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Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus new scans
September 27, 2009, 1:19 am
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In the bottom two pictures, I wonder why Exia and the 00 are on the villains side. Did anyone else notice that?

Comment by Arkeo

thats because they are from CB and CB is against the whole world. (and to the world they are bad/terrorist)

Comment by Anonymous

Its just random. The Kapool is also on the so call “villian” side.

Comment by Anonymous

There’re more ‘heroes’ than ‘villains’ in the game. Thus to have a more ‘symmetrical’ picture, some of them have to be on ‘villain’ side.

Ask c.v, I ‘think’ he can give you a better explanation with his extremely wonderful ‘artistic talent’.

Comment by Outcast

Cuz the CB boys are fags.

Comment by codename:v

ha, you guys kill me going back and forth like you do. it’s always a trip ^^ all in good fun, right?

yeah, I figured that it was more for symmetry than anything else. If they are the “bad guys/terrorists” then it would make sense for them to be with the villain side, but sense they are against all wars and whatnot, they really ought to be between the two groups. that probably wouldn’t work too well with the whole tw0-page spread, though.

Comment by Arkeo

Plus Noble and Spiegel Gundam are on the villian side, and they’re technically not villians, though they are ‘opponents’ to the hero.

Comment by InjuredPelican

I don’t think there are friends or foes here, when it comes to beat’em-up fighting games, everyone are villains themselves. So there’s no need to get so work up on why Excia and 00 are on the “villains” side and what more, no one forces them into playing villains in S1.

Comment by codename:v

cv @ 12:14 pm

i couldn’t agree more….

Comment by 00 hater

All points taken. I just thought it was worth pointing out. This is really the first Gundam vs game that I’ve gotten excited about at all, really.

Comment by Arkeo

Is it just me, or did they really leave reborns gundam out of the picture. He should be in as the other 3 new units are in the picture @.@

Comment by D-Boy

Wheres Sinanju

Comment by Greg

Who gives a sh!t whos on whos side it’s just a promo pic, and yes they don’t show all the mechs.

Comment by IzayAH

im goin to show this game to girls at school, i think they will date me and i can lose my virginity, thank you gunpla!

Comment by yuyupop

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the 00 and Exia were involved in war intervention in the Gundam 00 they were ‘dark hero’..

Comment by naz

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