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HGUC Kshatriya boxart
October 7, 2009, 8:39 pm
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Incredible design, puts every conceived design from the horrendous seed vs astray and 00 series to fucking shame, like comparing my penis to Exkurogane’s micropenis aka vagina, no comparison whatsoever.

Comment by 1

@ 1 : crazy.

Comment by 123

Bello sul serio.

Comment by Debris

A micropenis is a vagina? Are you sure you like women?

Comment by Anonymous

he means that exkurogane’s penis is so small it might as well be a vagina…..dumbass

Comment by Anonymous

At this point the site owner should reeaaally just turn comments off.

Comment by Vent

I cheerfully await the moment of glory when a device that allows you to punch people through your screen is invented. We are owed one for putting up with CV and his ilk.
That aside, like the art and definitely do want the kit.

Comment by Amon

*sigh* Yet again no one actually talks about the subject at hand except if it’s troll bashing. Well the Kshatriya’s box must be MG sized if not larger considering the size of the kit when built.

Comment by F97 X-1

I agree with you F97 X-1 codename:v and others like him

Comment by ReinaMK1

I have only two words for this box art and this kit: Fucking Awesome.

Comment by yukigono


couldn’t agree more

Comment by chi

really cool! and the gundam 00/ seed vs astray were not that bad >.>
wonder how much this will cost

Comment by kirbyeggs

Fucking Nice Fucking Box Fucking ART..

Comment by codename:x

I also wouldn’t outright say that all the SEED and 00 designs sucked, there are a few good ones IMO.

With that out of the way, its great to see Kshatriya getting a HGUC kit, I just wish it wasn’t a pre-TV series cash in and actually came out when the novel series was still ongoing, somewhat like Blue Destiny Unit 2 and 3 (where is my HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1!?)

Comment by Sasori Zero

hahhahaha exkurogane has a micropenis. poor human degenerate, can’t even jack off while i BEAT HIM SENSELESSLY! FUCK YOU SEED BITCH!

Comment by EXkurofaggot

ALL gundam series has good and bad mecha design.

and i hate kshatriya head. pointy head. the rest of the body, magnificent

Comment by 00 hater

Just how big is the box, that’s the question.

Comment by Anonymous

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