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49th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show 2009 photo reports
October 8, 2009, 10:41 am
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Kotobukiya SRW OG Cybaster 1/144


Kotobukiya SRW OG Granzon (on-scale)


HGUC Unicorn Gundam


VF-25F with tornado pack


Kotobukiya SRW OG Fairlion Type-G 1/144 – February 2010 


Gundam SEED VS Astray 1/100 Nebula Blitz Gundam


Gundam SEED VS Astray 1/100 Van Saviour Gundam


PG 00 Raiser 1/60


HGUC Geara-zulu – January 2010, 18,90 yen

HGUC Rezel – February 2010


MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka – December, 3,990 yen


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About goddamn time.

Comment by Sasori Zero

unfucking believable, i shall shed a tear for the great justice that has been bestowed upon us. no more suffering through the extremely homoerotic designs of astray/seed, finally something not the equal of shit on my shoe such as 00…..THANK YOU BANDAI, THANK YOU! may the fukuda and 00 retarded franchise burn in hell for all eternity….

Comment by 2

Oh sweet jesus, I need this.

Comment by DarkCode


I love how people never give a intelligent argument of why or how the 00 designs suck.

Comment by Anonymous

damnit, Rezel and Geara-Zulu; i want Delta Plus!

Comment by Anonymous


its his PERSONAL opinion. let it be…

Comment by 00 hater

sad that Unicorn gundam series has 2 more mg left only, maybe for delta plus and rozen zulu.

Comment by 00 hater


Comment by randomguy

About the damn time Bandai gives Victory some love!

Wow, more 00 haters. Before 00 was Wing, whats next? It never cease to amaze me how incredibly senseless some comments are.

Comment by Anonymous

the vicotry looks fat? is it because the angle?

Comment by Anonymous

yes it’s quite fat, but i still like it
and i still buy PG 00

Comment by Vandalier

Noooo… why HGUC always got a good release..
I really hope for Rezel/Geara Zulu to be a MG..
Maybe Delta Plus or Rozen Zulu will be a MG..

At last.. MG Victory.. I will wait for the V2AB.. Considering the Fullcloth was released not a long time after X-1 ver Ka, I’m not in a rush to buy the Victory..

Now we need MG from X series.. X Divider maybe?

Comment by MaftyNavue

I bet the white mobile suit is the Van Saviour Gundam.

Also, it never ceases to astound me how people can hate on the latest series. Before 00, it was Wing, and before Wing it was G.

Comment by ninjaclown

Buy my 00 shit PG, but sure to save money for the mg 00 quanta or whatver the fuck its called, and the invetiable 99985555325786 versions to come after that. Come on bandai,stop wasting our time with recycled this (cough*seedfaglet items*cough) and 00 dick designed models inspired by homosexual gorillas

Comment by Setsunafuckei

YAY!!! That means there will definitely MG VIctory Assault Buster in future. Thanks Bandai for telling me early, because i won’t buy Victory Ver Ka and i’ll wait!!! (The same thin happened to MG Crossbone)

I liked Nebula Blitz’s color, knida like Sword Calamity’s scheme. But the Saviour??? Hi Nu’s Color Scheme???

Comment by EXkurogane

A Master Grade Victory Gundam kit, it’s ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Well now that really is something. I never ever thought Victory Gundam would get an MG! The Transformable Core Fighter looks fantastic! Fairlion G is a bit of a lazy release dammit Koto release Soulgain and I’ll be happy!

Comment by F97 X-1

Well Nebula Blitz’s coloring is a lot better than most of the other VS Astrays. I Think the designs would be helped a lot of they didn’t pick such bad color schemes.

And in Blitz’s case losing the big hooks on the back.

And hey, Victory! That’s…cool I guess.

Comment by Vent

It’s about time for the Victory to be added into the MG line and this MG Victory may be crucial for the release for V2. But the only thing I don’t understand about is why under version KA since Victory is part of the canonical UCverse? Why not it’s own line of MG series? Whatever, ver.Ka is always high in detail and it still can be an additional Hexa unit should the V-Dash ever made MG. Hopefully, this MG can recreate the full transformation like the old 1/60 V2 did and spawn another new line of Victory themed MSs from both LM and BESPA.

With Unicorn OVA coming up soon, Bandai wouldn’t just sit right there and do nothing about it. There are more than a dozen of potential HGUC releases such as the EE-Zulu, Rozen-Zulu, Gallus-K, Jesta, Ankusha and Delta-Plus which will spice things up for the UC fanbase, Bandai must ensure everything are sufficient for all Gundam fanbase groups if they still want to keep Gundam in business.

The road to economic recovery isn’t easy and what keeps buyers coming back for more is what inspires them to do so. So why all that MOE and YAOI craps made for only specifically small group of Akihabara antisocial low-lives? Why not inspire the mass instead? Seriously, faggots who kiss pillow-waifools and carrying live-size dolls around aren’t potential customers as they are always broke after spending fortunes on their obsessive fetishes.

Comment by codename:v

Oh look another wall of text from codename:v

I’m not even going to look at it and I’m going to guess it involves the economy, poor designs, and at least five uses of the word faggot or gay.

Comment by Vent

Now onto the flops. The most significant flop is more obvious on the SEED side where lazy effortless mentality leads to poorly rehashed works that also leads to standard drop in gunplas, even the PG 00 Raiser is overshadowed by the SEED major flop. Such poor examples are Van-Saviour, MirageFrame, NebulaBlitz and BlueFrameRV, which has bring SEED Astray to be as low as their Destiny counterpart. Hell, I still prefer Kaite Madigan in a Red Testament and still have yet to see one in HG. Even Jesse’s Outframe is a lot more better than this Blitz rehash, for the 3rd time!

Comment by codename:v

Oh god he’s still talking.

Comment by Vent

Its about the dam time that Van saviour gundam came out with another nice color variation. As my stupid shitty ‘V’ is there yay, I am a victory faggot. No shit about Victory where I will buy this piece of junk and slowly stuff it in my ass, piece by piece and hopefully they can help assembling themselves before I shit them out. The more YAOI and MOE the merrier, yippie. What’s with the face you all, 00 series sucks great time because they din include superb gayness of gundam storyline such as VICTORY from shitty Universal Climax where all the main hero does is just killing women and see how all his female comrades are torture to death. Yippie, extreme gayness.

(Actually, get a life codename:V compared to that, which one is more gay, 00 or VICTORY) You would sure say 00 as you have already sucessfully inherited victory’s ‘V’ gayness in your name. Yippie

Comment by codename:damn it my ass stinks like shitty v.v.v.v.Victory


Yes I’m sure that will convince him.

Look there’s one of two possibilities here, one being that he’s a troll in which case you’re giving him just what he wants (and he’s not even a GOOD troll so who wants to do that?) and the other being that he really does believe all the crap he says, in which case throwing insults at him is just going to give him validation in thinking he’s some kind of repressed minority.

You really can’t win except to sit back and laugh at him.

Comment by Vent

Nebra blitz color scheme my 1stly sight thought saw was testament Gundam

Comment by Anonymous

Hellya I’m still talking and the faggots are still looking at it.

I seriously don’t understand the idea behind the so-called MG Son Goku, if Bandai want to make playable action figures, I think Revoltech can do it better with it’s compact size and epic poses. The exposed limb joints somehow make him more robotic and lack of the fluidity of the muscles flexes, 1/6 GI Joes at least has clothes on them to cover the joints and detailed equipment features to add realism. What more, who wants to patch Goku up in snap-joint kits and have gap lines all over him? This is going to take extra patch up works with putty and airbrush jobs. Hell, I rather buy RAH figures than this faggotry as I’ve already stop reading Dragonball more than a decade ago.

Comment by codename:v

Oh boy, this topic is getting more and more interesting, somewhat like a Gundam battlefield with all the falming and bombings *.* WOW!

Somehow to me, I personally think that Bandai did a fine job on nebula blitz there with the colors and upgrade. The new saviour gundam is not bad too but what cathes my eyes @.@ are the HGUC Unicorns, wow finally unicorn in 1/144 hahaha, want to really see if the size is bigger than my 1/100 F91 -.-

Comment by D-Boy

I don’t think you guys get it with the Nebula Blitz, there’s NOTHING NEW about it. It’s just the blitz 1/100 with parts from the Gold Frame Amatsu.

Other than that, leave it to Katoki to make sure that something this great finally happened *weeps in joy*

Comment by Ed

Actually, what “codename:damn it my ass stinks like shitty v.v.v.v.Victory” say somewhat make sense. If you guys ever see Victory from UC, I can tell it is a shame of UC. No wonder they need to stop airing UC series till Wing’s era where they came back with sth decent such as Gundam 08th MS team for UC series. The scene where Uso Ewin, the main hero for V gundam kills the babes in bikinis really scare the shit out of me. Man, how could you do that?

Comment by Asher

(The scene where Uso Ewin, the main hero for V gundam kills the babes in bikinis really scare the shit out of me. Man, how could you do that?)

Why not? Better than letting them killing you with anti-MS missile launchers and provoking sexuality don’t seem to work well with underage kids. It’s WAR and no one gives a damn about your fictional jpeg waifools.

If Victory is the most depressing title of the Gundam franchise, then 00 is the most GAY title of all.

Comment by codename:v

Truly he is the homophobe that keeps on giving.

Comment by Vent

Come on codename:vits not Uso Ewin’s fault its the mentality of the story itself that is wrong. If you put it that way then who fault is it that you think 00 has absolute gayness? Setsuna.F.Seiei. Come on man. I cant believe that your means of understanding is even lower than a 10 year old kid.
Or maybe you are just a new born baby, that I don’t really know and dont really care. If there is ntg wrong with V gundam, then why is it that the rating fell till so low from the airing date that it almost kills off the UC timeline for 5 consecutive years. Come c:v, time to wake up baby. Or hasn’t your mommy feed you with her shitty milk full of gayness. I really enjoyed the part that exia pierced thru that dam 0 gundam which look 80% alike gundam. Way to go Bandai, time to shit with Gundam. Not to mention that the voice actor for ribbons almark is also the same person as for amuro ray. Way to go setsuna, you just ended amuro’s reign of gayness, hehehehehehe.

Comment by codename:damn it my ass stinks like shitty v.v.v.v.Victory

^ lol good one
Amuro Gay

Comment by Anonymous

Is it true, that amuro ray and ribbons almark are both the same voice actor? If yes, then what the hell have Bandai just done? Wow, Gundam celebrates his 30th anniversary being pierced by Exia. That’s pure gayness, no wonder Codename:V is so heat up with 00. You’re an Amuro fan. lol -.- so gay dude

Comment by Asher

we are all gay, since almost all gundam pilots are male. lol

the only way to win over cv is to totally ignore his comments. if you sit back and laugh, he still wins.

guys are you sure mg V2 gundam will be released soon? crossbone is a different case since they use the same runners, but V2 is so much different from V…

Comment by 00 hater

lol when 0 gundam was 1st shown, most ppl insist saying it is much cooler and better than rx-78 and it is not a copy of it.

now ppl thinks it is 80% rx-78…

Comment by 00 hater


Haha, maybe MG SonGoku has internal frames i.e. skeletons lolxx… what a crap idea by Bandai

Seeing how cheap the MG Victory i might consider one, but as usual i want to wait and see feedbacks of early buyers first before i decide.

Comment by EXkurogane

yeah that PG 00 Raiser looks really cool

and LOL why no one notice that every hatred comment for 00 series actually come from the very same person with diff user name -guess who????-

Comment by Jynx23

Oh, dear. Someone is demonstrating that their IQ equals their shoe size. *yawns*

Comment by taichara

Exia > O Gundam > Rx78-2 Gundam
Therefore, O gundam = shit
Which means RX 78-2 is worst than shit.
To finish Amura Gay’s gayisg reign, you don’t even need 00 Gundam, Just Exia will do hahahaha.

Comment by Anonymous

if condename v whatever does not like gundam this much, why does he care about posting boresome pagefilling posts. Does he think eh will be happier this way? go to a shrink soon and stop wasting our blog posts, dammit! Thumbs dow for codename v., go to luckystar/kerorowar.blogspot blog instead. Buy some candy and be haapy once in your life, or get you damn time machine and come back to the time you like.

Comment by gundamania

To anym above

why is this guy keep posting the same stupid comment again and again on differ user name?

Yes Jynx23 we do reliase this is the same guy

Comment by Anonymous

I watched all the series, I found it extremely funny how at the end exia R2 was basically a second gen suit, and O gundam was already an obselete relic by then, BUT still ended in a double knockout. The skill disparity between Ribbons and Setsuna are apparent, I would rank Ribbons probably Zeta level Amuro with Setsuna below par Heero (setsuna skills heavily depended on his suit and trans-am to basically get him out of nearly all of his battles ). Then again, all the gundam meisters heavily depended on trans-am, the equivalent of kira’s PS from seed destiny. 00 gundam I believe was supposed to be the absolute top unit in the series, with its true twin drive system. Reborns gundam had its psuedo twin drive system was ALMOST but not the equal of 00, but it was impressive to see how it took 00 out of commission. As for RX-78 inferior to 0 gundam? No I would have to disagree on that, besides the fact the 0 was created as a homage to the original, the sheer amount of weapons, minosky particle system, and the onboard CPU to record new combat data, the RX-78 is superior. Even though 00 gundam had some of the less skilled protagonists in terms of pilot capabilities, it still would be my favorite of the non UC series

Comment by Paladin

I’m a little impressed. The Nebula Blitz is a fairly nice red, and the Van Savior is in an attractive white with blue, similar to SRW@2’s Altairlion.

MG V Gundam is cool. Nice to see some of the less-loved UC series get some kits.

Geara Zulu is an attractive design, I think I’ll pick it up.

But, I’m disappointed that Koto’s february release is just a recolor with a new weapon. It was an inevitable release, though.

Comment by Hiro

About fuckin’ time we get a MG of the Victory Gundam. Now, waiting for the V2 and it’s variants.

Comment by AirMaster


Comment by chi

Nebula Blitz looks pretty good. Saviour looks like shit. Victory Gundam, I’d rather have the V2 but I’ll definitely get one. We’re now still missing a MG from AWX but hopefully we’ll get a DX soon enough.

Comment by Anonymous

@Codename:V – u said why MG Victory are in Ver.Ka version? I lol’ed.. You always said Fags dont read.. u know what.. you are one of them… Hajime Katoki is the creator/original designer of Victory Gundam.. of cause it will be Ver.Ka lolz…

also.. are u the real codename:v? not using ur deviant art for website link now D:

Comment by KA

I really need to stop reading these comments since all of you are FUCKING RETARDING.

Comment by yukigono

Damnit…I mess up when I really need it…

Comment by yukigono

@00 hater

And thats over it being repainted into RX-78-2 colors at the end of S2. While it was supposed to be promotion of the 30th Anniversary, it was done in the most ridiculous and unbelievable manner that (I believe for some people) completely crush the seriousness of the end conflict and reduce the scene into blatant promotion of a desperate corporation in a declining economy.

Repainting 0 Gundam into RX-78-2 is, IMO, a SD Gundam or parody level tier act. Which would be a poke at humor(and they could have saved it for a PARODY OF 00) I feel 0 Gundam should not have been repainted and stayed its original colors, then 0 could just (canonically) stay and look a little bit like RX-78-2 and then parodies of the series can joke about it being RX-78-2 when its repainted.

Comment by Sasori Zero

…Did Char just hijack Blitz, stole Savior’s paint, and used it to paint the mech? O_o

Curse you Koto… I will not purchase your Fairlions just because of the awesome Assault Blade and Railgun! ><

Comment by Nameless

Van Savior is the first SEED vs Astray unit that I find no problem with the colors.

Nebula Blitz, well… why red, of all things?

Also, regarding the VF-25 Tornado Pack, it looks nothing like the Super or Armored Messiahs. Zentradi origins, maybe?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I really like the red scheme of blitz, and i don’t have a blitz yet, might consider one.
But Victory is only around the size of f91 right? 3990 yen is a bit too expensive.

Comment by EXkurogane

I dont think MG Victory Gundam at 3990yen is a bit too expensive, if u look at its full transformation gimick… I think it worth that price… but that just me..

Comment by KA

Will ye give up the arguments about 0 gundam and RX-78. The 0 gundam is a homage, end of story and its destruction was’nt an insult to the original or anything it was just the plot.

Onto the real subject, I’m pumped about the V gundam as it means that a V2 will follow soon enough.

The ReZEL and Gear Zulu are a nice touch, they’re making me consider getting the HG kits from the OVA.

The pictures of the PG 00 Raiser make me happy that i preordered it, Its a HUGE kit @30cm tall and 58 runners. Its also an added bonus that the clear parts cover the entire body.

I dunno why some of ye retards bitch about designs when its the building of the kit that matters.
If u dont like it, fine. Just shut up.

Comment by ZR0

You guys should hold out on the V. I am pretty sure there would be a Hexa / V-Dash version pretty soon just like how Crossbone had it’s full-cloth version. Unless you guys are going for multiple V Gundams like in the show.

Comment by da_guy

VF-25F ‘Tornado’ looks interesting. If I ever get it, I’ll display it in fighter mode.

I like the look of Van Saviour and Nebula Blitz. Will get them sometime.

Hopefully, we’ll get an MG V2. I still don’t understand why Bandai never came out with an MG Crossbone Gundam X-2. It’s just a straight recolour of the X-1, with a few additional parts.

Finally, when will we see a 1/100 equivalent of the HGUC line?

Comment by Hanzkaz

@Hanzkaz: B Club actually made a resin kit of the X-2 Kai that you might still be able to get. I’ve seen a few guys mod the parts onto a Ka. X-1 pretty easily. Only thing it doesn’t come with the the mega particle cannon.

Comment by Ed

@da_guy: well a lot of people here aren’t like codename:v_for_gay who will whine and moan and bitch about people who buy multiple stocks of the same kit, even if with just a few changes. what people buy ain’t his (or anyone else’s for that matter) fucking business.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

Even though I hate what C:V says in every comment – I’ll say this. I love UC series.
Therefore I do like Victory than 00. However, there are good sides and bad sides in both plots and character developments. So I will not go over the line saying “OH YEAH 00 IS FAGGY WOOT AND VICTORY IS PIECE O SHIET”. However, I’ll say Tomino’s stories were well composed. Don’t get me wrong. Mizushima’s works are nice too. But I just wish 00 could have had lesser over powered suit at the end of the 2nd season. That’s all in my opinion.

Comment by Aldotsk

Well I do feel Victory (before Gundam 00 came in the picture) can really surpass Gundam Seed Destiny in plot but yet depressing to this date regardless what other people say about it, that is all can say about that series even if I get impersonated by either CV or his “friend”.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Eh, well I’m sure c:v will find a way to post here again, but his reputations already blasted like his brains all over the place, so… Move along folks! 😀

Back on topic, there was this image from G-Toys’ blog that shows a “Another Category” scheduled for release same month as HGUC ReZEL. And March sees a new MG for the Unicorn line aside from HGUC Stark Jegan (I’m glad I held our on HGUC Jegan :P). Boy is Bandai really pulling out all the stops for this line!

Comment by valkyriepilot

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