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Front Mission Evolved new screens and video gameplay
September 25, 2009, 5:56 am
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New screens from Famitsu.

New video gameplay (Cam) from Tokyo Game Show 2009.


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This is what happens when you try to “appeal to westerners”,you get a nice pile of horse shit.Why Sqaure Enix,WHY!?!

Comment by Greg

the only parts thats appealing was the graphics. now if they put in the old strategy FM style, it’s a win. poor thing 😦

Comment by Anonymous

If they had to experiment, why couldn’t it have been trainable AI pilots?

Comment by Bob

Well.. I really think Square Enix shouldnt really make any robot third/first shooting game unless they have any new ideas of how to make the game not look like Gears of War and Halo 3 ODST… the game play looks like as if I was playing Lost Planet for gods sake. Also, I really think what TGS should show is that SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online as international server instead.

Comment by Gachapon

@ Greg



Funny that you dislike Gears of war/Halo yet seem to enjoy the shovel ware shit that is Capsule Fighter.

A reminder for the rest of the crybabies; Front Mission was supposed to end with Front Mission 5: Scars of the war. There was never going to be another Front Mission game with a Big Budget like that ever again. so save your asshurt tears about it not being an SRPG.

Comment by Cool guy

Seems like Cool guy is the faggotry champion here. Saying gay statement about the end of Front Mission SRPG. You are so fagotly wrong.

Comment by codename:v

agree with codename fag here….

Comment by = =''

I am really sorry. Please ignore my foolish comment.

Comment by codename:v

Ask me about Front Mission going 3rd person shooting style game, I’m all for it. Isn’t it great to see one of the last original mecha game other than Gundam transcend from traditional turn-based strategy to 3D action combat? With hi-end consoles like PS3, Xbox360 and today’s PC, I simply don’t see why Front Mission should stay RPG when these 3rd generation consoles enable us to experience what’s it like running around in mechs and trying avoid getting stomped at the same time. Hell, I still have yet to see Bandai turn SRW into a 3D action game like their Gundam battle games.

With online action games gaining more momentum, game developers must keep up with the changing trend and spearhead revolution if they want to stay as the market leader. SE’s FrontMission division decided to go 3D action after the success of FrontMission online (which only limited to Japan) where players create their own pilot avatars and customize wanzers going into battles, so wouldn’t it be great that the whole world get a share of that kind of adventure?

So why all the boohoos and butthurts? I can’t see how playing the same old shit year after year can be that fun and even chewing gum turn bland after a while. A game shouldn’t be raking profits alone, it should inspires, enrich our imagination and make our day a little happier. Giving out fagservices such as pillow waifools, YAOI pretty husbando and useless eye candies don’t help the industry grow but corrupting it instead. No wonder Tomino said videogames are evil…

Comment by codename:v

@ Greg

How the hell can an MMO be shovelware, if you dont like the game, you dont even have to sell it, you can just quit.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

@codename:v September 25, 2009 @ 11:24 am
just realise he said same thing just like you, although i’m sure that’s isn’t same yourself when bitching about gundam.
since when your url change from
as i know lately v always using false url like http://htggv.rgggfdfgt.vggfg/ , not his real DA.

Comment by Fighters


Just wow.

I have the same opinion with codename:v that this game might be good (being caustiously optimistic here) and usually that for one we are in agreement with each other.

Yet he STILL manages to be infflammatory enough for me to not be in full agreement with him.

You have to TRY that hard to be that much of an asshole, yet he does it naturally.

Comment by Anonymous

Gotta agree with the above comment; was so close to actually agreeing with you for once.

Comment by Anonymous

I do agree with codename v.

How exactly is SDGO shovel ware? Its not even made by bandai. While the game it self my leave a lot to be disired you must admit that the developers made an honest attempt to make a truely fun game not solely meant to expand the gundam franchise.

Comment by ydawg314

I was perfectly willing to accept the change to a 3rd person shooter, provided it was going to be a multiplayer squad-based one.

But this simply looks like clunky, poorly designed shit.

Comment by Anonymous

The only problems I really have
1.Square is “overseeing” the development of the game by Double Helix which means as long as DH makes deadlines thay can make it as crappy as they want
2.Double Helix hasn’t made any good games in awhile and thansk to the gameplay I can see that the trend will continue
3.Yes I know this isn’t FM’s first foray into 3d action but Online was handled directly by the FM team.
I’m all for advancement and change and I did want something like FMO to make it state side but I didnt want a game made by a bunch of ameuters who have hired other ameuteres to redesign just about every weapon and Wanzer till they look terrible.As I stated before why square enix,why?

Comment by Greg

They should make a front mission like Valkyria Chronicles

Comment by Excellen Browning

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