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New plastic model kits from Kotobukiya
September 16, 2009, 4:53 pm
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[SRW OG] Granzon (non-scale) – January 2010, 6,090 yen


[Border Break] Cougar 1st Type 1/35 – January 2010, 3,675 yen


[Nadesico] Aestivalis Custom Izumi – January 2010, 2,100 yen


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Nice to see Border Break getting some love.

Comment by Socom

Woohoo, Granzon!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I can hear the bgm Prison of Darkness already… Awesome mecha, the Granzon.

Burakuhoru kurasta, HASSHA!

Comment by BD

woooow granzon but that sword… needs alot of painting

Comment by Ereos

what makes Kotobukiya kits so expensive? i bet the Granzon’s detail and gimmick not even close to MG with price around 3000 yen, yet the price is the double of it

Comment by Anonymous

to Anonymous September 16, 2009

Have you ever built Kotobukiya’s kits? Try, for example, 1/144 Wiess Ritter. You’ll see, that actually it is detailed even better, then some MGs. With tons of small details and with good pre-painting.

Comment by Rune

Slightly better paintjob on some parts and far worse construction and a higher price tag. Gee wiz, I wonder why Bandai is considered far superior when it comes to kits.

Comment by Amon

Yeah i have few, but then when i looked at weiss ritter price….just save another 200 yen and i’ll have myself MG Exia (standard) with amazing details, inner frame, & awesome gimmick

Comment by Anonymous

Aren’t the SRWOG kits awfully big for 1/144 kits? Like the Alteisen for example, it looks like a 1/100 scale!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

most OG have height around 20m, they indeed bigger compared to most gundam

Comment by Anonymous

Granzon is definitely one of the worst pushovers in OGverse, low in mobility, poor endurance and poor attacks even the cannon has a longer range which reduced the Granzon to a mere long range attack unit. As for this non-scale Kotor kit, I would say it’s just like the previous Ikkitousen chippendales and that useless SRX which has nothing to show at all and I don’t see any reasons to buy this failed kit. I must say, both Masoukishin units are nothing more but a bunch of white elephants in both OGS and OGG.

Ask why Kotor kits are more expensive than Bandai’s HG kits? One thing is that Kotor is a small time garage kit manufacturer who produced plamos in less quantity than Bandai’s worldwide release. The other thing is that Kotor has to pay royalties to Bandai, who own the rights of OG mechs and SEGA for the Virtuaroids they made. That’s why you have to think twice before you make your purchase on Kotor kits and not just spend it out of sheer fanboyism.

Comment by codename:v

Little cunt says what?

Comment by Hojo

to codename:v
will you just shut up and suffer from your HIV virus what your cousin said

Comment by codename:x

i hate to agree with c’v but this granzon is a failed kit…

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t say the prices on Koto kits bothers me. I’ve always found them to be higher quality than Bandai’s HG offerings.

The thing is that Kotobukiya is tiny in comparison to Bandai. They can’t afford to sell kits at the same prices.

But, the point of models anyways is to build what you like. This is why I prefer Koto; No floods of Gundams killing every other product line (remember the awesome RRR line? Only got four kits, two of which were almost identical).

Comment by Hiro

Actually, Granzon looks VERY nice. Expected from Koto, who does very good work with detail. I will be getting this, definitely.

About the Aestivalis Units… if anyone remembers, Bandai released those before, and they were crap. I’m glad Koto is making the Prince of Darkness series. They looks very nice!

Lastly, ignore V’s first paragraph. He has never played SRW OGS or OGG. We bloggers clarified that ages ago. ^_^

Comment by Nameless

The release of this Granzon kit is ideal for thopse owners of nonscale Cybuster, I bet they were waiting for it. I’m also thinking about buying both Cybuster and Granzon some day. Even in the case that Kotobukiya would release 1/144 Granzon in the future, this kit is OK because the 1/144 one would be obviously too much expensive.

PS: Sorry about my poor english.

Comment by Virgo

i cant help but laugh at CV comment about the Granzon. pfft poor endurance and attack my ass

Comment by Anonymous

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