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1/100 Nebra Blitz Gundam
September 26, 2009, 5:19 pm
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1/100 Gundam Seed VS Astray – Nebra Blitz Gundam – December, 2,940 yen

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It’s Nebula Blitz Gundam rite? I dun really mind Blitz using Astray Amatsu’s backpack…

Comment by EXkurogane

looking forward for the van saviour, the blitz looking good..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Hope it still use black color scheme

Comment by sin

hoping for clearer picture soon! Nice combination Amatsu backpack with Van Saviour

Comment by starboykb

What the hell is this!?
Are they blank mind? no any idea beside to save cost on gunpla built?

Comment by Extermination

yeah they pretty much running out of ideas now

Comment by Ereos

looks nice

Comment by KIRAshinn

this is getting lamer and lamer

right now, without the colours, it just looks like gold frame amatsu to me

Comment by chi

another stuck idea on making a gundam design. Weird and blehhhhh………..pathetic one.

Comment by m4jin


Even worse, Amatsu looks better than this. You know, I kinda wonder if this would even sell, I could just get this one earlier/cheaper by sticking the current Amatsu pack on Blitz,lol

Comment by Guara

isn’t blitz a type of gundam that uses stealth?

Comment by MaxHD2490

Well, what can I say? At least if they we looking for parts to mash together for a new MS, they knew where some of the coolest parts were from…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Nice backpack dude. Now blitz looks like a giant fly. Way to ruin the best design in SEED.

Comment by plas

If Nebra Blitz has good articulations, especially the legs I’ll get it, too bad i’m currently on a huge gunpla looting process and bought 5 MGs in the past 6 weeks. Even i want some of the VS Astray kits i might have no spare cash for them since after Astray Blue MG (muz get) and Qubeley MKII (purple scheme, considering) i predict a huge merchandise for december. Bandai releases the best seller MGs every year in december, 2006 was Strike Freedom, 2007 (can’t remember, Unicorn?) 2008 MG Sinanju. This year… can anyone guess???

Comment by EXkurogane

There are things that might not look good on someone else, especially when it comes to individuality and identity, it always better to be yourself. The last Blitz rehash I saw has humongous hands on its back and this time it is fitted with Amatu’s scythe wings? I’m not surprise if the Amatu sibling bought the Blitzs under their wings since they are always the gothic vampire lots. As much I like the GoldFrame Amatu design, I would still give this Blitz rehash the sledgehammer treatment for being such an effortless lazy design and previous SEED-MSV like that ninja-like Blitz is more original than this Amatu copycat. What a waste of good design talents in Bandai by doing all these effortless rehashes.

Comment by codename:v

not nebra is call nebula

Comment by 101

To be honest, I like all of the Vs. Astray designs except for the Nix. Nebra is decent looking as well.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

i like original blitz.

exkurogane, i have no idea what mg this yr end we will have, but i hope it would be something like sazabi ver.2 lol or the concept design exia!

Comment by 00 hater

or for the lolz….mg 00!!! right after pg 00…hahahaha

Comment by 00 hater

@EXkurogane, 00 hater: remember Bandai still have MG 00raiser in his sleeves, or maybe another ver Ka, let see.. Delta Plus ver Ka or Kshatriya ver Ka?

Comment by MaftyNavue

I dun think it is MG 00 Raiser cuz’ november oredi PG 00 Raiser, if i’d say best sellers, i’ll count on MG FA Unicorn Gundam, or better Full Armor ZZ 2.0 (i can save time rather than repainting the whole kit again if i buy the older model). Especially FA Unicorn…

Comment by EXkurogane

Depending on the colors, this and the Van Savior could be really good.

The Blue Frame 2nd Revise also part of Vs. Astray, isn’t it?

Comment by Hiro


Actually it’s like some sort the 2nDL is further modified slightly, when the story from Destiny Astray carries on to VS Astray.

Comment by EXkurogane

the gundam is in red i just bought one

Comment by Ice.T

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