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New kit reviews: HGUC RX-79G Gundam The Ground War Set 1/144
October 1, 2009, 8:11 am
Filed under: Gundam, Hobby

Aoi Model Shop

– T.O Hobbies Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, HGUC RX-79G


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The GM head seems to be carrying the Rail Cannon from the RGM-79F Land Combat Type… That is awesome and makes me want this.

Comment by yukigono

It’s the same railgun from RGM-79F GM land combat-type and soon Okawara’s effortless MSV-R will flood the whole HGUC line

Comment by codename:v

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Comment by codename:v

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Comment by codename:v

The ability to suck one’s own dick is noteworthy and deserves a round of applause.

Comment by Anonymous

Ron Jeremy made a fortune off that trick, you know.

Comment by Amon

wow, c:v is very… “versatile”, for lack of a better term.


goin back on topic, the details on the 1/144 Hovertank are very sharp. i like the HG GM[G]-compatible hand too, seeing is i got one still intact, this will be a very good purchase. heck, i’ll probably pick up the Zaku set as well so i can do a mini battle diorama scene.

Comment by valkyriepilot

Wow… the blandness…

Comment by -_-

Video ( Latino site,Mity clot) 1 parte

tamashii nation autum 2009 parte 2 parte 3

Comment by Debris

how fool V is.

Comment by Fighters

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