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Super Robot Wars Neo PV2 (BGM Ver.)
September 18, 2009, 4:42 am
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wow, they didn’t rip-off the music from any older SRW. But it still looks poor…

Comment by -_-

not great, but getting there. better than XO.

Comment by Nabes

Wow, the BGMs are great.
In that GC/XO kind of way. They sound really listenable compared to the midi track effort in Z.

Also for main character: “PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!”

Comment by Anonymous

not too shabby, i really like some of those! and is it me or is the enemy being fought in the NG Knight’s Lamune clip none other than Kazuki Yao, aka Judau from ZZ or Shinobu from Dancougar =D sugoi this’ll be good!

Comment by comandaben

Looks like its SRW shota this time… how many charas are over 15?

Comment by gabgrave


Comment by codename:v

I cannot tell you how much my opinion of this game was improved by the BGM.

Comment by codename:v

i don’t like srw 3d is not good for realisation and animation i want new srw 2d like srw z and for ps3 please lol but neo have a great map it’s like sakura taisen 3 is good for srw evolution

Comment by deathriders

The animation look poor, not dynamic enough, it’s like they didn’t really feel like trying anymore after finishing Mazinger Z

Comment by HeatPhoenix

They are not promting the damn thing there forcing it
it’s worth it advertising is Really bad(not in a good way) ………………………….Why
Just Kill the Series instead

Comment by DevilCrusher

These are pretty outdated PVs which were shown here couple of weeks ago. Like the game itself, these videos sure are obsolete.

Comment by codename:v

Anyone knows a link to a downloadable version of this PV?

Comment by Phelps

I am really sorry about my statement earlier. This is the best PV.

Comment by codename:v

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