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New kit reviews: 1/100 Regen Duel and Nix Providence
September 30, 2009, 12:07 am
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[ホビーの虜]  1/100 Regen Duel


[ホビーの虜]  1/100 Nix Providence

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Nix Providence is so friggin ugly…

Comment by lxs

…actually, all the new vs Astray mechs are pretty damn ugly

Comment by lxs

Regen Duel is still ok with me for each of the reasons: the orange and white I’m ok with but I don’t like matte pink color but it’s not that noticeable and weapon set-up looks good for a duel variant

Comment by MaxHD2490

So I’m the only one who thinks Nix Providence is badass with more Dragoons.

Comment by ninjaclown

Nix Providence, is really horrible (O__o)

Comment by Raziel

My beloved evil Providence was lego-ed to hell. The shmuck who did this should drawn and quartered and his bowels used as bungee jumping gear.

Comment by Amon


Except that it has the same number of Dragoons, but relocated.

Comment by da_guy

Nix probably wouldnt look quite as bad if it didnt have the ridiculous colour pattern(well it would still look horrible but not quite as much as it does now).
The Torso alone with its 3 different colors(looks like the german national-flag durr)looks so freaking contradicting to the rest.

Comment by Raz

Horrible made Gundam will always turn out good for pro modeler in the end. Of course its ugly for straight build kits.

Comment by starboykb

erm. so thats a mega-launcher/funnel Nix having on it’s back?

Comment by Anonymous

the problem here is the color…people, paint your own preferred color !!

Comment by 00 hater

im going to get laid tonite, i have gundam on my side

Comment by rooosterboy

isit just me or the quality of the plastic looks really shit

Comment by Ereos

i reckon that nix providence has the face of the original gundam without the black crown and the Regen Duel has a face of Zeta gundam if anyone have noticed about it or am i wrong?

also before bandai company makes anymore gundams for seed vs astray then can they at least remake Stargazer Gundam from size 1/144 into bigger size like 1/100 with Lighting Edition PLEASE!!!!

Comment by TransformersFreak

I do not care about anyone’s opinion, yeah. Nix Providence is fucking awesome. And it’s color scheme too.

Comment by Rune

I liked Nix Providence’s color, but not the way they re,ocated the backpack to the right arm.

Comment by EXkurogane

The back of the Nix-Providence reminds me of the X-Divider..

Comment by Anony-mous

Nix >>> Duel for me.

Comment by ubr

Nix is fun looking if you use your imagination… I like how the jetpack can act as a beam rifle dragoon. The thing I don’t like is the head… everything else is fine except that…

Regen looks awesome. The beam saber on the knees is similar to what they did with Blu Duel. The Pink color and its lack of flexiblity is probably its only problem.

Comment by Nameless

Nix Providence > Providence

Comment by Anonymous

nix’s head design is fugly like they were trying to combine transformers and gundam

Comment by ydawg314

Nix providence just like a clown…too colorfull…And that Head…Ufff…prime with gundam mask

Comment by polycapman

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