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September 25, 2009, 12:03 am
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Soul G – Music Dedicated to the Warriors




MSV-R: MS-14C-1A



 Mobile Suit Gundam Katana:  RGM-79FC Striker Custom

Mobile Suit Gundam Katana Bond of the Battlefield UC 0084

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what’s this mobile suit gundam katana mean?

Comment by costriker

Hmm, the Striker Custom is vaguely interesting. Any idea what this KATANA business is supposed to be? A side-story manga?

Comment by TheRyuujinMike

Where are the katanas? I cuts by itself? O_o

Comment by Nakano

Very nice, show de bola!

Comment by Haysten (from Brasil)

wow i realyl hope this Gundam Kantana will be a new manga serie and its Beam saber handles are so big O_O

Comment by Someone

gundam Katana is a side story. Katana is a type of sword, probably there because it’s a close combat mobile suit.

Comment by anon13

MS-14BR = Gelgoog R
MS-14C-1A = ?

Is the RGM-79FC Striker Custom really a GM ? It looks very much like a Gundam to me.

Instead of Striker Custom, it should be called Gundam something…

Comment by GUNDAM_FAN

Having a Gundam style face and fin doesn’t make it a Gundam. It’s what the tin says. A custom GM that resembles a Gundam in appearence. No biggie.

Comment by Amon

yes, Amon is right, it’s no different from the Quel Reserve unit: A GM Quel with a Gundam head.

i like the color scheme though, and those hilts sticking out the back might be similar weapons to Gundam X-Divider’s large beam swords.

Comment by valkyriepilot

hows a GM striker custom able to use those big sabers?

Comment by MaxHD2490

@MaxHD2490: i said “might be”, i didn’t categorically state that those really are large beam swords.

in any case, the GM Striker’s original weapon is a long-shafted twin beam spear/lance, and it used it pretty well in the game, so i don’t see any reason why the GM Striker Custom would not be able to wield 2 separate smaller weapons in place of the original weapon. reactor output, even at 1250 kW, may not be a problem if this variant won’t be using any other beam weaponry (e.g. beam rifle) seeing as the normal GM Striker was able to get by on the same reactor output using the twin beam spear/lance.

Comment by valkyriepilot

the beam swords look like gundam X’s

Comment by Wookieman

From the looks of it, I’m looking at the same old “Gundam head” idea adopted from AOZ Titans Test team where a Gundam head is used for psychological warfare. Just so coincident, I happen to have my own Gundam fanfic and designs set in UC0084 except I didn’t use a GM Striker as a base body like TTT used GM Quel in AOZ. I also don’t really like the idea of Katoki restricted to only redesigning old works and I just don’t see the point of it. Hell, even my fanart-GA05 Gundam Panthera is more original than this GM (Gundam) Striker custom.

So what? You can say that mine are fanarts or frankens like frankamuthafcukas from mechtalk would say just to spite me, but the whole point is that, for someone as big and professional like Katoki is such a big waste of his talent and skills just for redesigning old works for UC manga sidestories and plamos. That really shows that Bandai has got nothing better than UC0079 after 30 years and doesn’t that make this 30th anniversary a sheer mockery?

As much I’m Katoki’s biggest fan, I’m going to say NO for this Striker Custom and I rather settle in for a RX-81ST/LA/AS. Really, UC rules

Comment by codename:v

I CANNOT be the only one who sees that kickass Flying V on the second page… >_>

Comment by mag4

yeah what the fuck ever cv. you don’t like anything but your own art. we dont give a shit.

Comment by Anonymous

@Anonymous September 25, 2009 @ 2:54 pm

and once again V, read this partial manga of TWOGK.


Comment by Epsilon_013

wow….stunt gun….

Comment by 00 hater

Albeit it’s totally logical at that time in the UC line to stick a gundam head on a GM, does nobody realize that the closest thing to an original gundam head design in the last LOOOOONG while has been the DX and some of the Astray frames?
Not much you can do since the fans will complain if it’s too different from a normal design, and complain like this when it’s the same old thing…

Maybe we should just let Katoki run free to do some crazy designs like back in the 80’s and early 90’s when he was still doing Sentinel.

Comment by Ed

[…] SRW hotnews ha messo on line una serie di immagini di scansioni di pagine del nuovo numero della rivista Gundam Ace..Il numero 11. […]

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It is always difficult to get knowledgeable people with this issue, nevertheless, you be understood as you understand exactly what you are posting about! Appreciate it!

Comment by Jpseed

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