comment by Anonymous

its about time it come!

Comment by kojin

awww… cv, I was expecting you to say something better… seems like you might be losing your touch… XD

“Heck, yet another effortless meaningless game from Bandai and I just don’t understand why Namco still won’t break up with Bandai…”

I think you understand pretty well why Namco won’t break up with Bandai… You mentioned it quite a number of time already… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

00 Raiser and Reborns Gundam FTW.

Comment by ninjaclown

Woohoo! At last! Now I’m happy! I’m looking forward to it and I hope that the release date will be in November or December, around one year since the first one came out on PSP!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

It sucks i just sold my psp 2 months ago, gotta buy a new one though XD

Comment by zato

Wow…. i’ll bet it will have a PSP go edition just for it comes along side the release as Limited edition.

Comment by ottoto


Comment by Greg

C:V, like really… what’s your problem? None of us understand your bashing. All it is, is “Fag” this, or “Gay” that.

Beyond getting attention, what point are you trying to get across?

Comment by otarolgam

GvG Next Plus! go go go!

Comment by Haysten (from Brasil)


Comment by Coolguy

Why can’t everyone understand this? CV just want attention!! Her parent died because of HIV and she infected with it as well. Poor little girl, she can’t even afford a food. All she eats is breadcrumb soaked with sewer juice from a garbage can. The only entertainments for her are getting fcuk but homeless dogs (her name said it all; cv = cracking vagina)and using public library computer to access this website.

We are sorry for her behavior, but please accept this poor little girl to your community.

ps sorry for my Engrish, our family are uneducated.

Kind Regard

CV’s Cousin

Comment by cv's cousin

i want PS3 version with online capabilities.

Comment by Anonymous

EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO F*CKING EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mang Kepweng


Comment by feumaru

To cv’s cousin
I hate to tell you this but after what CV has done and brothered everybody in this website, there’s hardly any forgaveness for the countless comments of trolling what CV did.

Comment by codename:x

C:V, it was fun and all, but you are repeating yourself, it is getting veeeeery bored, maybe you should think of something new ?

Comment by Nt01

So people are still arguing over the PS3 or PSP stuff. Is Gundam NEXT coming to PS3 and PSP for 100% sure???

Comment by Jerry


“Effortless, meaningless, rehashed, uninspired, milking, copycat, unoriginal” are his keywords. Go figure. XD

Comment by Guara

Yep that’s the keyword to describe what CV is

Comment by Anonymous

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It’s coming to PSP 100% fucking sure. People who are still talking about going to the PS3 are stupid idiots. That news in the earlier post was obviously fake and it’s been proven.

Comment by Anonymous

To Anonymous
I agree with you Anonymous about PS3 part since PS3 video game devolpment is hard and quite longtime case for most games

Comment by codename:x

no ps3 Gundam Next? This is heart breaking 😦

Comment by Jerry

Shokotan Kantot. PSP Go… Del man si tu mitere

Comment by Mang Kepweng

Darn i miss to comment V. But after read all folks that just great without me. CV has show another his stupidity

Comment by Epsilon_013

time to Waiting for PSP Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus premiumpack

Comment by EX

F****** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

F********IN YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!00 EZW WING N DAMN UNICORN IS USAF*****BLE!!!!!!DAMN YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

im sorry to this user…….im not the user…but just borrowing….i dunno how to hack….it login by itself…..

Comment by Anonymous

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From Tom Os Gundam

5980 yen X Gundam vs gundam next plus

Comment by Debris

Why Endless Waltz suits? Sure they look cool, but their series counterparts can do so much more. 00 Gundam is pure awesome though. Too bad the Seravee didn’t make it… Six beams sabers would be pretty cool.

Comment by InjuredPelican

^^It’d better even better if it was the Ver. Ka.

Comment by Guara


Comment by Anonymous

Umm, CV, the point that this ain’t just UC or series specific makes this game so much more fun.

And shut up. Your tongue is exactly why most of the mecha/anime communities kick you out at first site as you always seem to be a regular offender who can’t get a hint.

Comment by AU_Gundam

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