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September 16, 2009, 10:44 pm
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Japanese idol Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) will appear in upcoming Super Robot Wars Neo TV commercial. New TVCM set to released on October 17th.

[Famitsu] [4Gamer] [GameWatch]


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Comment by DevilCrusher

They don’t look happy. Can’t blame em.

Comment by Keet

Sick and tired of seeing characters that are nothing more than fanservice getting more and more attention as the series progresses, and now they even use what looks like an underage model to promote a SRW game. Terada you disgusting pig just DIAFF.

Comment by Anonymous

i’m pretty much interested with the girl beside shotokan than the actual game itself.

Comment by DeadlySyn

I would not wear that shirt if I got paid to do it.

Comment by plas

yucks. gotta agree with plas, the shirt dont look appealing at all.

Comment by duo

I don’t know, the shirt isn’t that bad, but what I’m waiting for is C:V’s comment, everybody know that he visits this page 15 times per day

Comment by Nt01

Nice! Want both game and girls.

Comment by Rune

which 1 is shokotan? hopefully on the left. i cant feel a thing for the one on the right….omg i am one of those yaoi ppl that cv hate so much!

Comment by 00 hater

I really doubt how Japaneses pronounce their ingrishu, as if “NEO” is pronounced “OLD” due to their poor command of English.

When it comes to sales promotions and marketing, Bandai know their customers pretty well as they are the same kind of faggots who are today’s ACG embarrassing mainstream group with rules of cool are applied even to crossdressing transvestites and GAY people. So it’s pretty obvious that Terada reuses Shoko-the retarded bimbo of Japan online community just to keep it MOE for faggot tastes, I can only pretty sure that Terada would have her dressed up as the rival witch girl from NEO as it’s too obvious. I still seriously doubt SRW fags are really into mechs and mecha animes today are nothing more but selling eye-candy bimbos for faggots who practice waifuism, how pathetic the world of ACG has become…

Comment by codename:v

Please forgive me. I don’t know what made me say that.

Comment by codename:v

I think the free movement thing is looking pretty interested, not very SRW like though. But you cant please everyone (especially C:V.)

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I agree.

Comment by codename:v

lol i like Shouko Nakagawa’s songs…

Comment by EXkurogane

but the thing is… for us old SRW players
we cant a see a SRW game without Gundams and Mazinger + Getter Robo 😛

Comment by Ereos

I recognise Shoko Nakagawa as a singer and “every male otaku’s dream come true”, as said in my August 2008 issue of my Otaku USA magazine. Does anyone collect them? They’re awesome! Also, why don’t some of you like the game and are angry about the its promotion? I’m glad to see those two promote it. And why are some of you interested in the girl on the left? Isn’t she a loli? Shokotan is on the right for those of you who don’t know. 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Also, I like the shirt.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I only like the logo in the shirt, i prefer a black shirt with that amazing logo.

Comment by Nessi Z

Shoko is ugly and nasty. also I;d rather have the girl on the left, instead of this shitty rehash game that we have been getting for years.

Comment by Cool Guy

“Shoko is ugly and nasty. also I;d rather have the girl on the left, instead of this shitty rehash game that we have been getting for years.”

Why you mad? Get a grip. Not like she’ll find you attractive or anything, anyways.

Comment by Anonymous

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