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September 23, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi Getter Dragon Black Ver.


Robot Damashii <Side AS> M9 Gernsback (Kurz Weber Custom)

Robot Damashii <Side AS> M9 Gernsback (Melissa Mao Custom)

Robot Damashii <Side AS> M9D Falke

Robot Damashii <Side AS> Savage (Gray Color)

Robot Damashii <Side AS> Savage (Sand Color)

Robot Damashii <Side AS> Arbalest

[Aoshima] 1/48 M9 Gernsback Melissa Mao Ver.

Robot Damashii <Side AS> Bonta-kun


Mobile Suit Gundam 00P: CBY-077 GN Cannon


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: Full Armor O Gundam


Volks SRW OG full action figure – Ryukooh


HGUC Unicorn Gundam (No.100 Destroy Mode / No.101 Unicorn Mode)


G.F.F. Metal Composite #1006 Unicorn Gundam


SEED VS Astray 1/100 Astray Mirage Frame

SEED VS Astray 1/100 Nix Providence

SEED VS Astray 1/100 Regen Duel Gundam


MG Puru’s Qubeley Mk. II


Robot Damashii <Side Mashin> Ryujinmaru


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FA O GUndam Is Ugly

Comment by KIRAshinn

yeh i second that
god why a cheap ripp off
if i get mirage
im certainly chanign the colors

Comment by Ereos

the only thing I don’t like from the full armor O gundam is the faceplate part, but the rest is ok.

Comment by MaxHD2490

I agree FA O gundam is FAIL…Okawara must out of idea….

Comment by costriker

also to see that astray mirage frame…the head,arms,and legs can turned around???crazy idea….

Comment by costriker

Full Armor 0 Gundam looks similar to the original Full Armor Gundam, just not as awesome looking. MG Puru Qubeley is a nice suprise though. I predict Metal Composite Unicorn will be at the price of only 30,000 yen!

Comment by F97 X-1

holy sh*t

when i loaded this page up and saw that, i was thinking to myself “how low can these gundam designs go?”

apparently very low

this is on par with if not worse than some fanart

Comment by chi

FA O is a rip-off from the original. even the proportions are sucky

Comment by darkvenom

Am I the only one that noticed that Prayer is the pilot of the Nix Providence???

Comment by Anonymous

Maybe it’s yet another clone of Mu’s father.

And yes, that 0 Gundam looks horrible.

Comment by AirMaster

Unicorn Destroy Mode so magnificent!!

Comment by zealozephyr

FA 0 Gundam…
ugly and uncreative… good God.

this is so stupid.

Comment by H_R

Nix Providence’s pilot… Prayer?!

Comment by Rune

What do I expect from the old man whose heart is no longer interested in Gundam and want nothing to do with it? Hell, even I start to lose interest in Gundam with all these poor effortless designs made for faggots who would even Tieria and Anew their waifools out of sheer fagboyism. Man, Bandai should consider terminate the whole Gundam franchise after Unicorn and make this 30th anniversary Gundam’s finale year.

Comment by codename:v

I’m not surprise even Bandai took Reborns (or should I say Reverse) reversal changing style and incorporate it into the Astray Mirage Frame. VS Astrays has borrow and copy way too much old ideas from G to 00 as though it doesn’t have anything else original than the old BlueFrame2nd’s tactical arms and RedFrame’s powered arms, which shows that the whole SEED franchise has really burn out of ideas and it’s not getting any better with all these effortless designs. Bandai’s days of rehashing old works is now numbered as they have never really interested in making epic good works other than milking cashes from faggots whose blind fagboyism and perverse YAOI doujins continue to add more negativity to the whole anime franchise. Really, Gundam is such an embarrassment thanks to both Bandai and faggots.

Comment by codename:v

No, the Nix Providence pic specifically says “Prayer Reverie.” It’s Prayer.

I guess I’ll still be picking up the HGUC Unicorn mode.

Comment by Hiro

The 0 Gundam looks horrible. Okawara horrible. Jesus, you’d think the year was 1979.

Comment by Amon

Man…I thought Japan was really god in Art. So the identity reveal..
Copy and Paste..
No wonder my some Japan Fans said Kotobukiya or Banpresto was better than it.
Looks even version one Armor Core, are more better than copy and paste UC 0 Gundam.

Comment by Xtermination

Of course FA 0 Gundam looks terrible, that’s the point. Even Celestial Being realized that, so they never used it.

Comment by ninjaclown

Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: Full Armor O Gundam (Hahahahaaha)

Comment by Krasimir

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! Volks action figures again!!!

Comment by Folka

No, that isn’t he same Prayer that we all knew. The description indicates that he bears the same name as the youth who worked with Lowe Gear and the others, but said youth has already died.

Comment by Deacon Blues

GFF Unicorn? GODDAMN FINALLY! Although it’s Metal composite, which implies a hefty price tag 😦

Comment by J-Lead

to codename:v
first of all gundam is not an embrasement for how long it’s been around, second you already dumb f***** and your probably suffering HIV virus what your so cousin said. And most important you like to distract us from topic of the article of this website. (されていいない場合、彼はわめき散らすから禁止の). (to CV only: Saya tidak peduli jika anda penggemar V for vendetta tapi aku punya ide terburuk dari kalian kalau aku bisa kesal.)

Comment by codename:x

Didn’t Prayer faked his death after his last fight with Canard Pars??

Comment by Anonymous

That was a mistranslation we can thank Tokyopop for. Kid’s really dead.

Comment by Anonymous

Fail Armor O Gundam

Seriously gundam 00 is pure shit.

Comment by Cool guy

FAIL … er, FA O Gundam is probably the lamest excuse for something bearing the Gundam title, in a long time. Gawd, slap some extra plating on and you call it a FA?

CV> Okay, here’s your bone …

Wait, your ilk doesn’t eat bones …

Comment by Yuu

I think the FA 0 Gundam looks like a Tieren. Perhaps again to hide the fact that it is a Gundam?

But yea, it is really ugly.

Comment by Wes

regen duel pilot…Kaite Madigan???Astray really out of idea…

Comment by costriker

FA o Gundam: No comments… >.>

Regen Pilot: Well, where’s his cross?

Nix Pilot: Hm… I can live with this.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Let’s be honest here. FA O Gundam actually looks okay, but the artist and his massive fail in perspective made it looked horrible. Seriously how many mech designers are there for 00V?

Comment by Guara

oh please stop….i’m still recovering from the previous bumble bee gundam trauma…

Comment by 00 hater

OH yeah!!! Kaite is back!!!!

Comment by KIRAshinn

FA O Gundam fail because the color is green, wearing green mouth cover and design by Okawara…

Comment by kinkeidonow

The Lineart was made to imitate the very old original Gundam Linearts, take a look at the old L-arts.

Comment by Nova MK X

FA o gundam sucks. i don’t see the need for an FA. and why the heck did okawara have to make it way too close to FA rx-78?

astray mirage frame
love the the arms, hate the duck feet.

Comment by flamerounin

There is just one thing makes me wonder: What happen to the Kaite Madigan’s Testament Gundam? I don’t see why they should replace the Testament with a sub-par rehash work of Duel and even the Mirage frame is such a poorer design compared with the Testament. I still have yet to see Jesse’s Outframe back in action too…

Ryuukuoh for more than 15k yen? Seriously, this is not even worth a single dime as it doesn’t transform or interchange into Koryuoh and totally overpriced for a statue. I think Studiohalfeye’s white elephants like Psybuster and his evil twin Shorouga are more worthy although they both are twice the price.

Oh, here’s a complete sentence for Okawara’s FA term in 00: FAILED AGAIN

Comment by codename:v


Comment by F97 X-1

According to the scan, Prayer is dead and that older-looking Prayer is a “carbon human” (improved clone with almost no imperfections). The real Prayer still exists as a Newtype ghost.

Comment by anon

Guys, Prayer actually survived. He didn’t die, he faked his death to convince Canard Pars to move on with his life and he didn’t die from genetic complications as first thought (by Canard Pars). FA O Gundam is a direct rip-off of the original FA Gundam, i have the feeling it looks like The launcher-mode Raigou Gundam.

MG Qubeley? That’s a surprise…

Comment by EXkurogane

@EXkurogane, the blurb on Nix Providence’s pilot does state that Prayer died.

Comment by anon

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FA O Gundam does not look bad, aside from the mouth piece. It’s more like a homage then anything else. Love the design of the leg part.

Comment by Ash

I find it funny how nobody comments about the GN Cannon, which seems to look ok for a Guncannon ‘ripoff’/copy/homage whatever you like to define it.

Comment by Q

do FA 0 gundam have to look like original FA gundam? i mean, can’t they have something more creative?

Comment by Anonymous

Ok, Its Looks ugly.Dont think you add 4 cannon with UC guncannon and redesign out is new, stil lsame, copy and paste. It seems they want give the new generaton a chance to view the new stiff. But somehow it will continuously destroy the Franchisee, fans will more down to looks at it. If I wrong jsut slap me off!
Let see how many gundam 00 redesign by UC. 0 GUndam by Rx78? Guncannon reborn cannon? after on will be what? GN sniper? GN Zaku? or abyss gundam X 00 gundam ?
Seems like their was is make out regain to smooth the hole in 00 story, to make people understanding how and then. WHy they cant even pose out before the series is start.
Just waiting until the series end up to covered up again up all those blank hole story like example Final fantasy Advent children behind story add on with those Crisis Core or any else ?
These are their milking way…So far..

Seed Astray series, their idea already mention. “ASTRAY” means is crazy around messing around, they can do whatever they want to add. Do doubt~

Comment by Xtermination

Mirage frame, can you shut it too? its looks like transformation same with reborn gundam.
Rotate the arms turn the head to front with others inner frame side. Legs turns Up to!? WTF is this? F*** OFF!
This is not for childish section!!
You let me down taste!!

Comment by Xtermination

Ah GN Cannon; looks like Reborns Gundam missing the other side.

Comment by Outcast

GN cannon not too bad

Comment by Anonymous

GN Cannon looks pretty decent compared to the FA 0 Gundam.

Comment by Amon

Am I the only one who notices the new MASHIN EIYUUDEN WATARU model? Yes we all know FA 0 Gundam sucks. I blame whoever commisioned the idea in the first place.

Why? Because left to his own devices, Okawara can produce good stuff.

Comment by Anonymous

“I find it funny how nobody comments about the GN Cannon, which seems to look ok for a Guncannon ‘ripoff’/copy/homage whatever you like to define it.”

Or the pictures of the GN cannon weren’t uploaded until the first 40 posters had their opportunity to rip @ FA O gundam

Nonetheless, GN cannon is just Reborn Gundam without the Gundam side like some previous posters mentioned. I personally don’t find it ugly, however, i am very unimpressed with the lack of creativity.

Comment by chi

The GN Cannon certainly looks better when not forced into being a lame gimmick on the Reborns Gundam.

Comment by Hiro

GN Cannon looks pretty cool

Comment by Jynx23

GN cannon all way better rip-off design than original old guncannon and look more better than ribbon gundam~guncannon mode. Mirage frame i wanna change it into mecha version of wargreymon x, since it has 3 horns, claw legged, and blade mounted on both hands. As finishing, painted with lemon yellow and, that’s must be better.

Comment by Anonymous

Prayer is alive?! i never heard he said “i’ll be back!” before he died

“(to CV only: ….)”
i know what you’ve felt. Furthermore he always talked about how he hated yaoi. but deep inside, he wanted if someone give him some link to online reading yaoi manga or yaoi doujinshi for his fetist.

Comment by VH473R

To VH473R
I don’t know about you but I can’t stand yaoi (unless your a girl for that matter), there are times when guys like CV don’t know when to quit (he maybe a fan of V for Vendetta, I for the other hand a fan of Watchmen. However, one must not cause mischief or he/she gets what he/she deserves in the end.)

Comment by codename:x

GNCAnnon look better than reborns cannon

Comment by KIRAshinn

GN Cannon? I like it better when it was called Guncannnon and seriously I don’t think rehashing or simplify the Reborns (Reverse) does make much differences as every staffs at Bandai are now badly infected with OESS and they are not eligible enough to apply for sick leave.

I simply don’t understand why one must cocksucks faggots and take their words seriously? GN cannon was just a mere mockery of Ribbons the GAY innovAIDS’ stupid reverse GUNDAM that has dicks on both sides. Are they trying at poor sense of humour or it’s just routine cocksucking fagservice? I thought Okawara’s FAO is stupid enough, but it seems his juniors are even more stupid. What a joke

Comment by codename:v

@codename:v (and for all always bitching copycat/rip-off):
“VS Astrays has borrow and copy way too much old ideas from G to 00 as though it doesn’t have anything else original”
“Bandai’s days of rehashing old works is now numbered as they have never really interested in making epic good works other than milking cashes from faggots.”
this this the answers for your question: HANKOE. (just change eroge theme from TWOGK manga into gundam franchise or whatever you like)

And what marvelous imagination you’ve that you’ve seen gundam has dick. so which gundam that has boobs? Nobel Gundam?!
Seriously V, you should quit argument for the world of animation but seems you can’t while you like to talk about yaoi and dicks

Comment by Epsilon_013

Plus, if you hate gundam because all the nowadays character turns into pretty looking guy or should i said pretty boy,the answer (once again)is this one:


Comment by Epsilon_013

Fuck off codename :vggot, you’re not welcome here

Comment by DS

it would be better if they use another name than gn cannon…..then ppl wouldn’t relate it to guncannon.

Comment by 00 hater

Kunio Okarawa:Hmmm….Oh yeah!!i designed FA gundam roughly 10 years ago, no wonder that looks familiar

Comment by Anonymous

the Getter Dragon Black Ver looks badass

Comment by Anonymous

Bonta-kun>>>>>>all mechas ever featured in this article.


Comment by Guara

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