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Volks SRW OG Full Action Figure Ryukooh
September 25, 2009, 5:05 pm
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Well it comes with the Dragon Blade too! Looks pretty solid. A stand for the tail is reasonable too, a poseable tail wouldn’t make RyukoOh look as good.

Comment by F97 X-1

I think this is way too overprice for a limited action figure or statue, mamasan Terada would even whore himself for the sake of cash milking faggots out of pure fagboyism.

Seriously, I never like the designs of the Ryokuoh and Koryuoh as their transformation is just plain effortless and unrealistic, what more they are a mockery to Chinese culture with copied ideas of HongKong’s Mr Vampire movie attics. What a FAILED product to sell

Comment by codename:v

to codename:v
just shut up die form your AIDS virus you faggot

Comment by codename:x

CV, I do agree that these models are overpriced. Having said that, isn’t the whole point of a super robot to be unrealistic? I mean really… look at the SRX, or your personal favourite, the Psybuster. Please tell me how those transformations are realistic.

Comment by GettaRobo

RyuKoOh is Mystical Mecha, even every SRW series mecha mostly have magical and such special element skill. No doubt.

Comment by Xtermination

Dude, it is a super robot, how many of them actually have convincing transformations?

Besides. The mech is possessed by GODS; that pretty much is a perfect excuse to throw away any logic. (Lol, as if super robots had any to begin with?)

Anyway, I’ve always had a thing for this design. It is one of the most over-the-top super robots ever and I love it for that.
But, this figure is a lot of money though… buying would cost TWICE what I paid for my KoRyuOh figure. I don’t really know if its worth it at all, given how the quality of Volks figures seems very hit or miss.

Comment by Anonymous

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