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More scans from Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby October 2009
September 29, 2009, 4:42 am
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[Hobby Japan October 2009]

HGUC Kshatriya – October, 4,725 yen


[Dengeki Hobby October 2009]

Gundam Exia First Type from an initial rough sketch


Volks – SRW OG full action figure Ryukooh – January 2010, 15,750 yen


Kotobukiya – SRW OG Granzon (non-scale) – January 2010, 6,090 yen

Dengeki Super Robot Magazine Vol.10 – October 21th, 1,995 yen

Kotobukiya – 1/144 SRW OG Cybaster – November, 8,190 yen


Studio Halfeye – Perfect Change Shulawga – September, 59,850 yen


Source: Dtype Blog

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Volks RyuKoOH looks even better. I do want to see some more pics of that Deformover Cybuster, if it ever gets sold which they seem to be taking there sweet time releasing it.

Comment by F97 X-1

Some news for the torrent of HJ0911????

Comment by kain the supreme

Sorry, this month no have full scans for HJ.

Comment by superrobotwar

Like, ever, or are they just still in the works?

Comment by anonymous

Ok, You don’t need to excuse with Me/Us.. You always give to us beautifull news and infos, if for this month You can’t get the scans for Me/Us is good, No problem 😉

Comment by kain the supreme

Those ears on the initial Exia sketch are pretty badass.

Comment by DarkCode

exia first type looks badass cept the purple

Comment by Ereos

this month there are no full scans??


Comment by Vandalier

tnx for your efforts

Comment by chongo

no!!!!!! i want full scan…

Comment by 00 hater

Can anyone who understands Thai get Dengeki Hobby June 2009 and earlier issues from Modxtoy and upload them to megaupload for us ?

Thank you very very much in advance !!!

By the way, October 2009 issues of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan have been uploaded somewhere on this website.

Comment by GUNDAM_FAN

The old Dengeki Hobby 2009 number 06 ( june ) :

The new Hobby Japan ( 11 – November ) wasn’t scanned so don’t ask for it please.
The older ones, like Gundam_Fan has said, are in the old topic…

Comment by kain the supreme

What the hell, that Exia first-type model looks nothing like the art.

Comment by Hiro

…Proportion-wise, I mean. They scaled it down into the final Exia’s anorexic width.

Comment by Hiro

Anybody care to venture a guess why the Kshatriya has one green and one red (pink?) beam sabre? Not really that important I guess (they all cut through stuff just the same), but I’ve been curious as to why this is and I wondered if anyone who has read Unicorn might be able to enlighten me. Thanks again. Have a good one, all.

Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

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