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Bandai hobby sales catalouge November-December 2009
October 4, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Tamashii new products January 2010

Soul of Chogokin Getter 1 (Shin Getter Robo) – January 2010, 8,190 yen


Robot Damashii <Side MS> Susanowo – January 2010, 3,360 yen



Robot Damashii <Side AS> M9 Gernsback (Melissa Mao’s unit) – January 2010, 3,675 yen



Robot Damashii <Side AS> M9 Gernsback (Kurz Weber’s unit) – January 2010, 3,675 yen



Bandai hobby sales catalouge November-December 2009

MG Elpeo Puru’s Qubeley Mk. II – November, 4,200 yen


HG 1/144 Masurao – December, 1,575 yen


1/100 Nebula Blitz Gundam – December, 2,940 yen


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Seriously! Whats with all these cheaply designed astray kits from bandai? Nebula blitz is almost totally recycled from the gold frame amatsu.

I dont understand why they’re wasting their time on a seed spin off series. Seed itself was bad enough.

Comment by ZR0

Too bad the new Qubeley doesn’t use an upgraded frame rather than the old one. It’s really getting old and crappy compared to what new frames can do.
New Blitz is the same crap as most of the VS Astray series. Let’s hope for a flattering paintjob to take our minds off the ridiculously over the top design and how silly it looks to have the Amatsu’s wings on the Blitz.
Masurao, do want. Nice scheme and looks more balanced than the Susanoo. Plus, beam katanas are over the top good.

Comment by Amon

They are all aim For money, for low age kid toying playing just like transformer. If they keep target for teenage or mature, hard to earn more money.
And I can say after story and mecha design Delta Astray, the rest sux

Comment by Xtermination

Does’nt bandai sell most of its gundam kits to teens and older. I believe that 50% of the home market are people in their 20’s and 30’s.

Comment by ZR0

No kid buys Gundam kits, they buy Transformers first.

Comment by ninjaclown

I didn’t have Blitz in my collection yet and is thinking of buying one, maybe I’ll try the Nebula Blitz *hopes for improved articulation & details*

I agree with ZR0 tho.. why not pull out something nicer for these Astray series.. -__-

Comment by H.Ex


Almost everything in VS Astray so far has been just a literal recycling of parts from older Gundams with maybe a FEW new parts here and there, making it one of the most disappointing MSV lines ever.

Anyone else remember when Astray had good designs?

Comment by J-Lead

@J-Lead: that was many years ago, when Red Frame first came out 😀

Comment by valkyriepilot

I was waiting for Puru 1 Qubeley MG since DW:G1.

Comment by AnKylo

@H.ex Based on the 4 currently released vs astrays, highly unlikely you will be able to get improved articulation and details. Bandai must be thinking of banking on MG Blue frame 2L and that special back pack to help sell these kits…but the only thing nice about them is their boxarts I am afraid in my opinion. I am with Zro on this one. Wish they could spend time to come out with a 1/100 Throne Zwei or Reborns instead ^^

Comment by chubbybots

Guys, you make me laugh. VS Astray had bad anr recycled designs? Oh~ You know, nearly all Gundams are redisignes of RX-72-8 with different details. Many mono-eyed suits are redesignes of Zaku II with different details.
So, why no one bitches about, for example, Strike Freedom that is, actually, Hi-Nu’s rip-off, but everyone hate VS Astray mecha design? VS Astray uses the same formula, as other: take early created MS, add some new details, remove some old details, make new color scheme… recieve new Gundam! VS Astrays mechs use THE SAME formula, but they use designs of mechs from early created ones in the same universe, not from older series. So… What’s wrong with all this hatred towards VS Astray?
Just stop bitching about it and try to have fun.

Comment by Rune

FUCK you asshole, everyone DOES BITCH that piece of shit called Strike FAGdom is a fucking rip off of Hi-Nu, so shove your cocksucking Seed franchise and shove up your ass all the way to your fucking throat! FUCK SEED, FUCK 00, fuck YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!


I’m going to agree with FUCKYOURUNE here and say that everyone does bitch @ the piece of shit called strike freedom

i hate everything that has to do with seed destiny and i personally don’t even acknowledge the existence of that series.

and while gundam designs obviously have the rx-78 in mind, it’s pretty obvious what people mean when they say recycle, you should get your eyes checked

Comment by chi

hey FUCKYOURUNE go back to your dark hole and go fuck yourself

Comment by Anonymous

Hey Rune…

There’s a difference between RE-DESIGN and SLAP-TOGETHER WHACK JOB. Learn the meaning of each before you try and act mature.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


Strike Freedom is my favourite gundam not because it the most powerful MS in CE, rather is bcuz i like its design a lot more than the Hi Nu which is only ideal for space combat and has a color scheme that really sux, too boxy and squarish design, and 2 ugly dildo-lookalike stuff (dunno wat 2 call) on the rear.

I get really pissed off when i get to see these Universal Century Extremists who thinks UC is the best and the rest sux when UC has the most useless variations of RX-78 and Zaku. Even the idea behind Unicorn is based on Astray Red frame (yup, and there’s green-framed FA Unicorn which is Astray green lookalike and ideas from FA RX-78, FAZZ etc) and the black-gold Unicorn Banshee (Astray Gold Amatsu). Stop complaining SEED is UC rip off when UC also steal SEED designs. I believe we get to see a Blue Unicorn later, not in the OVA but maybe another spinoff manga as a variation.

Comment by EXkurogane

It’s not whether UC or AU got the best designs of any kinds, it’s the concepts and thoughts that matter the most. All designs from any eras has their share of flip-flops and only a few may stand out from the rest.

Unicorn is currently the most stand out UC design with its new henshin features called NT-D and most of its casts are meant to follow the standard UC label that stress on realism based on real life space exploration and modern warfare. Red and green coloured psychoframes were used in older UC titles like Zeta, Nu and F91, so it’s perfectly UC themed. Katoki is unquestionably the current best Gundam designer except his recent works are nothing but uninspiring rehash of old UC works and I only prefer the RX-81 G-Lines than the 7th Gundam. So there’s no better UC titles than 0079?

Astray is so far the most original design line in SEED since it breaks away from traditional Okawara cartoon style except the style has recently become overly reused and boring. SEED was seen as a hax because most of the MS designs are effortless and cheaper reproduction of old UC designs. The similarities are so obvious that you can even see the Wing in the Freedom and the Nu and Hyakushiki in Strike Freedom and Akatsuki. Okawara’s signs of becoming senile started become significant since SEED.

00 no doubt has the worst mecha designs we’ve seen in years as the target market has switch towards YAOI and BL fagdom. Gundam for the first time has reduced to mere props meant to amplify the CB shemales cool factors and crossdressing attics and BROmances further seal 00 as the most GAY Gundam title of all. So now you have to be f%cking GAY to like Gundam?

Everyone has the right to voice their opinions about something and no titles are perfect for everyone, effortless shoddy works, greedy cash-milking habits and faggots mob mentalities are ruining and corrupting what everyone loves about-GUNDAM

Hellya, Bandai should consider putting the Gundam franchise to sleep because it’s getting embarrassing year after year.

Comment by codename:v

@codename v

Never cared about Gundam 00 designs (although i couldnt stand complaining bout how similar the mechas un Gundam00 to other mecha themed anime, but cant figure out any examples now, but the Gadessa’s cannon and the thrones remind me of a similar looking mecha).

The only thing i hated about Gundam 00 is the GN Drive and and related techs are totally againts the laws of physics and science. Yes, this is a science fiction anime but somehow Sunrise staff went overboard. The technologies highlighted doesnt make any sense.

Comment by EXkurogane

don’t really care about the design.. if the model is bad then don’t buy it, but if it’s suits you then buy it.
I’m not an UC Extremist, but I’m also not a SEED Extremist too..
I bought F91, Strike Freedom, Destiny, Hi-Nu, Unicorn, Sinanju, Exia because I like it and I want to have it’s model..

The Nebula Blitz seems okay for me.. But I won’t buy it, because I’m not to fond with the design..
So I really wonder about people here who get mad because someone says something that they like and dislike, but don’t offend their opinions..

Comment by MaftyNavue

i..i really dun know what to say here, after seeing so many people talking so many different stuff.

i’ll just say 1 thing, the only comment above me that i didn’t finish reading is from cv cos its another recycle comment by him, *it’s pretty obvious what people mean when they say recycle, you should get your eyes checked* (reference, chi)

Comment by 00 hater

while i agree that Bandai is doing a piss poor job with VS Astray as most are badly recycled designs, has anyone notice the Gold Frame’s Amatsu backpack being on the Savior on the picture…looks a bit cool…

anyway if i had wanted something from Bandai to release from the Seed-Astray series, it would had been the ZGMF-X12 Astray Frame and Testament…another one would be the Red Frame with its powered Arms variation and the Turn Delta Astray…just by changing color, I would had bought the Mirage Frame if it’s missing the extra blades on its arms&legs just as the color variation looks good and maybe a Titan colours version of the Astray too…

Comment by anonymous

EXkurogane : You’re suprisingly wrong. The effects of the GN drives can actually be similarly reproduced at the highest level of quantum physics, which is actually the basis of the GN Drive’s concept. That even includes the 00’s shift into particles. I know, no matter how silly it looks, 00 is actually the most plausible Gundam in years. The concept of orbital elevators alone has been thrown around for a few decades already.

As for this UC VS Seed Rehash debate, well, the UC is still the most well received era and people still love its designs. Seed, eh, not so much. Strike Freedom is such a lazy and effortless design that people basically only recall Seed Destiny for the effortless beam spam. I don’t even know more than one person that actually likes Seed destiny but he’s a moron anyway so take it as you will. I’d rather keep the RX-78 variation designs than the ridiculously obvious copies that are jossed around are caemos of sorts. They’re not. They’re just lazy works.

Comment by Amon

the most unique Gundam design i had ever seen was the GAT-X303 Aegis…other than the Gundam Regenerate, there’s nothing like it in any of the other Gundam series…honestly the Gundam 00 and Exia frame is based on the Astray…

as for the GN drive, Nikola Tesla first discovered the Neutron’s beta decay…i can only assume that the GN drive is the artificial acceleration of beta decay on baryonic particles causing it to evaporate and release a steady amount of energy…i had always assumed that the NJammers were near the GN drive’s technology only that the Coordinators who developed it weren’t interested in harnessing the baryonic evaporation’s energy but more into harmlessly dispersing it…

i had thought that Orb’s development of the positron cannon was based on them fooling around with the NJammer tech and using the positrons from the beta decay that they’re able to collect a significant amount of it to be used as a weapon…anyway Orb had the capability of developing the GN drive and that’s probably some hundred years way before the Gundam 00 series had occured…

Comment by anonymous

For the life of me I can never tell what the hell most of the people here are on about.

Comment by Vent

00 has the worst mecha designs we’ve seen in years, CV? I think this one is awesome!;topic=109.0;attach=1506

Comment by ubr

E hey exkuroganbullshit fag, I will fucking stick the strike fagdom down your fucking eyesocket you motherfucking piece of shit. Don’t make me take a fucking hammer and bash your fucking skull open u fucking prick, I will drench in you fucking salt after I’ve skinned the fucking flesh off your body you fucker. Fuck seed, fuck your homoerotic fantasies of fagness you seed fucker, DO NOT fucking talk shit about UC u fucking cunt, when everything that comes out of that vagina u call a mouth is ALL SHIT. DAMMMIT I’m going to evicerate the shit out of u little faggot ass bitch, I WILL FUCKING MASSACRE YOU!!!!!! Fuck you fuckers, I can’t wait to burn you alive as take every seed related shit and melt it on your fucking corpse, FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCCCKKKERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Exkurofaggot

LOL, what bunch of losers complaining about nothing. “This gundam looks cooler than this gundam, that gundam copies this gundam” blah, blah. They all look the same cuz their all gundams. The only gundam that looks different is the Turn A gundam. If you don’t like the design of one gundam then don’t buy it period. Reading some of the comments shows me that some of you really need to get laid, LOL.

Comment by IzayAH

99.9%, wait scratch that, 345% of all gundam fans are virgins and have only fantasized of touching vagina, including you IzayAH, and me as well. Well I like to touch cock because, well I am homo for penis

Comment by codename vagina

whoa guys, don’t need to be so heat up about Gundam. We know that Getter owns all Gundam

Comment by wow

“i hate everything that has to do with seed destiny and i personally don’t even acknowledge the existence of that series.” -couldn’t agree even more

“anyway Orb had the capability of developing the GN drive and that’s probably some hundred years way before the Gundam 00 series had occured…” -that’s pure bullshit, i never thought that c.e. & a.d. are the same universe

Comment by .

Haih haih, dunno why u all get so heat up about this topic about who owns who and who copies who -.- The shit with it. If you dont fucXing like a gundam model then dun buy it or care whether it existed. Its simple as A B C. Who says BANDAI is milking away your money, the only ones to blame are you yourself who are stupid enuf to buy it. As for me, I hope BANDAI comes out with more KITS as they do give me more choices to choose from. A larger variety, thinking that way doesnt it benefit us consumers more. Well you dun have to buy all of them, just the ones that you think is best. No point bitchin around and blaming others especially bitchy sissy codename CV. Just because you hate 00 doesnt mean that their designs are worst than shit. As for your information, GUNDAM 00 tops the chart in JAPAN Anime where the original gundam story cant cope up with its rating. So as long as there are a lot of people supporting it, no matter how much of a bitch or sissy u are, there is nothing u can do bout it. Get matured please ^^

Comment by D-Boy

D-boy don’t make me T-BAG your face, gundam 00 has two zeros after it because it sucks so much below zero they had to another 0 to its name. they might as well change the logo and let 00 equal 8==========D so u can all suck it

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with D-Boy

Don’t like the gundam, don’t buy it. period.

You are not a mindless sheep that buys everything tha bandai offers.
I respect them. They doing their job, making profit.

As for the people, we sould focous less on bad mouthing the desings we don’t like.
this expecially applys to people how can’t be impartial to the desings outside his favorite

As for this new line of Vs Astray, I aploud their effort of redesigning old kits, they could
easily just swaped colors.
Also, as a “Gundam Lover”, I welcome every design especialy the unusual looking ones.
the more the merier. More variety for me to chose from.

Comment by Arze

Hi guys!!, this is the Gaydum of gundam 00. Enjoy!!!!Yahooo , Gay!gay! gay!!
Who those 00 Fans got get angry about it ya, GAY!! Yeah!! ^w^

Comment by HotGay

Ironicly we all saw at least one gundam show. but after seeing it, some people still didn’t understood the main gundam multi universe message:

It’s because some people who lacks of brain cells to understand and respect the others opinions that conflicts occur.

reading this whole conversation made me think that the main premise of the series is being ignored by most of the viewers.
sadly insted of learning with the show they are becoming more self centered and unrespectful for the others

Comment by Arze

00 no doubt has the worst mecha designs we’ve seen in years as the target market has switch towards YAOI and BL fagdom. Gundam for the first time has reduced to mere props meant to amplify the CB shemales cool factors and crossdressing attics and BROmances further seal 00 as the most GAY Gundam title of all. So now you have to be f%cking GAY to like Gundam?
I like how when your criticizing mecha designs, you suddenly start talking about character designs as if those contribute anything to the mecha designs

Comment by lxs

Man, these flames wars are almost more amusing than the products you guys are mocking…

Comment by Ed

Yo, enuf of flaming. Why dun just all settle back and discuss it friendly. Well I personally hope that BANDAI would seriously think of remaking more footages on RX78-2 gundam just like what they did in the Gundam Senki game for ps3. He is the ancestor of Gundams and worth getting the credit ^^
But seriously Strike Freedom’s design is not too bad but I like the original Freedom’s one better. He amazed me with the Full shot HiMat burst with opened wings. DAMN, it is so cool when Kira opened the tracker and track enemies before firing. So, I bought Freedom MG hehe, couldn’t resist it.
Come on guys, instead of flaming others, why dun we sit back and relax. Share which gundam that you think is best for you. Well thumbs up for BANDAI for always coming out with new kits. Hope that they will consider making GX-with Divider switchable as a master grade kit.

Comment by D-Boy


Comment by Ed


I get what you mean. The problem is that there are many contradicting statements bout’ d GN drive. How can a chemical reaction that produces energy release zero heat (which is the reason the Gundams cant be detected by radar)? that would mean 100% eeficiency with no heat released at all of a reactionn which is impossible because every single reaction that occurs is either Endothermic (absorbs energy) pr exothermic (releases energy). GN Drive releases energy no doubt.

@all the MotherFucking ASSholes shouting at so called SEEDFags

I’m neutral in terms of whether i hate a series or like another the most. It’s a matter of self preference.

Even i liked SEED and disliked 00, series is a series which had its own plot, the Gundam is a Gundam, and the kit is a kit. 3 different topics. I like the design of the Gundam, i buy the kit. Simple. I didnt liked the idea behind GN Drive but Exia looked nice to me so i bought the MG kit despite disliking Gundam 00. The problem starts when all these Extremists from any series starts to go all out crapping thier “ideologies” on how a Gundam should be in design, how the characters should be and how the series’ plot in an annoying way, especially those UC fans, which iritated me a lot. I am neutral in this case so don’t irritate me.

If you guys think that Gundam series should have been this and not the other way, then go ahead to Japan and tell Sunrise staffs, Kunio Okawara, Takayuki Yanase, Hajime Katoki etc they should resign you replace all of them. I’m lazy to entertain this kind of motherfuckers. I can assume Gundam 00 never existed too like how some of you assume SEED never existed.

Comment by EXkurogane

*facing at EXkurogane*

clap..clap..clap,clap,clap clap clap!!!!
me have tears in my eyes.

btw, maybe there is endo AND exothermic reaction both occurring AT THE SAME TIME thus canceling each other and produce pure energy from nothingness, no mass nor any form of stored energy material required, given that gn drive has infinite energy output….

Comment by 00 hater

I don’t see any good reasons why should every muthafuckas here should get so worked up with something shallow and completely fictional, especially when it comes to insulting others by calling names and faking their IDs. Is this what you faggots are only good at?

As for EXkurogane, you can’t tell people to shut up and deny their rights to voice out their displeasure, not everyone share the same interest as you do and you don’t even have to entertain everyone. Since when you whore yourself in the name of fagdom?

Comment by codename:v

Codename:V, the gay distortions that you have created, I will crush them all. This world doesn’t need people like you. Setsuna.F.Seiei, Exia, slashing through the future and codename:V’s gayness.

(How do you like that!)

Comment by Setsuna.F.Seiei

Gay!gay! gay!!FAGGAOTDUM

Comment by HotdogGAy

Still for the toy for the kids or teenage that not mature enough.
Keep buy many and keep in your collective just like kid stupidly their dream, hopeless! Meaningless! Useless!
Oh yes..Buy those rubbish to be your idol worship. And those money spread all donation to Gunpla factory to built the real weapon technology.

Comment by Wrath

I’m right here you exkurogane fucker, right here! I will beat your face to ground so hard ill make you even uglier than you already are, you cocksucking cunt! My advice, take a knife and cut that dick of yours off so u can be officially become a ‘seed fangirl whore,’ it will save u the trouble of being called a seedfag everyday. Now at least you can take it up the ass like the bitch you are, and I have a buttload of seed related shit to shove up your ass canal you will be SHITTING OUT of your vag mouth kira fagotos and strike fagdoms until you fucking pass out u pussy. Then I will royally shit on your face and drench you in sulfuric acid, thus completing the ritual of ridding one seedwhore from the world. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Exkurofaggot

the lack of arguments made you swear insted.

Comment by Arze

I admit, I still fail to compreend the dificulty of some to aknolage the opinion of others.

As if respecting the other opinion was the same as proving that the other was right.

there is no right or wrong on personal tastes.

the world would definitely be a better place if more people realised that they won’t lose
anyting in respecting other opinions and tastes.

We all should fight our natural instint of forcing our own opinion on others. Share your opinion, don’t
force it by defying the others.

Comment by Arze

learn engrish first arze before you talk to the superior race of homo sapiens, which are the WHITES

Comment by asiaboi

as if I was the only one making orthografic mastakes.

still I have much to learn to be able to speak as Exkurofaggot the “engrish” you talk about

then again I give up talking to people who can’t respect others

Comment by Arze

EXkurogane is such a hypocrite who always wash his hands clean ‘cuz he himself is an extremist too, seed side. Always saying he don’t/never cared about 00 but keeps on pointing out how he dislikes it and how bad the gn drive concept is(YEAH YEAH WE ALREADY KNOW IT) on his comments whenever there’s a need to defend seed. C’mon, grow up man if you’re not gay.

Comment by EXkurogay

On second thought, I give up on talking people and instead would like to pursue relationships with Gunpla. Yes, Gunpla. Their exquisite, angular designs and variety of color schemes excite me in more ways than any other human has ever had. As a “Gundam lover,” I gladly kiss my models with my lips subtly, as I breath in heavy anticipation of inserting 00 Raiser’s GN Sword up my anus. Oh the delight as I begin inserting more Gunpla into my buttocks, as I can feel the DRAGOONS of Strike Freedom penetrating all the way up to my rectum. I am ejaculating now, all over my Gunpla, and I take delight in making love to inanimate objects for the rest of my life. Let us not enforce opinons on others, rather let us make love to Gunpla, literally. Now I must suck on the Buster Rifle of Wing Zero Custom, I wish to ejaculate and share my love juices to the rest of my collection. Good luck in all your endeavors my fellow otaku, maybe one day we may participate in a Gunpla orgy of epic proportions.

Comment by Arze

I’m a SEED extremist?

oh hahahahahaha… That’s funny… In short, if i am a SEED extremist i wouldn’t be saving so much money and going bankrupt hunting for MG EX-S Gundam, MG Exia Gundam and many of the UC and AD Gundam’s gunplas. I saved money long enough and got impatient to get a MG Unicorn which i bought eventually…

I’m not defending SEED, no doubt SEED had the crappiest storylines. But i liked SEED mechas, you guys get my point? The storyline of the series and the Gundams are 2 different things to me. It looks nice, i buy the gunpla. I’m lazy to entertain you guys anymore because gunplas are more important to me so that i can be a show-off since i have regular friends and cute gals (=P…) visiting me, with my total gunpla count at 65 so far…

The problems with you guys shouting out “I’ll fuck you, faggots, motherfuckers… bla bla bla…” shows that you guys are more extreme than me… I’m a gunpla fan myself and i don’t care how many thousands of dollars i’ll end up spending… Life is something you must enjoy and to enjoy life, just spend on what you really like. THis is my reply to Wrath who thinks gunplas are like toys and a waste of money.

The same thing goes to everything about hobbies whatever it is. Starwars fans spend on related merchandise, transformers, bla bla bla… a long list, some are even more expensive.

Comment by EXkurogane

… this whole thread is a good example why replies need to be taken out. -_-;

Comment by Nameless

By cute gals I mean hentai images on my computer and ugly ass, fat anime freak cows that are hard to determine whether they are male because they’re so fat and ugly and can’t see that chode called a cock. By viewing my 65 plus collection of gunpla, I have assured myself that I will be a 65 year old virgin, and will have to literally fuck a goat to release my sexual frustations. Please fuck me in the ass, I can take two cocks at once, while I find a goat to fuck. Oh wait, let me just take this piece of shit from the toilet and chew it with pleasurable delight. Now I know what cum tastes like; sticky,brown, chewy, and filled with hair and nuts. MMMMMMMMmmmm, I like being a faggot so much.

Comment by EXkurogane

“Even the idea behind Unicorn is based on Astray Red frame (yup, and there’s green-framed FA Unicorn which is Astray green lookalike and ideas from FA RX-78, FAZZ etc) and the black-gold Unicorn Banshee (Astray Gold Amatsu).”

This is seemingly becoming a plausible arguement in the SEED(or Astray)/CE Fandom that after Astray came out that every new MSV and MS design is based on some MS in Astray, Particularly the Astray Frames (Red , Blue , Gold , Green , Black and to some extent Mirage Frae(purple) along with all they’re offshoots.) somehow seemingly making CE “a noteworthy inclusion in gundam design history”.

I disagree with you because (based on looking at the designs): 1) You’ve based this on a color scheme of the NT-D (psychoframe) parts that are exposed, there is no other similarity. The same goes for the Banshee due to it being Gold and importing black into the design.

Plus, this would be an arguement (although honestly a very weak one) if Fukuda and wife wouldn’t OUTWARDLY deny the Astray series from happening/being canon. Only reason why would be because its better than Destiny in every definition of the word (better). Fukuda only hates something when his she bitch wife does.

“Gundam 00 and Exia frame is based on the Astray…”

I also disagree, While both designs take some (part) inspiration from other gundams, they don’t ripoff them, thus leaving open speculation rather than down right copying. I also disagree with this claim, there is no 00 Design that outright looks like another gundam design, the only exception being 0 Gundam (which takes most of its design inspiration from RX-78-2 and then over does it with the color scheme. But even then, thats only one MS in comparison to the shit-ton of ripoffs and SEED/CE has.)

Comment by Sasori Zero

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